These physical manifestations or indications of poor heart are very serious if we do not pay attention to the consequences.

If the metaphor is emotional, the heart should be a great organ. Because of its continuous beating, we can live and work normally. Therefore, we must pay attention to heart health, otherwise minutes is the result of sudden death. So, which problems may indicate a bad heart?

Seven manifestations indicate a bad heart.

1, hand strength is getting smaller and smaller. Previous research results have confirmed that the ability to squeeze things can reflect the risk of heart disease. If the hand is too weak to grasp an object, it may indicate a higher risk of heart disease. However, it should be reminded that although the strength of the hand can reflect the strength of the heart, simply improving one’s grip strength cannot make the heart healthier.

2, easily dizzy. Dizziness is often a visual manifestation of heart disease. When the heart cannot supply blood to the brain due to disease, dizziness may occur. Generally speaking, dizziness may be caused by arrhythmia or heart failure.

3, two sexual life problems. When problems such as hypertension or arterial stenosis occur in the blood circulation of the heart, men may suffer from erectile dysfunction while women may suffer from hyposexuality or sexual pleasure perception.

4, gingival bleeding into daily. Some research results show that bleeding gums or other periodontal diseases may lead to heart problems. Research suggests that this is due to gum bacteria entering the blood and causing inflammation in the heart.

5. Sudden calf swelling. Most of them are after standing for a long time or sitting for a long time. If the lower leg is prone to swelling, this may be related to the presence of clots in the blood. These clots can prevent the blood of the lower limb from flowing back to the heart, causing insufficient blood supply to the heart and causing accidents. Therefore, if this happens suddenly, you must seek medical treatment immediately.

6, prone to fatigue. Fatigue is probably caused by heart failure.

7. dyspnea. This is a common symptom of heart failure, arrhythmia or heart attack. If you feel obvious dyspnea after lying down, you must go to see a doctor.

These two foods are often eaten to maintain the heart.

In view of the importance of the heart to life and health, what is the best thing to eat for daily heart maintenance?

The first thing to recommend is the popular ” health preserving holy product” – red jujube. Many people think that eating red dates is only for nourishing blood and enriching blood, but in fact, cyclic phosphoadenine contained in red dates can effectively expand blood vessels, enhance myocardial contractility, accelerate cardiac metabolism and improve myocardial health.

The second is bananas, which are rich in mineral magnesium. This substance can prevent cholesterol formation and maintain normal myocardial contraction and vascular elasticity.