In the eyes of the wise, mobile phones are no longer toys but thinking tools.

Toy Time Management Reading Mobile Internet Literature

In those days, when the PC Internet was first introduced, Chinese people used it more as a means of entertainment and browsing, while westerners used it more as a search and learning tool. In the era of mobile Internet, some people continue to regard mobile phones as toys and let them drive them. However, the wise men even use the mobile phone as a tool, striving to be the owner of the mobile phone. A wise man will use his mobile phone to quickly draw energy, instead of being pushed around by other people’s ideas, to make himself more agile and broad.

Mobile phone addiction has become a modern disease. Many people cannot leave their mobile phones all the time. If they go out one day without a mobile phone, they will become distracted and even feel deeply unable to move. Look at the streets, subways, bus stops, cafes, intersections, almost everyone is hand in hand.

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The Hotbed of Anonymous Trading – Dark Net

Anonymous Trading, Dark Net, bitcoin,

Once it was the belief of countless bitcoin thugs to become rich overnight, bitcoin was full of allure like gold at that time, and even the square dancers were busy joining the ranks of investors.

In particular, behind all kinds of complicated transactions in the dark net, transactions are also conducted through this mysterious bitcoin. Under the advantage of evading all kinds of supervision, it grows savagely in a hellish market.

With the evolution of this economic bubble, overnight wealth has become a thing of the past. Now, some people are questioning how much faith remains in bitcoin.

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