The real maturity of an adult begins with these five ” losses.”

The real maturity of an adult

At the end of the year, everyone will be one more year old, at least the virtual year is like this.

Growing old and maturing are often two different things. Some people are still huge babies in their 40s and 50s, while others are already very mature in their 20s. They can become role models in all aspects of behavior, speech, behavior and people.

I have a puzzle, that is, why most Chinese people always regard tact as maturity and high EQ as knowing how to take part in accidental amusement. It seems that everyone is very happy to study the relationship between people, one behind the scenes is another, and then laments the hypocrisy and social nonsense of others.

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In four years, she was forced to sleep more than 100 times and had sex with 31 people, killing her, not just sex.

life forced sex dark wine

Is justice really not absent? Can suicide blow away the fog of darkness?

Sometimes, this is not the case.

In 2009, there was a suicide case of a female star who shook the entertainment circle:

The deceased was named Zhang Ziyan, and what she charged with death was the 31 senior officials from all walks of life she had been forced to sleep with for four years.

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