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A few nights after Gustav Adolf’s home came home, we will marvel at the majesty alone in his room in solitude. Normally, at this time of the day, he was in the circle of his relatives, either playing with them whistling or setting himself a “diplomat”.

Outside the spacer was a step. Major listened intently as a child who is afraid to be surprised at unauthorized work. The comer was just Kristian.

“Or did you, my son,” he said. “Come see how my diplomat goes!”

“Why are you sitting here, Dad, and not as usual upstairs?” asked Kristian, sitting comfortably on the sofa corner, which at least not seemed to come up next hop.

Majuri came to a good mood.

“Always newer, maybe the former better,” he replied.

He apparently didn’t want to express the right reason.

“I guess, Dad, that you usually don’t easily bend to reform,” answered Kristian. “For example, you always fold the card for the same old one. This diplomat has been set for years, at least for as long as I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you.”

Majuri did not answer anything. Right now the diplomat was in an exciting position. At first, Kristian blasted a few swords of cigar cigars on her cigars and then went down to give some advice that Major first rejected, but eventually accepted.

“That man brings Gustav Adolf, who has got his head, that everything is sin,” said Kristian in a moment.

Majuri raised his eyes from the cards. Well, he was thinking, even though he hadn’t been told.

“So, you too?” he asked, as if explaining his procedure, “Look, I’m honest, that’s why I’m sitting here with my card.”

“That’s what I immediately understood. Has Gustav Adolf been a cardholder?”

“That’s it; he claims that the cards have been a curse for many, so they shouldn’t be touched by them. He says he’s wasting time on the solitaire.

“And with his mind, you put your solitaire here in all secrets,” said Kristian, laughing.

“Yeah,” Major said, “I don’t want to tease her. So she doesn’t have to see my cards. But for my part, I’m not gonna throw my solitaire into it.”

“What, what?” crying briskly, Kristian saw a bottle of glass sticking out on a small table. “Do you have a punch in the morning?”

“Yeah, you understand that it’s strange and monotonous to sit here at this time of day. Something needs to be done here to get home,” Major continued to argue.

And he was completely calm when he filled glass with Kristian’s disapproval and began to taste good.

“A little bit for me!” he asked.

Then they tasted two, but the mind of the Major did not take it right to recover.

“Gustav Adolf hopes to think of his soul,” he said.

“I don’t think it is worth thinking,” he replied
“Yes, yes, we are all lame, but each of us has a soul that God considers to be precious,” says Gustav Adolf. ”

“At the time of death, one can think of his soul,” Kristian thought.

“At the moment Hannah’s village did not have time for her. In her life, her thoughts are still in their last breath,” said Major. His mind had been depressed for a moment, but soon he was comforted again: “Say Gosh, Adolf, that God is gracious and compassionate, and does not do us after our deeds; found there is grace abundant, so Gustav Adolf himself said. ”

“And where grace is well-known, there is sin great, at least it looks,” Kristian said dryly.

“What did you say? Didn’t belong to your crazy speech. You have intelligence, Kristian. The intellect belongs to our family, intelligence and bone light.

“I have not yet come to his likeness, I don’t mind, and I am not angry,” answered Kristian calmly.

“You don’t have to come. You have to get to Gustav Adolf’s position and so do. His things are better placed than we are.

“Yeah, I say the other!”

At the same time, Gustav Adolf entered the room. Kristian looked ridiculously sadly at him:

“Here’s how it works when you start cleaning the barrel from the outside.
First, change our hearts before judging our joy! ”

On Sunday, Gustav Adolf wanted to drive to the church. Elisa, Irene and the master went out. The latter mentioned the journey as a joy. Ani rarely Hirvenhov’s owners went to church, and they didn’t mind asking if anyone would want to go there. The Master, on the other hand, did not want to ask the horse for herself, and the leg was too long to travel. Once he had done that, but he didn’t want to try again.

The day was bright and the road was excellent. Running in a big stomach. Irene was overwhelmed when she could sit in the front seat next to Elisa, like a mature lady at least; In that opposite, Gustav Adolf sat vigorously, speaking and playing, and beside him a master, who can have a little whistle; it was just something!

