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What is the core competitiveness of a young person?

Young is so good!

When you are young, your life is like a blank piece of paper. There are infinite possibilities in your life. If you make good use of your youth, cultivate your core competitiveness, maybe the next one will greet the white rich and embark on the peak of life. You, think about it, you are very excited!

When you are young, what is the core competitiveness of a person?


In this era of more and more division of work, when you are all a little bit and you are not proficient, you will become a class of people who are easily eliminated by society. If you want to succeed in your career, you Need to stay focused.

When it comes to concentration, this quality is reflected in Buffett’s body. Buffett devoted his life to the research and study of stocks. He has been reading and learning all the books related to stock investment since he was a child. After he read all the books his father has collected, he Coming to Columbia University, in the school library, he read a large number of stock books, and later became a student of the famous investment guru Graham, changed Buffett’s life.

Because of his dedicated and diligent study throughout his life, Buffett has become the most knowledgeable and experienced person in the stock field, gaining enormous social wealth and becoming a stock god.

Therefore, you need to find the ability you like or excel, determine a small subdivision, concentrate on learning, and constantly learn the relevant knowledge in this field, become the first person in this field, this is the core competitiveness of a person.


Charlie Munger once said: “The smart people I have encountered in all walks of life from all walks of life, none of them read every day – no, none.”

Charlie Munger and Buffett are very good friends. When it comes to lifelong learning, let’s talk about Buffett. Buffett spends most of his time in a study or office in his own office. Their office has no computer, no smartphone. With only books and newspapers, he gets up on time every day and spends a lot of time reading news, financial reports, and books. For sixty years, Buffett changed from a young man to a white-haired old man.

There was once a song that sang: “No one will succeed casually.” Dong Qing said: “No matter how busy or tired every day, she will take time to read books at night.”

We are now in a society where knowledge is exploding. The society is developing at a rapid pace. Only when you keep learning can you keep up with the development of this society. If you don’t study often, if you only rely on what you have learned before, you will soon fall behind.


Self-discipline can be free, and self-discipline is the key to solving many problems in life.

Is there such a person around you, determined to lose weight, not losing 20 pounds without changing the avatar, and running a fitness card, persisted for half a month, the gym became a place to take a bath, swear to read a book a week, see the phone I kept brushing Weibo and friends circle and couldn’t stop. Finally I found that I didn’t have time to read it. I decided to write, and I persisted for two months. I found that only a few dozen readings a day gave up.

There are a lot of talented and very intelligent people around us. In the end, it is not particularly good to find that many people are mixed, but those who are well mixed are those who look more stupid but very self-disciplined.

Some time ago, the circle of friends was screened by Han Xue. She won the championship of the actor. Behind the glamorous and beautiful, she was actually a very self-disciplined person. Once, she participated in a program of Teacher He Wei and recorded the program. After that, He Wei wanted to ask her to have a meal together. It was difficult for someone to refuse her because of her status. However, Han Xue euphemistically refused He Wei, she wanted to go home and write homework. Han Xue has a very good family background. It is said that he is married to a very capable tycoon. A person with such a good condition is also very self-disciplined. What can ordinary people like us say?

Charlie Munger said: If you want to get what you want, you have to make yourself worthy of it. Your core competitiveness is the key to it!

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