To suit oneself is happiness.

To suit oneself is happiness

Mood is not the whole of life.

Mood is not the whole of life, but it can control the whole of life. In a good mood, everything is good, in a bad mood, everything is messed up. We often lose not to others, but to ourselves because our bad mood belittles our image, reduces our ability and disturbs our thinking. If you control your mood, life will be peaceful everywhere. A good mood shapes a good mood, and a good mood shapes the best of you.

After wrestling, don’t cry, get up again, stand up straight and smile, pat the dust and continue to run. Face up to every setback in life, adapt to every ups and downs in life, absorb every failure in life, and make use of every frustrations in life. Try to give yourself a best mood, balance your breath, adjust your state of mind, and don’t rush to succeed. Even if you fall down again, you will be better tomorrow.

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A great apology

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In life, not all guilt will be accompanied by a timely and heartfelt apology, because apology requires recognition and courage, especially in public.

Those great apologies that came too late, those words and words that touched the depths of the soul, can bring tears to one’s eyes –

In the summer of 1888, poor and frustrated painter Vincent Van Gogh walked out of his Dutch home and, with the support of his younger brother Theo, came to arles, a small town in Provence, France, where he began painting day and night.

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Qi determines a person’s health and longevity.

Qi determines a person's health and longevity.

What is qi? Simply put, qi is the motive force of the human body.

A car cannot run without power. The plane cannot fly in the sky without power. Without power, life will end. What exactly is life? One’s life is one breath. Qi is the foundation of life. The ancients said, ” Qi gathering leads to life, while Qi dispersing leads to death.” It means that qi is the essence of life. Today, when people describe someone as dead, they often say, ” someone died yesterday.” Discontinuation of qi actually means that the qi of the human body is dispersed, the qi is dispersed, the body has no power, and life stops.

In the natural world, the wind and clouds are surging and the wind and grass are blowing. This is all the movement of qi. So, what is the situation of qi in the body? What role does it play?

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