One of Hawking’s predictions will come true, and the whole world is shocked!

Hawking of the year, for artificial intelligence, had such a prophecy:

If someone designs a computer virus, then someone will design artificial intelligence that constantly refines itself until it eventually surpasses humans. The result will be a new form of life.

You may not be a person who hates ants, but you will inadvertently step on the ants. If you are responsible for a hydropower green energy project, there may be many ant nests flooded in the area where the project is located. It is very unfortunate to say. We must avoid human beings in the position of these ants.

And now, this prediction may be coming true!

A Hawking’s prophecy may be coming true.

Some time ago, many foreign users reported that they used the Amazon Alexa smart speaker, and in the middle of the night, they often inexplicably sent out witch-like horror laughter.

Many users were suddenly scared. They said: When I heard the strange laughter from Amazon Alexa, I felt like I was at the scene of the midnight murder. When they are finished, the robots succeed, and they have to counterattack against humans.

Coincidentally, there is another news that shocked the world recently: when the two AI chat bots of the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research Lab talked to each other, they gradually developed a unique language that humans could not understand.

These two things that scare people into a cold sweat seem to be irrelevant, but they all make a shocking prediction: artificial intelligence is awakening!

The most worrying thing is that artificial intelligence may evolve faster than humans, and their ultimate goal will be unpredictable. At the United Nations Weapons Convention meeting in Geneva, attended by representatives of more than 70 countries, the announcement of killer robots shocked the world.

People mourn Hawking, but the biggest worry of Hawking’s life may have been forgotten by the world. That is: artificial intelligence is the real terminator of human beings, and the thorough development of artificial intelligence may lead to the extinction of mankind!

Second, what will happen in the next few decades will be more and more scared!

Ray Kurzweil is an inventor, futurist and writer. He is also employed by Google to “develop new projects involving machine learning and language processing.”

Ray’s scientific predictions are well known in the world, and some of them have already been realized. He rarely made mistakes. In 2010, he published a report analyzing all the predictions he made in three books in 1990, 1999 and 2005. Of the 147 predictions, only 3 were wrong. As a futurist, its prediction accuracy is 86%!

Here are his predictions for our future (to 2099):


From this point on, the process of human aging will begin to slow down or even reverse.


The computer will continue to get smaller and the shape will change. For example, it will become part of our clothes, a new world government will emerge, it will represent all humanity; the new “Human Body 2.0” will begin to appear, based on nanotechnology; advertising will be played separately for everyone through the audio channel.


Unmanned aircraft and cars will be 100% computer controlled; the rapid development of nanotechnology will help us understand how the human brain works.


Accurate human brain computer modeling will be possible; in the late 1920s, artificial intelligence will be created, and its capabilities and complexity will be comparable to the human brain.


Artificial intelligence will be able to pass the Turing test, which will prove its ability to think as a person; in the late 1920s, virtual reality will achieve high resolution and high realism, making it difficult to distinguish it from physical reality; Nanomachines will be widely used in medicine; the use of nanotechnology has become so frequent that it has revolutionized the world economy; nanomachines will be able to penetrate cells to enter nutrients and eliminate waste, so the traditional diet will become unnecessary.


Awareness uploading will be possible. People will be able to live on the Internet, projecting body and virtual reality; virtual reality devices disappear. Nano-robots will be implanted in the brain and interact directly with brain cells; nanomachines in the human brain will help improve cognitive and sensory abilities, including memory; “Human 3.0” will appear and there will be no specific Body shape.


Non-biological intelligence will exceed billions of times in bio-intelligence; people spend most of their time on virtual reality, like “The Matrix,” and nano-machines are widely used to create shapes and surfaces.


It’s normal for humans to “upgrade” and “upload”; a computer that is billions smarter than everyone can buy for $1,000; technology singularity will come: artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence and Become the smartest form of life on earth.


The earth will become a huge computer, and those who want to maintain their natural state will live in special reserved areas; humans will no longer be limited by the speed of light, and the influence of artificial intelligence will extend to the entire solar system, and then to other galaxies; By 2099, the machine will be able to build computers of the same size as planets.

Sounds incredible, isn’t it? Do you want to see that day with your own eyes? Still feeling a little scared? The future has come, and we have no choice but to be prepared.