Mentality and emotion determine how far you go.

Most people think that mentality and emotion are ethereal things of subjective idealism and cannot have a very concrete and tangible impact on us.

In fact, mentality and emotion have a great influence on our behavior, even on our physical health.

Mentality and emotion determine how far you go.
A sound state of mind,

More powerful than a hundred kinds of wisdom.

What are the elements of a sound mind?

I think there are two keys: one is positive and the other is peaceful.

First, a positive attitude.

The key to maintaining a positive attitude is not to associate failure with embarrassment or even despair.

Just like success, failure is just a simple result.

Life is not a 100 – meter race, but a relay race. For your long life, failure is a lesson and a growth.

Only when this is fully understood can we remain positive and continue to have the courage to try.

Mentality and emotion determine how far you go.
The second key element is peace.

Peace is to let nature take its course and be content. Such a peaceful state of mind can keep us rational and sober.

Especially when greedy desire and negative mentality sweep through our hearts, we need more gentle washing and washing.

” A sound mind is more powerful than a hundred kinds of wisdom.”

This sentence was said by Dickens, who also carried out this famous saying all his life.

In his later years, Dickens could be said to have been weighed down by money. In order to support himself and his family, he concentrated on writing during the day and read his works elsewhere at night to earn money. Later, he broke up with his wife and parted ways.

The failure in life destroyed Dickens’ external writing environment, but he did not give up and still actively created his own works.

He wrote in his works: ” Good people will turn the darkness of life into light.”

Finally, Dickens wrote ” david copperfield” in his later years. This frustrated book has achieved more than other Dickens’ works.

David in the work finally embraced all the sufferings in his life, stopped resenting, and returned to peace and calm.

Dickens has the same mentality as David. He has written all the failures in his life into this semi-autobiographical novel.

It was this positive attitude that made his failure experience Dickens’s best course.

Mentality and emotion determine how far you go.
A good mood is in life

The most precious wealth

When it comes to emotions, one might think of Zhou Yu, who was enraged by Zhuge Liang in the three kingdoms.

Although this is somewhat different from historical facts, it is the consensus of most people that bad emotions will affect health.

Most intuitively, people who are impetuous in life, like to be competitive and easy to get irritated, have heavier burdens on their hearts than ordinary people, and even have coronary heart disease in serious cases.

On the other hand, the character is too weak, and people who are often depressed are prone to cancer or tumor.

These diseases caused by emotional influences are called psychogenic diseases.

” longevity code” is a cultural documentary by CCTV revealing the cultural phenomenon of longevity in China’s world. in the longevity zone, longevity does not depend on expensive health care products or drugs. one of their secrets is to keep a good mood.

Mentality and emotion determine how far you go.
Expert analysis:

Long – lived old people have the ability to remember only the good and not the bad.

Every day in a happy mood, effectively improve immunity, very few sick.

In the first health revolution, we mainly fought against germs, while the second health revolution turned into a fight against emotions.

Apart from having an impact on human health, emotions are similar to negative mentality, too emotional will also stand in your way of success.

Anger, anger and anxiety, those who are trapped by these emotions, cannot think calmly at all.

Similarly, being carried away by joy is not conducive to calm judgment.

The most advantageous way to control emotions is to find a balance between sensibility and rationality, that is, one can not only feel the empathy brought by various emotions, but also cannot be too emotional and greatly influenced by emotions.

Mentality and emotion determine how far you go.
In a word, it is necessary to control one’s emotions.

Here are two simple methods:

The first is to stop complaining. Complaining is always the most useless and cannot solve practical problems.

Many people think that complaining is a way to express their emotions, but most of the time complaining will not have the effect of easing emotions, but will aggravate the resentment in their hearts.

The second method is to find a suitable hobby and express your emotions with your hobbies.

It can be listening to music, playing basketball or eating.

Those who can succeed should not let negative mentality and negative emotion hold themselves back, but should let positive mentality and positive emotion give us strength.

Finally, remember, you must deal with your mentality and emotions before dealing with the problem.