These things, others don’t say, you may never know

About the workplace

1. Even when young

There are not so many opportunities for trial and error.

Many people like to say that youth means trying more.

Don’t think so. It is better to have continuity in doing things. Accumulating one year and five years on one thing will make you feel different and have different resources.

2. In the workplace

You must always be ready to jump out of the comfort zone.

Don’t think about how to escape and how to be lazy if you have any trouble or dislike.

Otherwise, you will probably become the old bird who dare not change jobs.

3. The boss only likes to do multiple choice questions.

Rather than short answer questions

Don’t always ask the boss how to do this and that. Ask him everything, then what do you want?

Even if you are naive, even if you are a new person, you will still have to think out several plans and let your boss choose them.

4. Understanding people is more important than learning technology.

Whether making products or socializing, one needs emotional intelligence too much.

What I’m talking about is not the superficial social skills of greeting and sending, but a better understanding of human nature. This kind of smart person can do nothing bad. After all, all businesses are actually human businesses.

About love

1. Men are very realistic

Never think of a man as your superior.

Wang Sicong talked about the Internet red itself is not short of money, and he only fall in love not married. Men also want to find women with backgrounds. If they struggle less for decades, men will find their girlfriends too poor, and there are not a few of them.

2. The biggest cost of wrong feelings is not sadness.

It’s a waste of time.

Meeting the wrong person may make you miss the right person and also the important stage of life development.

3. Just say what you want

Most quarrels can be avoided.

If you have been in love, you must have gone through this stage:

When you are upset with the other person, you may sulk, but you will never say it directly.

In fact, in most cases, you can avoid most quarrels as long as you make the problem clear.


You’d better TAlk to ta before you get married.

Talk about what you can bring to each other’s vital interests, even if it is only ” happy together”, which is also a benefit.

Before marriage, make clear most of the problems, such as:

” How old are you when you give birth?”

” How do the parents arrange it?”


It will be much more painful and difficult to think about these things after marriage.


Quarrel is an opportunity to improve one’s feelings.

People need to quarrel, fall out, and be reconciled, a process of mutual integration after polarization.

This relationship that allows anger gives a firm sense of certainty.

But at the same time, it is also important to learn how to express anger, how to quarrel and how to deal with contradictions.

About life


There are three reliable friends

At a certain age, those friends with bad temper, full of energy, no common language, no life goal, and especially vain can basically be cut off.

They are not suitable for deep friendship.

After your career has improved and you have a family, your energy becomes more and more limited, and you put your time on valuable people, such as people you can learn from, people you can give advice to, and people who will be happy together.

Two or three such friends are enough.

When you encounter problems, they can tell you logically and meticulously how to solve them and how to face them. They can also share resources with you as long as you are steadfast and willing to work and have a correct attitude.


The earlier you plan, the better.

At the age of 25, we didn’t even know what would happen in the future.

The parents’ generation started to send jobs when they were 25 years old, while our generation was left confused when they were 25 years old.

However, there are many things to do and think about when you are confused.

For example, we should learn to manage money when we are young and to guard against risks for our future life.

You never know when to use the money. You must have at least enough money on hand to protect yourself against the risk of unemployment or illness.


Learn to rest

If you indulge yourself during the holidays, you will only be more tired.

You sleep till dark, and you stay till the end of the world, which can’t relieve your tiredness.

This will only make your body and mind more and more tired.

Therefore, we must learn to rest, learn to relax and empty ourselves during the rest time.

This kind of rest will be the savior of your work.

A lot of people are like this, they can neither work nor rest, making themselves all hurt and exhausted.


Always on your own

This is simply the truth of life.

As you get older, you will find that no one is reliable, and sometimes even your parents are unreliable.

When your parents and your ideas are different, they will not support you, or suddenly one day you will find your parents powerless.

However, this does not mean that one must become a ” loner”, but must be psychologically independent.

Self – reliant people have a sense of security. No matter what you want, what you want to buy, and what kind of life you want, you have to rely on yourself to realize it.