Sleeping is the condensation of married life.

After getting married, what posture do you sleep with your partner?

A study by the University of Hertfordshire found that the way couples sleep together is an excellent way to evaluate the quality of a marriage. Couples who snuggle up to each other while sleeping are 30% more satisfied with their marriage than couples who are far away.

It is true that none of the conjugal couples can taste small happiness without living in trivial life. Marriage is not only an illusion of excess hormone secretion, but also a long-term love and responsibility. The best test of marriage is sleep.

In the early morning, my friend called and cried very sad. I also accompanied her to cry. The husband who has been married for 5 years is having an affair. How did you find out? A friend said, ” Because sleeping feels different.”

In the past, she coaxed the children to sleep in another room, and her husband would always wait for her in bed. The two joked, chatted, and sometimes watched movies and hugged each other tightly to sleep. Recently, it has changed. My husband always looks down at his cell phone. Even when she gets to the front and gets into bed, he doesn’t lift his head. She spoke to him, and he only had a few, uh – huh, and nothing more to say. Sometimes he looked at his cell phone and fell asleep with his back to her. Sometimes she fell asleep and he was still staring at his cell phone.

At first, she thought it was because he worked too hard and met with troubles, so she said nothing sympathetically, but this day lasted for a month. She thought there must be a problem. Sure enough, her husband was cheating.

There is a line in the classic American TV series Sex and the City: How well we behave in bed means how well we live. Our reaction in bed reveals how we treat our partners. The way we look in bed reflects whether our marriage is good or not.

In WeChat group, once, mothers discussed the topic of sleep. Surprisingly, too many mothers share rooms with their husbands.

” The bed is only that big, and when he comes to sleep it will crowd me and the children.”

” The child will wake up when he snores. How can he not sleep in the study?”

” He sometimes comes up and I kick him away every time. I don’t want to sleep with him now. ”


Everyone said: with children, it is only natural that the husband gives up his place and goes to sleep in another room. After all, the child is still young and needs a mother. How old is the husband and needs company? But is this marriage happy? Most of the answers are ” just make do with it.”

Sleeping with someone can test who is most important in one’s heart. In the heart of a wife who shares a bed with her husband for the sake of children, children are the most important. In order to be afraid of affecting the husband who sleeps in separate beds, he is more important. Marriage has been affected when the partner’s position becomes less important.

My best friend once wanted a divorce. My husband is busy with his work. She slept alone for countless nights, and her husband didn’t come back until late at night. There seems to be no intersection between them: she fell asleep and her husband arrived home. She’s at work, and her husband hasn’t got up yet. How long have they not embraced to sleep, how long have they not had a good talk? She doesn’t know.

The husband didn’t know what she really wanted, and she decided to divorce when she was disheartened. The night before, she lay in bed and couldn’t sleep. Hearing the door lock open, I knew that my husband had entered the room, took off his clothes, uncovered the quilt and went to bed. She was still facing away from the bed, her eyes closed and her mood complicated. Unexpectedly, a kiss fell on her cheek and only heard her husband say, ” good night, wife, I love you.” Her heart quivered and she almost cried.

This kiss and this sentence were an appointment they had made before. They must do something to each other before going to bed. She doesn’t know whether this action is sudden or everyday. For several days in a row, she slept very shallow, woke up when her husband came back, quietly pretending to be still asleep. For several days, my husband kissed her every night before going to bed and said to her, ” good night, wife, I love you.” And hug her from behind to sleep. Her heart came to life in this way.

Later, no matter how late, she would wait for her husband to come home, chat together, say good night to each other, say I love you, and then hug to sleep. Now she seems to be in love.

The ritual feeling before going to bed reveals the value and love for each other. This is not a performance, but an outpouring of true feelings. Only by falling asleep together can we have more opportunities for communication and sweetness. This is not affectation, but the careful management of marriage.

Sleeping is the condensation of married life. Marriage is the union of two people into a family, sleeping is two people sleeping in a bed.

In marriage, there will be big and small storms, and there will also be various landscapes, which need to be adjusted to each other and appreciated together. The same goes for sleep.

The wind and rain, big and small, may be that he snores, you grind your teeth, he is afraid of cold, you are afraid of heat, he goes to bed late, you go to bed early. True love is reflected in understanding each other and willing to give up one’s own life time and time again until one merges with another and cannot sleep without the other. All kinds of scenery may be sitting together in bed watching movies, entertaining, and saying sweet love words. The deepest happiness rises to the highest level at night, when two people fall in love with each other and sleep in each other’s arms. It is sweet until dawn.

Husband and wife sleep together, warm people, but also the heart.