Or vulgar, or lonely.

Loneliness is the state of mind that everyone has to experience, and it is also one of the eternal themes of literature. Hesse once said: “Life is very lonely. No one can read another person, everyone is very lonely.” But loneliness is not a bad thing. When you are in loneliness, you can more clearly see yourself and the world around you, and thus love yourself and the world more. As Hesse’s famous saying: “I am lonely, but I don’t want to suffer for loneliness. I have nothing to ask for. I am happy to let the sun shine. My eyes are satisfied with what I see, I learned to see, the world is beautiful. “”

The philosopher Schopenhauer is happy to enjoy loneliness. He said: “The first lesson for young people to learn is to endure loneliness, because loneliness is the source of happiness and happiness.”

The wrong way to get happiness is to pursue a life of flowers and wine. The reason is that we are trying to turn a tragic life into a continuous pleasure, joy and enjoyment. In this way, the sense of disillusion will follow; and this life will inevitably accompany people to lie and lie to each other.

First of all, living in a social group will inevitably require people to reconcile and tolerate each other; therefore, the larger the scene of people gathering, the easier it becomes to become dull. Only when a person is alone can he be completely himself. Whoever does not love to be alone, then he does not love freedom, because only when a person is alone, he is free. Being restrained and constrained is inevitably accompanied by social gatherings.

Social gatherings require people to make sacrifices, and the more a person has a unique personality, the harder it is for him to make such sacrifices. Therefore, one’s escaping, enduring or loving solitude is proportional to the value that this individual has. Because when you are alone, a poor worm will feel all the pity of himself, and a person with rich thoughts will only feel his rich thoughts. In a nutshell: a person will only feel his own.

Further, the higher a person’s position in the level of nature, the more lonely he is, which is fundamental and inevitable. If a person’s physical loneliness and spiritual loneliness correspond to each other, it would be of great benefit to him. Otherwise, frequent interactions with people who are different from others will disturb the mind and be taken away, and he will not receive any compensation for the loss.

Nature sets a huge difference in the moral and intellectual aspects of human beings, but society ignores these differences and treats everyone equally. What’s more, the artificial difference caused by social status and ranks replaces the differences set by nature. The former usually runs counter to the latter. People who have been treated by nature have benefited from this arrangement of social life and have gained a good position, while few people who have been favored by nature have been degraded. Therefore, the latter person always evades social gatherings. Once each social gathering becomes crowded, mediocrity will dominate the rule. The reason why social gatherings hurt the talented people is because everyone has equal rights, which in turn leads people to have equal rights and requirements for everything, even though they are mixed.

The next result is that people are asking others to admit that they have made equal achievements and contributions to society. The so-called high society recognizes one’s advantages in other aspects, but only refuses to recognize one’s superiority in spiritual thinking; they even resist the advantages in this respect. Social constraints We show endless patience for stupidity, stupidity and abnormality, but people with superior personality must ask others for forgiveness; or he must hide his superiority because of superiority The existence of spiritual thought itself constitutes damage to others, even though it does not intend to do so at all.

Therefore, the disadvantage of the so-called “upper” social gathering is not only that it provides us with those who we cannot praise and love, but also does not allow us to present our true nature in our own way; instead, it forces us to Distinguish and shrink yourself by catering to others. Deep conversations and thoughtful words can only belong to gatherings of people with rich thoughts. In the general and mediocre social gatherings, people are absolutely resentful of the conversations full of thoughts and insights. Therefore, in order to please others in this social occasion, it is absolutely necessary to make yourself mediocre and narrow. Therefore, we can only reject most of our self in order to achieve the same purpose as others.

Of course, for this price, we have gained the goodwill of others. But the more valuable a person is, the more he will find that he is not worth the loss. This is simply a loss-making business. People are often unable to pay their debts; they impose boring, troubles, unhappiness and negative self on us, but they cannot compensate. The vast majority of social gatherings are such a substance. Abandoning this social gathering in exchange for being alone, then we are making a smart business.

In addition, because the real, spiritual and ideological advantages will not be seen in social gatherings, and it is also rare to see it, in order to replace it, people adopt a false, secular routine, based on fairly random principles. Things are a superior performance – it is traditionally passed in a high-level social circle, and can be changed at any time, like a whisper. This is what people call fashionable or fashionable. However, when this advantage collides with the real advantage of the person, it immediately shows its weakness. And, “When fashion enters, common sense retreats.”

Roughly speaking, a person can only achieve the perfect harmony with himself, not with friends or spouses, because the differences in personality and temper between people will definitely bring some inconsistency, even if these are not Coordination is only quite slight. Therefore, complete, true peace of mind and feeling of tranquility – this is the supreme being of health in this world, and only when one is alone: ​​but to maintain this for a long time The state of mind is only a matter of deep residence.

In this way, if a person is both great and rich, then this person can enjoy the fastest living conditions that can be found in this poor world. Indeed, we can say this: friendship, love and honor bind people together, but in the end, people can only hope for themselves, and at most look at their children. Due to objective or subjective conditions, the more a person does not need to deal with people, the better his situation.

The downside of loneliness is not only felt at once, but also at a glance; in contrast, the disadvantages of social life are hidden: the pleasures of pastime, gossip, and other interactions with people are hidden, usually It is an intractable scourge. The first lesson that young people learn is to endure loneliness, because loneliness is the source of happiness and happiness. According to this, only those who rely on themselves and can appreciate themselves from all things are the most wonderful people. Therefore, Cicero said, “A person who relies entirely on himself and everything that belongs to him exists in his own life cannot be unhappy.