The weather was so fresh this morning. The sun shone sparkly on the frosty forest. The horses ran a steady crayfish and the waves ran at the same pace. It was a good time to go on a trip.

When he was busy talking, he spent a lot of time in the thigh. At the beginning, the Master’s degree was in a lively mood, but as she journeyed, she gradually became sensitive to speaking. Elisha noticed this and looked at the way she was asking him to find out the reason for the change. Then the master tried to make himself happy again, but without success. What was he?

“Master, you probably can’t tolerate the back of your back,” Elisa said suddenly as she stood up. “Let’s change the place!”

“We can’t, I can get up on the cushion,” the Master replied as the fine red rose to the pale face.

“It doesn’t work, it’s cold to sit, and you’re already cold, I’ll end up with yesterday’s cough,” said Elisa. “Let’s change now! Irenek not tolerate the back of my back, but I do. I’m sitting there just as well as here, I guarantee you.”

So Elisa still asked and tried to get the master to bend, apparently she had decided to get through her will. Gustav Adolf supported him. Sven Riise was so sick that she couldn’t resist them, and she would hardly have been able to go to the cousin. But it felt humiliating that place-move! The physical weakness of Riinen was a pregnant cross, she felt at the moment more bitter than leaving her career halfway. It was not a pity he wanted to see in Elisa’s eyes!

Gustav Adolf was in the afternoon proclaiming the devotion to Hirvenhov. The downstairs hall had a space for it, with benches and chairs.

“I don’t know if I can go to hear, the boy might get involved in his speech,” Major thought and ate the wine to calm his nerves.

Silla’s aunt was as restless, but she enjoyed bromine potassium to restore her peace.

Kristian was mostly very curious, but in a way she got excited. He was just laughing at others.

“What if you get involved,” he said. “He just talks to his home, who’s sorry, and some peasants. What about that!”

But when the hall was filled with people, whose faces reflected both devotion and curious expectation, the heart of Kristian was finally thrown on by the brother. Well, he wasn’t, Christian, gathering these people to talk to them. Why did they come with a group? Curiosity I guess. What if Gustav Adolf didn’t do it! He was still young and had never spoken publicly before. And Kristian got up in her way to encourage her brother. Describe those listeners, but the inanimate trees!

But when he came to Gustav Adolf’s room, he met him on his knees.
Kristian hurriedly closed the door, keeping his advice as his own. Gustav
Adolf seemed to have other punishments.
The clock already hit six and Gustav Adolf rose from praying.

“Now, Lord,” he hissed, “don’t abandon me.”

He then went to the illuminated hall. Standing at the table, he served as he felt the eyes of everyone. His deep helplessness in the mood closed his eyes and began to pray loudly at the bottom of the heart. And the help came. Never before has he been seen by the eyes of his beloved Master, as at the moment. He himself was not an adventurous intruder, but knew here that he had followed the Spirit of God, and that consciousness gave him strength. Only he spoke, but it was the greatest thing that he could say about the love of God in Jesus Christ. His speech threatened the enthusiasm of youth and the love of God and people. Everyone listened to the shoulder. The presentation was free to strive for influence, and it was so rare in the hearts of people. Everybody knew it as a pure truth.

The island was not long, Amen came without a sudden blow. Finally, everyone wanted to greet Gustav Adolf. Many coarse hands pressed his hand, and the tear of gratitude glanced in the eyes of many.

Majuro was moved, but at the same time proud of her son.

“My dear son,” he said, closing down Gustav Adolf’s arms, “you are the first-class eloquent, you can go up as a bishop, if you want.

“You had a quick one,” Kristian thought, “the words slid just slipping from your lips. If you were a little bit longer, you would have turned me.”

“And so beautiful you were so enthusiastic about you,” said Silla’s aunt shaking her head.

“I could listen to you, you can preach,” said Torvald.

“I understood the only word,” said Irene and approached her brother.

Gustav Adolf leaned over to kiss her. Irene’s review was her best.

Elisa was silent. When Gustav Adolf was listening, he felt like a brother suddenly climbed to the glorified highlands he couldn’t follow. The love that fired Gustav Adolf was alien to Elisa. But still they didn’t need to spin more than needed. With heart involvement, she should continue to follow her brother’s steps from now on.

