Slow down and live well

Life is like a play, the protagonist is always yourself.

No matter you are bright or plain, you should finish the play on the stage of life.

Because, at the foot of the road continues. Because there are too many responsibilities waiting for you.

Life is like a book again, everyone is writing their own different experiences, writing the joys and sorrows that life has carried or is experiencing.

In order to dream, you must think hard. In order to be perfect, we must embellish it carefully.

In this way, in a hurry, intoxicated scenery along the way, too late to linger; The flowers and birds along the way, too late to appreciate; The tenderness and sweetness along the way were too late to make love.

It’s really not easy coming all the way!

Life is still like a river, surging east and running ceaselessly.

Each of us is like a sailor, sailing in the wind and rain and shuttling in the rapids on a boat of life. In the ups and downs, I bid farewell to countless days and nights and experienced countless hardships.

When one day, the ship of life sailed into a place with a high level of sky and a broad horizon, suddenly looking back, it was discovered that we had passed the most colorful fleeting time in the first half of our life and bid farewell to the most brilliant season in our life.

How to spend the rest of our lives is a life topic facing each of us.

Some people say that waste heat should be used in the second half of life. Some people say that the rest of your life will be the same.

All these things are not enumerated. And I want to say, slow down and live yourself! This is the only theme for the rest of my life.

As San Mao said: ” I have no time to be seriously young. I can only choose to be seriously old.”

To live well, one must strive for a ” fine” word. cup to cup calls for song,how much days do we have? For example, morning dew makes it more difficult to go to Japan.

A man lives for a lifetime, and plants grow for an autumn. In this short journey, some people live very tired, others live very free and easy.

Tired, because the heart that should have been free is shackled. There are too many conditions attached to what should have been simple.

Human energy is limited. In the second half of our life, we have no spare time to deal with one occasion after another.

There is no need to have too many friends. The key is to have the same interests. One circle after another does not mean that people are very popular. It is just an invisible shackle.

The dream in my heart also needs to be chosen. The key is to be grounded. You can touch it on tiptoe and reach it.

When you go fishing, don’t fantasize about meeting an adventure like ” The Old Man and the Sea”.

When you go hiking, don’t fantasize about getting the poetic flavor of ” sleepwalking in the sky and singing goodbye”.

If you don’t have the ability to fly, you can control your desire. Some things are very attractive, but not all of them are suitable for you. If you are beyond your ability, don’t try. You should know that enough is enough.

Endure loneliness, withstand temptation, know how to choose and learn to give up.

To live well, one must strive for a ” accurate” word.

Choose your own path, walk out of your own characteristics, walk out of your own style, walk out of your own charm.

Just as there are no identical leaves in the world, the road of life has its own characteristics.

You go your way, I go my wooden bridge, perhaps the quiet path scenery is more unique.

If you are facing a fork in the road in life, use it as a stop station, identify the direction and then hit the road. Just like loving the wrong person, you should know how to let go. If you accidentally go the wrong way, remember to turn back in time.

The shoe is worn on the foot, suit or not, oneself know best. People who are not in the same road should go their separate ways. When speaking, don’t try to follow others’ advice. When you walk, don’t follow in the footsteps of others.

To live well, one must strive for a ” simple” word.

Ordinary people must live a plain life, be satisfied with the daily necessities of cooking, be satisfied with the simple life style of ” three points and one line”, and do not have too high expectations.

As the saying goes, it is not that you get less, but that your expectations are too high.

Just like the pruning of a tree, one’s practice is to cut down the numerous and simple ones, to delete all unrealistic fantasies, to save time and space, to free up one’s mood and energy, to love the person one should love, and to do what one likes to do.

Only by cutting and simplifying, removing the extra burden and traveling lightly can one live a free and easy life.

To live well, one must strive for a ” stable” word.

In the second half of our lives, we will no longer be marching in a hurry, but encamped in camps step by step. If you start again, you should slow down your pace as much as possible and stop and go.

If you encounter good scenery along the way, then ” park your car and sit on the maple night”; Meet close friends, then ” to talk mulberry and hemp with our cups in our hands”.

For the rest of our lives, we are not walking, but traveling. We don’t need to care about the destination, we need to care about the scenery along the way and the mood of watching the scenery. Therefore, we should not leave our soul behind, but take it with us to travel.

The most important thing in life is a beautiful mood. With it, the rest of your life will be leisurely and steady.

If you are truly precise, accurate, simple and stable, you will live as beautiful as a tree, as calm as a pool of autumn waters, as undisturbed as an autumn chrysanthemum, and as gorgeous as a maple leaf, then you will have a radiant personality charm.