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In Moscow, from March 1, a new system for fixing traffic violations at intersections will be launched. Drivers who left during the congestion on the waffle maker markup risk getting a penalty order for the amount of 1 thousand rubles. with six photos from different angles. While the system will monitor the intersection of the Garden Ring and Orlikov Lane, the cameras will subsequently appear at another 100 points. According to Kommersant’s data, the traffic police of Russia insisted on the need to save video files so that in case of an appeal citizens could see the real picture of what had happened.

From March 1, 2019, a new system of photo and video recording of traffic violations will start working in the capital. This was announced by the Moscow Center for the Organization of Road Traffic (TsODD) and UGIBDD in Moscow. Several cameras will monitor the exit at the intersection during congestion. Shooting will begin if the car will stay at the intersection for more than five seconds. Special software will determine the intruder, the CCD and the traffic police will check the correctness of the decision and then form a penalty resolution with six photos (from different angles).

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Last week, international investors invested in Russian stocks the maximum amount in ten months. According to Emerging Portfolio Fund Research (EPFR), the Russian stock market has increased by $ 180 million. The main inflow continues to go through global funds, but in the absence of new sanctions, interest is also being restored to funds specializing in Russia.

According to Kommersant’s estimates, based on the reports of BCS Global Markets and BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research, which take into account Emerging Portfolio Fund Research (EPFR) data, the amount invested by international investors for the week ending February 6 was $ 180 million. This result is $ 20. million more inflows recorded a week earlier ($ 160 million), and is the maximum since April 18, 2018 ($ 280 million).

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Alexander the Great was declared dead by mistake

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Scientists from the British Dunedin School of Medicine conducted a study of the death of the great commander of antiquity Alexander the Great and concluded that he was the victim of a rare neurological disorder called Guillain-Barre syndrome, which manifests itself in patients as paralysis. This writes “Medikforum.”

Scientists believe that for 6 days Macedonian remained completely paralyzed, but not dead, and all this time his subjects were preparing for funeral procedures.

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Sex with a robot: scientists warn of the emergence of people of the new gender

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In 2015, Americans Mark Gouldfider from Emory University Law School and a graduate robot student Josef Reisin wondered: under what conditions would a marriage be registered with a robot? And they came to the conclusion that the answer depends on whether the robot is recognized as a person , RIA Novosti reports.

If this happens, the robot will have to assume social responsibility, obligations stipulated by law. An example is the registration of a marriage in Seattle between Angela Marie Vogel and a corporation. Although the verdict was soon canceled, a precedent was created.

For marriage, the key condition is also the consent of the parties. And if the robot is recognized as a person, it should be endowed with the ability to agree to a marriage contract. But then a lot of philosophical questions arise, for example, can artificial intelligence realize the essence of marriage, but all this is beyond the scope of legal law. If the marriage is legal and does not harm anyone, then why not, the scientists make conclusions.

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Avocados reduce cholesterol, and grapefruit burns fat: which exotic fruits are the most useful.


From time to time we are overtaken by another fashion for food. Internet trumpets: a product found that is extremely beneficial to health: rejuvenates, removes toxins, strengthens the immune system, and most importantly helps to lose weight.

“Pomegranates and raspberries are similar in composition and equally useful.”

“The value of some products is greatly exaggerated, ” explains Lyudmila Fedorchenko, a gastroenterologist at the Kiev Clinical Hospital on Railway Transport No. 2 . – There are many myths that people believe in. Take, for example, pomegranate, which is considered extremely useful for health, and pomegranate juice – healing for people with anemia. But pomegranates do not grow in Ukraine, and even one fruit flies in a pretty penny. Therefore, it can be, without prejudice to health, but with benefit to the wallet, replaced with raspberries. In terms of composition, these fruits are almost identical, while in the production and export of raspberries, Ukraine is in sixth place in the world and fourth in Europe. Ukrainian raspberry is a very high-quality berry, it is eaten all over the world with pleasure, why are we lagging behind?

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