The best decision in mathematics tells you: 37%

The best decision in mathematics tells you: 37%

Depressed because ability and desire do not match.

In Da Sheng, Chuang Tzu gave us a suggestion: if you feel that what you want in the world is far greater than what you need, and your ability is not enough to support your desire, you should do a little subtraction.

This is really not easy for modern people.

Trabecula has an algorithm, or formula. I think the so-called depression means that your desire is greater than the chance given to you by the world. When what others want you to do is far less than what you want to do, depression will form.

At present, many young people, in their twenties, read a lot and studied deeply the business models of various WeChat public numbers. Therefore, they felt that they were not talented and had a so-called depressed feeling.

Once the outside world lets you do more than your ability and desire, pressure will form. Have you ever seen fish in the deep sea? Why doesn’t it blow up? Although the pressure at the bottom of the sea is very high, it is very comfortable because the pressure inside and outside it is the same.

For modern people, we need to spend a little time studying one thing – what is the matching relationship between your ability and your desire, as well as external opportunities.

If you can, let your ability be slightly higher than your desire, and you will feel relaxed and comfortable. Let your desire be slightly lower, and you will find yourself living at ease. On the contrary, when your ability is less than your desire, and your desire is greater than the opportunities that society gives you, it is difficult to maintain a comfortable state.

Chuang Tzu is discussing this issue in his ” Da Sheng”. He said, ” I gave up everything and left everything behind?” – Is one thing worth giving up, or is your inner life energy worth giving up? The answer, of course, is ” to abandon one’s life is not to work, but to leave one’s life is not to lose one’s essence”.

Give up most of the things you can not do, and your body will not be in fatigue. Put aside the trivia of life and your inner energy will not lose.

These two sentences are indeed very advanced.

Liang Dong | Don’t practice at any time, sleep for a month.

Put down a lot of things, energy instead more exuberant

Each of us feels very busy every day. Busy because our heart is dead, our heart is like mites, abandoned on the mattress of life. Is there really so much to do?

One day, Lao Wu ( Wu Bofan ) and I discussed this matter. I found myself spending one and a half to two hours a day brushing WeChat and browsing a function called ” Take a look” – that thing can be addictive because it collects things you like – and two hours passed before I knew it.

In fact, you can read a book in two hours. If you read a book intensively for two hours a day for one week, you can basically finish reading Fortress Besieged. Not really. You can learn some Chinese traditional culture by watching ” The Condor Hero” and ” The Story of Killing the Dragon by Relying on Heaven”. ” Tian Long Ba Bu” can also help you to understand the relationship between Jueyin meridians, Taiyang meridians, Shaoyin meridians and Shaoyang meridians. Many people’s knowledge of traditional Chinese culture and traditional Chinese medicine were learned while reading Jin Yong’s works.

And what are we doing? We are brushing WeChat and repeating the topics that interest us. Since I ordered the news of the car once, it has sent me all kinds of SUV information every day. I know all kinds of SUV made in China well now, and only then do I know that there have been so many SUV with good price performance ratio in China.

Then, when I look at it, I feel bored again, because when I look at it more, I feel bored. However, I will continue to watch it the next day. The continuation after this kind of boredom is very annoying.

It is a kind of bad contradictory state of throwing and throwing, taking and lifting, not longing in my heart and not letting go in my behavior.

Chuang Tzu said that ” to abandon the world is not to work, but to leave one’s life behind is not to lose one’s essence”. This is to tell us that these things are not so important. It doesn’t matter to put them down or throw them away. Instead, your energy is more abundant.

Then he said, ” the husband is perfectly formed and one with the sky” – when all these things are slowly dropped, the ratio of strength in his body will increase – the hormone ghrelin.

Of course, this is not the only thing. In terms of Zhuangzi and Chinese Taoism, it is called ” all forms and all essence”. Slowly the internal organs will repair themselves, and then your energy will fill up.

I will even feel that I have the ability to love, which is actually a feeling of full of vigor and vitality. I don’t want to arrest anyone, but I feel from the bottom of my heart that mountains are beautiful, water is beautiful, children are lovely, and colleagues are friendly and full of spirit. It is easy to do things, and it does not run rampant.

Liang Dong | Don’t practice at any time, sleep for a month.

When you relax, the world relaxes

When a person saves most of the things that he can do and concentrates on making himself full of energy, he will reach a state of ” harmony with the sky”.

I interviewed several monks, and I asked them, ” What is your greatest gain from becoming a monk?” A monk said, ” I am so lucky that my teacher let me do something.” I said, ” Why?”

