Three Signs of One Person’s Growing Pattern

The heart has a big pattern, life has infinite possibilities!

There is a good saying: the pattern determines the outcome.

If one’s pattern is large, the road ahead will be spacious. On the contrary, no matter how capable one is, he will not make too much splash.

The pattern is not innate, but can be acquired through acquired accomplishments.

When you find these three signs in yourself, your situation is getting bigger and bigger.

It is better to change than complain.

In the past, I met a roommate. One thing she had to do after work every day was to hold anyone around her who saw her, either criticise her boss or accuse her colleagues.

” The boss lost his temper again today. Sure enough, climacteric women cannot be provoked!”

” Colleagues are really stupid, they are really rubbish teammates, and they are miserable by him!”

” I was pushed on the subway today, but now I am really bad!”

At first, when she complained, everyone would enlighten her and comfort her. After time and time again, other people were already used to it. When she complained again, the people around her stuck out their tongues at others, and the people next to her got the message.

There must be people around you, like Xianglin sister – in – law, who feel wronged when things happen and then look like the world owes him.

San Mao said:

Occasionally complaining about a life may be a catharsis of some kind of emotion, but habitual complaining without seeking change is an unwise person.

Instead of complaining, it is better to change quickly.

Why don’t some people complain? Because they know people, governors and the world.

A few days ago, news of Li Yong’s death from cancer swept through his circle of friends. The news came too suddenly to say goodbye and he left us. Someone turned to his speech ” the last day of life”:

” If there is only one day left in my life, I will find a quiet place and stay there quietly. I will not apologize, leave or complain. I will only thank … all the audience friends in front of the TV, thank you for leaving me beautiful memories.”

People familiar with Li Yong know that he was criticized by many people before his death. He did not complain about this, leaving only thanks to the world.

Do people who do not complain have a particularly satisfactory life? No, they just don’t say anything.

Like Li Yong, the world kissed me with pain, but I responded with tolerance. This is a big pattern and a big manner.

Life is really bitter. When you learn not to complain, to be optimistic and to face life in silence, you truly understand the true nature of life and the necessary depth of life.

If you care about it, everything is bound up.

If you let go, it will be sunny when you see it.

The movie ” 28 – year – old minor” has such a clip: male owner Mao Liang’s iPad was lost by his girlfriend. There are design drawings for the afternoon meeting on it. He must get the iPad back.

Through positioning, he found that the iPad had fallen to a butcher. In order to redeem his original iPad, Mao Liang, who had only 1500 yuan on him, hoped this eldest brother could be cheaper.

The pork eldest brother agreed, but then cut a knife on the iPad. Also said that this is worth the price.

This kind of operation is also unexpected. It is repugnant to know how many people can do it.

People who care about everything, fight for the immediate gain and loss, such a pattern is also a big deal.

Venus said:

The more tolerant you are, the better your life will be. The more you care about it, the smaller your space will be.

In reality, some people are in the clouds and others are in the mire. This is the difference.

The result of all things, may finally get nothing.

Once I heard a story about a man who got a plump and huge pearl by accident, but he was not happy because there was a tiny spot on the pearl.

Whenever he was admiring the pearl, his mood immediately changed when he saw the spot. He wanted to remove the spot very much.

When he grinds away the spots layer by layer, he finds that the spots are still there. He does not give up and continues grinding layer by layer until the spots are finally worn away and the pearls are destroyed.

People with a small pattern care about the trivial things in front of them, but fail to see the overall situation behind the care. In the end, they suffer heavy losses instead.

Advise everyone: Don’t care about everything. Only when you take a long-term view can you live in the atmosphere and achieve great things.

The realm begins to grow

From the beginning of learning to bear

I know an editor – in – chief, and my colleagues around me all commented on her like this: dare to take on, can resist things.

No matter how urgent the task given to her by the company leaders, no matter what is almost impossible to do in others’ eyes, she can deliver satisfactory results in the end.

She wrote all the company’s product copywriting six or seven times in different ways, and the feedback was good! It was also because she could bear the responsibility that she was promoted to the position of editor-in-chief in less than a year.

People with responsibilities are often reassuring in their work. Leaders are more willing to entrust such people with important tasks.

When you abandon work and are busy and tired, you do not realize that this is a test and an opportunity.

Anyone who dares to take on the responsibility will regard anything as an opportunity. People who slip away when things go wrong only regard everything as a job they have to do. One can see which is higher and which is lower.

Dare to bear is also a big pattern of poise! It means not only daring to take on heavy responsibilities, but also daring to take on failures, setbacks, criticisms and accusations.

Recently, I was watching a debate program. In the competition for coaches, Queen Ma Weiwei of the debate was too belittled and lost to Xiao Xiao, who was not favored before the competition. The situation of Waterloo since she became famous appeared.

Ma Dong said: Ma Weiwei, if she doesn’t make a timely adjustment later, she will have a lot of trouble.

It is conceivable that as a coach, she is under great pressure.

In fact, the most impressive thing is not the defeat of the strong, but the demeanor of the strong after the defeat.

After the interview, although vivian ma could not help but shed tears, but insisted:

If you lose, you lose. Why make excuses? You just don’t play well. Responsibility is always self – criticism, not an emergency.

The real strong are those who dare to accept defeat, do not prevaricate, do not make excuses and do not run away from the battlefield. What if they lose? We will win again next time.

This is true of people with patterns. No matter what happens, they dare to bear it. Such people will have their own days wherever they go.

Yu Qiuyu once said:

” A large pattern of human life, it will not sink in the trivial life. A truly confident person can always be simple and forceful. ”

A person who stops complaining knows that only when he can swallow the grievance at the moment can he feed his own pattern.

A person who no longer cares knows that caring is the beginning of trouble. Life can be indifferent without caring.

A person who has the courage to bear knows that the courage to bear is the brightest medal in life and also the best selling personal business card.

The pattern determines the width and breadth of life. If the heart has a big pattern, there are infinite possibilities in life!