lest you but wait for an empty bough

” when flowers bloom, they must be folded straight, not when there is no flower.” – when writing these two lines, I think of him.

I am a very passive person emotionally. Even if I like another person, it is difficult to express it voluntarily. Besides, I only like him a little, not to mention liking him. However, when I found that he was also interested in me, I had a little imagination. Why didn’t he invite me to dinner? Why didn’t you ask me to see a movie? Why didn’t you say anything? Not long after I entered graduate school, I have been waiting for him since I found that he was a little interested in me. Although we can see it almost every day, such as class, dinner, autumn outing, book club, dinner party, KTV, and have a few chats, I can read the difference from his eyes and feel his special attention to me, but the semester is coming to an end, he said nothing about our emotional relationship.

On Christmas Eve, the college will hold a Christmas party. Each student will prepare a gift and bring it along. After the party, everyone will pick one at random and take it away. This is a special Christmas gift exchange.

Boys and girls, take action. Some take the sweet route, prepare chocolate, candy, biscuits and the like, some take the lovely route, prepare various plush dolls, some take the literary route, novels, essays, poetry collections and the like, some take the decadent route, alcohol and tobacco and the like, and some take the funny route, such as Durex. I asked him what he had prepared. He said it was a secret and could not tell me for the time being.

What am I going to do? I think, must be the most special one, not tacky, also can’t repeat with anyone, Christmas gift, must be the most special and unforgettable one. After some planning, I decided to make a craft, just like the New Year greeting cards popular among my classmates in high school. Take out yellow leaves and red leaves saved in autumn, buy some hard-shell colored paper and take out colored pens. I made a Christmas present that would never be repeated with others. When I was thinking about the message, these two poems first entered my mind, perhaps because of the dried leaves. but when I wrote these two lines, it was he who entered my heart: ” when flowers bloom, they must be broken, not when there is no flower.”

At the end of the Christmas party, he and I, as well as several close classmates, finally came out, leaving few gifts piled up at the door. I took a bear and several other classmates picked up a few things casually. He was the last one. He reached into the box and felt hard. Finally he took out one thing – I made the handmade greeting card! My heart plops. He carefully unpacked the package and opened it to see: ” What is this?” Is a bit disappointed tone, just happy expression disappeared during the party, took a few eyes and threw it into the bag. ” What do you mean?” He asked me. At a loss, I pretended to play with the exchange gifts I got and didn’t hear clearly: ” What did you say?”