He said his master told them, ” you should not meditate as soon as you come to practice and become a monk, but go to bed first. You used to be too tired and have too many things on your mind. Turn off your cell phone. If you don’t read books, newspapers or mobile phones, you will be allowed to eat at designated points and go to bed at other times. In the night and in the sky, sleep for a month until you are full. ” Even let them enter an all-black room, called ” close the black gate.”

I have seen a Harvard University study before: due to the invention of electric light and the pressure of daily life, many people’s biological clocks are now out of order. But all living things on this earth will be affected by the biological rhythm formed by the earth’s rotation and revolution around the sun. For those whose biological clocks are disordered, it is good to let them stay in the dark for seven or eight days in a row. After all, when they wake up hungry, they eat, go to the toilet, and sleep when they want to sleep.

Do you know that a modern person may know more people every year than an ancient person knows all his life? Many ancient people lived in the village all their lives, with only a hundred or so people looking up but not looking down, so he did not remember the needs of so many complicated relationships. The things to be done are not complicated either. They are done regularly every day.

Therefore, many Chinese people, especially those who lived in small cities as children ( just like me, from Panzhihua, an eighth-line city ), are thrown into the world of mortals at once. After more than one incident, they become vexed. If they are short – tempered, they will easily lead to tension in close relationships and despair. From irascibility, to depression, to despair, to trying to beat chicken blood, to trying to preserve one’s health, to vicious circle, the cycle goes on and on.

My monk friend said he was so lucky that his master allowed him to eat and drink, exercise whenever he wanted, and stay whenever he wanted. anyway, he was not allowed to contact people, watch his cell phone or read books. He said that one month later, on Qingming Day, he didn’t want to eat meat ( because many pigs and chickens tasted a little plastic after eating too much feed with additives, he didn’t like to eat it ). He likes to eat eggs from chickens running in the mountains ( when he was a monk, he was allowed to eat some eggs ) and vegetables grown in the mountains.

He said: ” You will feel that every meal is delicious. The food is sweet. Tomatoes bite in your mouth and have a strong taste of tomatoes. I was sleepy early in the evening and woke up early in the day. If you want to sleep, you can sleep by sitting. Get up and do something. It’s not tiring.

In less than a month’s time, just because I don’t read books or news, I don’t have any anxiety about the devaluation of RMB. There is no anger or anxiety that Taiwan has not yet been taken back … because you don’t know the news at all. What happened to Europe and Li Ka – shing has nothing to do with you. ”

These things happened within a short month. This is really proof of Zhuangzi’s saying that ” the husband and the form are all refined and restored”. The external form and the internal nature are all restored. When the spirit and energy begin to recover, you will have a natural feeling of ” harmony with heaven”.

This friend even told me: ” Originally, people are really animals. After you calm down and regain your energy, you lie in bed and are woken up by birds in the morning. You can hear a male bird and a female bird quarrelling ( not necessarily quarrelling ). You can hear clearly that this is only a male bird, that is only a female bird, and there are two female birds and one male bird. ” I said, ” Is this a projection inside your heart?” He said: ” In the world of birds, the relationship between male and female birds seems much simpler.”

He could even hear the sun shining on the leaves and the flowers blooming slowly. I said, ” Are you exaggerating that much?” He said, ” I imagined it. But at night under the moon, you can really hear the sound of flowers blooming. ” I said, ” I believe it.”

One Mid – Autumn Festival, when the moon was bright, I asked Xu Wenbing Xu Ye for tea. After drinking the wine, I came out to a bunch of flowers. He said, ” Ah, look.” I said, ” What?” He replied, ” The flowers are blooming.” Indeed as expected, the flowers ” snapped” open in front of us instantly, just like stretching oneself. You can hear the sound of the flowers opening.

When autumn comes, listening to the sound of ” fufu” when leaves fall on other leaves, you will feel the emptiness of everything and everything as the breath between heaven and earth rises and falls. At that time, you will naturally understand your feeling of ” being one with the sky” which is closely connected with the world.

Liang Dong | Don’t practice at any time, sleep for a month.
All this is just that you spent a month without reading WeChat, newspapers, phone calls or even books. There is no so-called dream of life; You can do it without feeling guilty about the past and lying to others. This is called abandoning the world and giving up things – ” to abandon the world is not to work, but to leave one’s life is not to lose one’s essence, and one’s husband’s form is to recover one’s essence, which is one with heaven”.

But the essence is the only one, and it is allowed to hold the jue. If you relax, the world will be relaxed.

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