“How miraculous it would be to get around to talk about your heart’s gratitude,” he said to his brother after others had split up on each other, and both, Master Riise, had stayed in the triad.

“Yeah, that’s great,” said Gustav Adolf radiating his eyes. “And the most wonderful of all is to feel like a weapon of God. After that, I feel quite different from what it might have heard.

“It’s wonderful to be a man of God,” said Sven Riise. Gustav Adolf suddenly turned.

“You are?” he asked heartily. “I realized it at first sight.”

And firmly beating their hands, they made a friendship. There are twin unions that God has planned in heaven for a long time before being built on earth. Such are always blessings and increase spiritual power. That’s so.

Christmas came to Hirvenhovi, was spent there peacefully and rolled over again. The new effects did not create any dispersion in the family. Of course, both Major and Kristian were sometimes upset when Gustav Adolf was intruding too deep into their innermost, but they loved him so much that they could not get angry with him. But when Gustav Adolf left for Uppsala, farewell sayings were said more calmly.

Elisa, on the other hand, felt emptiness. More than ever he loved his beloved brother, especially the fact that he went on a journey before he, Elisa, made a deeper acquaintance with that new material in the Veiko creature.

Sven Riise stood beside him in the yard, looking further at the gliding sledge.

“Your brother is moving towards a bright future,” he said.

“I have always imagined in my mind, that Gustavus Adolphus should be something big,” said Elisa.

“The greatness of the greatness is dangerous,” said Sven Riise with a cataract, thinking how she had previously felt and still felt the desire and the strength to handle something greater than what she was doing now.

“But it is great for a young man to surrender to the kingdom of God at a young age,” he added with Gustav Adolf.

“Yeah, in that action, you can’t get honors,” said Elisa.

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“It must become the servant of all. I think it is the greatest to be able to confess his faith before the great multitude, and he will do it.”

Sven Riise was depressed by her remoteness and, without knowing her, she expressed her secret cataract with these words. And Elisa understood her so well; it was only now that his adversity was in its full extent. With the deepest compassion of the heart, he had noticed how the Master humbly subjugated, carried the burden of his sorrow, carelessly and envy those whose fate of life had led to greater success.

He had first assumed Sven Riise’s everyday little life, which was quite good in his modest circumstances, but now he realized that this satisfaction was attained by struggle and so fully assumed that it would have belonged to his character. In silence as a fighting and winning hero, he seemed to be even bigger than Elisha at the moment, as he was excited and persevering in his youth. The life mission of Sven Riinen could not have been less trivial than Gustav Adolfinka, the fact that Elisa would certify her.

“The other speaks to a large group, but may hit one or a few hearts,” he said, “the other one lives in a quiet life among a few, but maybe wins half of them”.

He had spoken to his unconscious and deeply, like himself.

Such a speech would never have been believed by Rice to hear from Elisa’s lips; In comfort, he received them from above and hid in his heart. So true; it would be a little work to promote the kingdom of God worthy of the greater. Everything depends on the loyalty of the heart.

Sven Riise was content to give his candle back to the place where God had placed him, because it could blow up in vain for him to seek better positions.

Winter came, after the winter, spring, summer after summer, and summer with Gustav Adolf. Sven Riise was still in Hirvenhov. Even in the summer, Torvald and Irenen had to read a little time a day. Elisa had arranged for it, explaining that it would be damaging for the children to pass the swamp all day. The secret of the real reason was that he could not foresee it, let alone the master himself. Elisa had learned to understand him better and knew that he would not be staying with Hirvenhov for the whole summer with less than he could benefit them. And why would he go to Hirvenhov’s healthy, clean-bodied forestland before becoming stronger enough to be able to re-emerge with half-full thrust.

Gustav Adolf came. And on that day again, the sun was seen both in heaven and in his eyes.

Happy and hilarious she was, fresh and playful as before. But Elisha’s sharp eye noticed a change in her. Another kind of joy was now, as finally: no longer so frivolous and disgusting, but more of a nature-born joy. And this joy was not natural as before, behind it seemed to hide something strange, unpredictable.

One night after a meal, when the summer night slowly began to spread its light-colored mantle into a natural cover, Sven Riise went on a walk in the meadows and woodlands. Following his master’s example, he was happy to walk alone in his heartland to pray there. In the great temple of nature, the closeness of God is often the greatest.

