The cognitive level is divided into 9 levels, which level are you at?

There is a student who wants to study abroad. His parents went to consult Professor Ning Xiangdong of Tsinghua University: Which country is better? Which famous school do you attend? What major has the highest gold content?

Unexpectedly, professor ning said: ” go abroad, don’t take class seriously!” The important thing is to travel, contact with people, talk and look around.

Professor Ning said that after listening to his words, the poor child collapsed at that time and was completely at a loss.

Professor Ning does not know that people of different cognitive levels will have communication difficulties.

– 01 –

People with Different Cognitive Levels

The world we see is different.

There is a very famous story that a mother took her minor daughter to go shopping and came back from shopping. Her daughter drew a picture of ” Accompany Ma Ma to go shopping”.

The mother took her daughter’s painting and stared at it. She was stunned: there was no traffic, no tall buildings, and no attractive bags.

Only one after another, strange pillars … What did my daughter draw?

The mother looked at it for a long time before she suddenly came to herself. Her daughter painted human legs.

It turns out that the daughter is very young and very short, holding hands with her mother and walking on the street, she can’t see the traffic of commercial buildings that adults see at all.

What she saw was only the thighs of countless adults, swaying to and fro to cover her sight.

People with different cognitive levels see different worlds.

– 02 –

A person’s cognitive level

Limiting his level

When I was a child, I used to live in a very poor country.

Every year, sweet potatoes are distributed in the village, and the sweet potatoes are gathered into piles. It looks similar, but it seems different. Therefore, for the sake of fairness, the whole village will draw lots and decide which pile to catch.

One villager caught number 6, and another villager also caught number 6.

How did you get two sixes?

In fact, the two villagers, one on the 6th and the other on the 9th.

The problem is that pile 6 is obviously larger than pile 9, so the two villagers said they were number 6 and refused to budge. Disputes, quarrels, fights and fights broke out in front of the party secretary.

The communist party secretary looked over and found that the number 9 sweet potato pile was obviously smaller than the number 6 pile. he resolutely took two from his sweet potato pile and put them into the number 9 pile, finally settling the dispute.

Then the communist party secretary sneered, ” these two rammed goods are the promise of a sweet potato.”

Later, it was so.

After graduating from college, I returned to the countryside to see the two families arguing about sweet potatoes. One family had a broken lintel and was destitute. The other family was surrounded by nothing.

– 03 –

A lower-level cognitive person

Can’t see the upper cognitive landscape

Human cognition, like a huge sinkhole, is arranged in a funnel shape.

The lower you go, the less you see and the less opportunities you have, the more you feel social injustice and anger.

The higher up, the more you see and the more opportunities you have, the more you feel the world is beautiful and the scenery is boundless.

Don’t use wisdom when you are stupid. People who are mired in the bottom of the cognitive funnel cannot see the scenery of the upper cognition and cannot understand what people who are more open-minded in cognition are saying.

Therefore, Professor Ning Xiangdong of Tsinghua University taught the child who wants to go abroad not to take class seriously, and the child would be confused.

– 04 –

Nine Levels of Cognition

What level are you at?

We can analyze the cognitive funnel, roughly divided into nine levels:

1 ) at the bottom, only know likes and dislikes

This is a baby human –

Eat when hungry, regardless of occasion.

Hold on to pull, regardless of location.

This is also an extremely emotional group.

The perplexity of insufficient cognition always makes them embarrassed, but they cannot find a solution.

For example, in the TV series ” in the name of people”, there is a worker Wang Wenge from a windy factory. He is a victim. His equity was taken away by corrupt officials and profiteers in partnership. As a result, he fell into rage and took a knife holder to the neck of veteran cadre Chen Yan. As a result, Comrade Wang Wenge and corrupt officials were jailed together.

In reality, there are many such people who cannot walk out of their emotions all their lives. The so-called safeguarding rights is more than a desperate emotional catharsis.

2 ) stick to the rules

The children led by Professor Ning Xiangdong are at this cognitive level.

The child does not understand at all that what is in books is not the most important thing, what is important is your knowledge and cognition.

The reason why parents send you abroad is not to let you study, but to let you become an adult. It is to let you know the common humanity and the common social laws, and to gain more valuable cognition from the differences in different societies.

3 ) Recognize the limitations of rules

The most disciplined children are also the most worry – free, sensible and obedient children in the school. However, when such children enter the society, they will probably encounter setbacks and failures.

Because this kind of children just because of fear, and dare not say touch.

Only when you know that many so-called ” rules” are merely the habits inherited by adult society out of worry can you get out of fear.

From here, there is a hidden dividing line between rich and poor.

People who are too emotional, conformist and full of fear will all feel great pressure to survive. They must continue to go up to break through.

4 ) know right and wrong, know the general

Learning rules and being clever and obedient are the requirements for children.

When you grow up and become an adult, your mobility will also improve. You must be clear about right and wrong and know that some things can’t be done and some things can’t be said, that is, you must abide by the mainstream values of society.

Even if this value is totally wrong, it is the only system to maintain the social operation.

Therefore, this is a stage of courage and uprightness and striving to prove oneself to the world. But if we cannot surpass this stage, we cannot break through ourselves.

