The advice of the investment master, let a person clairvoyant, wake up to the Awakening

World Economic History is a series based on illusion and lies, to obtain wealth, the practice is to recognize its illusion, into it, and then exit the game before the illusion is known to the public.

When you’re in the market, you have to be prepared to endure pain.

If the operation is excessive, even if the market judgment is correct, it will still be defeated.

It is not important to judge right and wrong, it is important to get how much profit is right and how much to lose when wrong.

It doesn’t matter if you take the risk, but don’t gamble on all the property when taking risks.

Everything is always strong and decaying, it is important to recognize the trend shift, the point is to find a turning point.

A truly good investor is not whether he will always be the winner in the market, but whether he has the courage to stand up from every failure and become stronger. Never cringe when you have a chance to make a profit, and when you’re sure about a deal, it’s not enough to do the right one and get as much as you need.

I am greedy when others are afraid, and I am afraid when others are greedy.

If you play a half-hour card and still don’t know who the rookie is, then you are.

If you’re on the wrong road, it’s no use running.

When people forget that two plus two equals four of the most basic common sense, it’s time to get off the field.

Investment must be rational, and if you can’t understand it, don’t do it.

We didn’t know who was swimming naked when the big waves receded.

It would be foolish to have a stock and expect it to rise next morning.

If anything is unbelievably good, it is likely to be false.

Life is like a snowball, the most important thing is to find wet snow and long slopes. Bad news is the investor’s best friend, and it allows us to buy the future at a very low price.

The pockets have changed, the stock has changed, and Wall Street has never changed, because human nature has not changed.

Never put off a low-loss position, be sure to engrave the idea deep in your head.

The secret to making a lot of money is that I often just sit quietly.

There are no many parties in the stock market, there is no empty side, only to see the right side.

Profits always take care of themselves, and losses will never be closed automatically. Never bet on short-term fluctuations in share prices.

I should look away and predict the overall trend in the market. If the trader insists on waiting for the minimum resistance direction to be clear before operating-the market rises clearly after doing more, the market decline is clear and then short, make money is very easy.

When pessimism is strongest, it is the best time to buy.

Don’t be bothered by making investment mistakes, let alone trying to make up for the last loss, but find out why and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

The market is always born in despair, growing up in doubt, maturing in the vision, destroying in hope. No investment is permanent, to respond appropriately to the expected changes, not to buy a stock will always be there, the United States is called “long-term investment.”

The stock market is a “voting machine” in the short term and a “weighing machine” in the long run.

To take advantage of the market short-term often ineffective, long-term is always an effective weakness to achieve profits.

To buy a dollar worth of shares at the Shimao price, there is a considerable discount, thus reducing the risk. Diversify your investment and plan a good portfolio.

Holding stocks is like raising a child, and don’t go beyond what you can. Amateur investors should not have more than 5 stocks at the same time.

If you can’t find an attractive stock, deposit it in the bank.

If you don’t study any company, your chances of success in the stock market are the same as the probability of winning without playing your cards when you play cards.