“Hallow! Where to go?”

The voice was Gustav Adolf’s. Sven Riise stopped:

“Walk but. The evening is wonderful. Will you come along?”

Their voice sounded so clearly in the silence of the evening.

“Well, I can hardly come you are not home, I met a little after coming;. Has been so much more going on.”

Gustav Adolf reached his friend. They stepped through the garden, came to the highway and then turned to the small village road that wandered out of the forest. On the other side, there were scented meadows where the grass was already high and juicy, feeding the spot ready for the scythe. The river twisted as a flickering tape.

“Let’s take a moment for these stones,” said Sven Riise. “It’s wonderful to be here, and the air feels so cool.” Everything was calm, far from the woods there was noise.

Gustav Adolf was not inclined to dream, so he was afraid of his own thoughts recently. Soon he turned his eyes from space to Riis.

Riise had sat on the stone. Sitting in that usual bow, his position seemed to want the smallest space in the world. As such, he would have been almost miserable unless the beautiful expression of the face and especially the dark blue eyes of the region had spoken quite differently.

“Rice,” said Gustav Adolf, “I would like to exchange with you.

Riise turned her face to her. Now the Apostle John could have been when he lifted his head from the Savior’s chest, Gustav Adolf thought.

“You can’t give anything to get peace of mind,” said Riise, “and your health and power are not an obstacle to its attainment.”

“That’s what I know. There’s no need to tell me,” Gustav replied
Adolf bitterly.
“But you seem to have drowned that you have the peace of mind for free.”

“You do not know what you’re saying. I’ve given up God.”

“So come back to him!”

“Impossible! My sins have accumulated in a high wall that separates me from God.”

“The wall can be scattered and immersed in the depth of the sea if you have faith in even the mustard seed.”

“But I don’t have one. And what you said would mean other kinds of sins than me,” said Gustav Adolf, impatiently. “You know that there is a mortal sin. It’m guilty.”

“So you are satisfied with being separated from God?”

“Satisfy! How can you assume that?”

“If you really are a failure to death, you also want to stay away from God, you want to throw his yoke on your shoulders.”

“You talk so strange.”

“Would you like to return to the state where you were before your fall?”

“Of course I would. But it’s impossible.”

“Why is it impossible?”

“God rejected me.”

“How so?”

“How so! I feel it in my heart.”

“You think the restlessness of your soul and the deplorable guilt in your heart will prove you separated from God. And that is quite different. God just influences you not to find peace in sin.”

Gustav Adolf remained silent.

Would that really be? Then he would have hope. No no!
God’s grace has boundaries, and he had crossed the border. And
She then talked about this and told me more about the blame
had made him think so.
“If we sin and we apologize again to fall down, we will mercilessly use God’s grace,” he said.

“And therefore, for the fear of misuse of grace, you have rejected grace.”

“What benefit do we have from cross-cutting the weed if we allow the root to stay in the ground?” asked Gustaf Adolf.

“You are right, it has nothing to do with it. You just have to get out of the depths of the earth, you have to change your mind and turn from sin to holiness. But you can’t do your own power.”

“No, I know that.”

“But God can do it,” said Sven Riise.

“Why doesn’t He do that?”

“Therefore, that ye should be put away. You have awakened in seeking Him in faith. Do not doubt again, throw His hem just as you are, all synthesized. Say Jesus several times:” come after your faith! ” Because of faith, you have to make something vulnerable. ”

This speech concerned the deepest heart of Gustav Adolf. Would the army of God forever remain open to him?

“Flee again and again. Never stranger to the cross! Only the love of God in Jesus Christ can make your heart a new one.

These words were heavily sounded and giggled in the ears of Goliath even after they were pronounced. They were followed by a long, far-reaching silence.

Finally Gustav Adolf rose rapidly from the ground.

“The night will surprise us, let’s go home,” he said, but much more voiced the chord.

“Have you dared to fall in love with the army?” asked Sven Riise from him.

“I have dared,” replied Gustavus Adolphus, and his whole olennossaan showed the prodigal son a firm decision to get up and return to the Father. “From now on, I’m going to fight my life with Jacob with God.”