5 ) Recognize the limitations of right and wrong

People at this stage know that human society is developing and changing. Some seemingly unbreakable golden rules will become outdated and obsolete with the development of history.

At this time, people began to think, to act and to accept an uncertain world.

From then on, they will no longer be stubborn or obstinate.

Knowing the world in everyone’s eyes is different, knowing that everyone’s cognition and value system are completely different. Becomes gentle, does not lose temper does not make the mood, the survival situation starts to change.

6 ) Recognize the limitation of real resources

What is ” the limitation of real resources”?

Just like when I was young, I distributed sweet potatoes in the countryside. The number of sweet potatoes is limited. If you take one more, I will have one less.

No matter how these sweet potatoes are distributed, it is absolutely unfair:

According to the population, people with a large number of strong and hardworking families will not do it. According to the contribution of labor, poor and weak families may be hungry.

All the anger, conflicts, resentment and confrontation in human society come from the lack of resources.

What modern society lacks most is attention resources. The competition for scarce social attention between power and ability has brought great troubles to more people.

Here, there is an invisible survival line. People at this level are people with certain survival ability.

They can survive in poor and cold countries.

They constitute the middle class in developed countries.

In our country, they are the backbone of the society under heavy pressure. They have no worries about food and money.

It is because they are always in a state of anxiety because they are in the middle and have no root to depend on.

Then keep going.

7 ) to recognize the development of human beings

Human development is your choice and effort, which can change your environment and destiny.

For example, 20 years ago Ma Yun, looking for a job everywhere, applied for a police academy together with his friends, went to 5 people and passed 4 examinations, only he failed. In the end, Ma Yun started his own company’s business. Now, there are still videos on the Internet that were denounced when he started his business.

Another example is Dong Mingzhu, who lost her husband at the age of 30, dragged a 2 – year – old child, and faced endless pressure of life and impotent hardship. When the child was 8 years old, she decided to entrust the child to her mother and go south to practice alone.

She never gave up at the most difficult moment. She just started as a salesman and started her own business step by step. Finally, she became the chairman of Gree Group.

There are still more people who are still working in obscurity. They will not be Ma Yun, nor will they necessarily become Dong Mingzhu.

However, when they walk through a long life path and look back, they will find that their life situation has changed greatly.

Therefore, this is a ” line of economic freedom”.

Those who are observant of trends and dare to act will always encounter their unique opportunities. In fact, there are many such strange people who improve their self – awareness, through their own choices and efforts, get out of the trough of fate and get a better chance to look forward to the future.

Twenty years ago, Ma Yun already had extraordinary insights. On the contrary, the staff member still clung to the ” rules” so the final way out and the opportunity were different.

8 ) Recognize human nature and social laws

To know human nature is to know oneself.

To realize the tangle and deformity in one’s heart is to realize the inherent pain of everyone.

Recognizing that people’s performance in society is full of endless contradictions and perplexities;

Realizing the defects of one’s childhood will constitute a trap that he cannot walk out of all his life.

At this time, you will no longer have hatred for people and complaints. Because you know that all living beings are suffering, but they are always worrying about themselves.

Then just cheer up and be happy.

9 ) Realize the supreme significance and value of life

Rushing out of the maze of human nature, you will be able to reach the peak of wisdom by chance.

At this time, the state of mind is clear, there is no pain and no worry, and one has penetrated the origin of the world and learned the value and significance of life.

This is another new starting point for human cognition. Happy and boundless spiritual freedom and spiritual realm inspired by compassion.

This is our cognition, climbing up from the bottom of the funnel step by step.

Every step further, there will be a sense of understanding. Every step up, you will get endless spiritual pleasure.

– 05 –

What level of cognition do you have

Which state is your life in

People who have wealth have the impulse to pursue wisdom because they have the power to act. People who have only book knowledge are mostly excluded from wealth because they lack the ability to act.

In our life, we often see only one boat but not the river, which makes the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river less clear.

Therefore, Professor Ning Xiangdong suggested that the grown-up child should read thousands of books rather than travel thousands of miles.

The purpose of reading is to enable you to acquire clear and analytical cognition and decisive action ability.

Don’t be too utilitarian. In this world, what human beings compete for is not credit scores, famous teachers in famous universities or professional subjects, but your ultimate cognition of yourself and society.

Speaking of structure, mind and vision, what is ultimately said is only cognition.

How do you see yourself? How do you see the world? How do you view the hearts of the world?

When you see and think clearly, your heart will be calm and your work will be calm. His speech and behavior have also become elegant and appropriate.

People with insufficient cognition must be trapped in their own hearts. As far as I can see, there are only some meaningless things that desperately seek, but have not changed their fate.

At which level of your cognition, your life is in what state.

If you are unhappy, unhappy, always feel pressure or pain, or feel sorry for yourself, then comb your heart.

Life is too short and life is too limited. Anyone who comes to the end with pain must have missed this life.

Climb out of the funnel of cognition, instead of being a frog watching the sky and the well, face the fate, accept oneself, and at the peak of wisdom, see thousands of different things, and watch the falling English in profusion.

The beautiful world originates from the beautiful life, from the open-minded and bright cognition, and from the untiring and up-going quiet state of mind.