80% of troubles in life are caused by " insufficient ability"

Whether a person is reliable depends on these four points.

People with these four characteristics are trustworthy and capable of achieving success. They are people with both ability and political integrity, and they are also good teachers and helpful friends.

Dignity and massiness

Dignity and massiness, the core is to be ” thick”.

Modesty can be seen as a thick effect. Only by being ” thick” can one be truly dignified and heavy.

The Book of Changes says: A gentleman carries goods with great virtue. The Tao Te Ching says that a man is as thick as he is thin. The Analects of Confucius also said: a gentleman who does not attach importance does not have authority, and a scholar who does not learn is not firm.

It is said that Zeng Guofan did not see the regent yi at that time? Before, I only looked at one of his photos and evaluated:

” Xiao Zhi, who believes in intelligence and has it, looks up frivolously. He is too clever and revealing. He seeks more and changes more.” He added, ” It is also a misfortune for the country to be in the position of Duke of Zhou but not to have the hope of Duke of Zhou.”

Zeng Guofan felt that Prince Yi was ” frivolous” and not heavy. He even thought it was the misfortune of the country.

Heavy people, beauty included, flow freely on all limbs, and come from words and deeds.

Therefore, one can roughly know whether a person is thick or not by looking at his behavior, speech and even facial expressions.

On the other hand, working hard on one’s behavior and speech is beneficial to the formation of a strong personality.

According to a report, Zeng Guofan ” walked very thickly and spoke slowly”. He also reprimanded his son many times for not being frivolous and practicing more manners.

Humility and tolerance

In this world, all reliable people must be humble, low-key and unobtrusive.

Only in this way can we accommodate things, words and people in the general pattern of life.

Qian Gua is the most auspicious hexagram in the Book of Changes. The hexagram seems to be hidden underground in high mountains.

The thick and humble earth accommodates mountains and mountains and bears all things, but the earth is so plain and quiet.

Zeng Guofan taught later generations:

Happiness is not to be enjoyed, and power is not to be exhausted. Be broad in everything and leave room for yourself and others.

When Zuo Zongtang was down and out, he became Zeng Guofan’s chief of staff and came out to be an official through Zeng Guofan’s recommendation.

Later he was quite unkind to Zeng Guofan, often impeaching Zeng Guofan in court, sometimes swearing in private, but Zeng Guofan never cared.

At that time, people liked to call them ” Zeng Zuo”.

” Zeng Gong often sees Zuo Gong, but Zuo Gong does not see Zeng Gong,” people said.

This may be Zeng Guofan’s superior to Zuo Zongtang.

Things have come to an end.

The so-called ” return to the original” means to work on a down-to-earth basis, with a landing and a beginning and an end.

Zeng Guofan said in his letter of home that although he is in the government of the Ministry of Rites, he does the usual things for the country and is meticulous, methodical and willing.

No matter how meticulous you are, you will be organized.

Even when doing things, we will not tolerate, perfunctory or slack off.

A reliable person, no matter what he does, is bound to be in an orderly way and put things one by one into practice.

This is where things go.

To save one’s own things

Selfish people and those who profit at the expense of others are often the most unreliable people.

Such people are often in have it both ways. Without honesty and integrity, they will only pursue their own interests.

To have a heart to help others is to have a heart to help others and achieve others.

Is to control their own selfishness, care about ” foreign things”, others, care about society.

If you reach the goal, you can help the whole world; if you are poor, you can be alone.

Even in a state of poverty and failure, a reliable person will have financial resources. This is also difficult for ordinary people to do.

Having a heart of giving things, knowing that helping others is actually helping oneself, this kind of person is a good person and a wicked person with good fortune.

Such people, even if temporarily not materially rich, are necessarily mentally rich.

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