How to make decisions at critical moments in life?

” What am I going to do in the future?” ” Do I love the right person?” ” How do I make a big decision?”

In fact, many people answered these questions. Jobs’ answer is: ” Have the courage to follow your own feelings and intuition. In any case, feelings and intuition already know what kind of person you want to be, and everything else is secondary. ”

Can feel, intuition and life’s major decisions have anything to do?

How to make decisions at critical moments in life?

Sensation and Intuition and Subconsciousness

In English, feeling is feelings, emotions, attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, even atmosphere and understanding. Feelings come from our huge subconscious beliefs and emotions. Intuition comes from the instantaneous spark generated by the subconscious mind that has accumulated for a long time. The spark must be in a state of alert before it can be seen. It is your brain’s subconscious perception of certain subtle behaviors or other behaviors.

” Logically Right” VS ” Feeling Right”

One hint we often hear is that feeling is unreliable and emotion is weak, which will bring us trouble. So from childhood onwards, we try to suppress these emotions and feelings. In order to avoid ” troubles” caused by feelings and emotions, we will ask: What do I want to do? Should I make a decision according to my heart or rationally analyze the future according to some clues? Many college students are puzzled.

According to the statement in the Principles, there is a struggle between the ” logical and conscious you” and the ” emotional and subconscious you” – especially when they try to make life plans. If no solution is found all the time, the final state looks a bit like ” hollow disease” ( see ” maybe you are not suffering from depression, but hollow disease” ), and you will feel confused and powerless to varying degrees.

How to solve these problems? The key is how to look at our thoughts and feelings. Is thinking more important than feeling? Is emotion bound up with the weak? If we can give ourselves an explanation on these issues, we can be liberated from the dilemma of ” following the heart” or ” following logic”. Making decisions with logic makes our thinking part ( our mind ) feel comfortable and safe because we are trying to make ” right” decisions.

If these decisions seem reasonable but do not make us ” feel” right, they may lead to doubts and confusion. For those who want a more real and pure life, they strive to be the creators of life, not just porters of information. Considering life only from the level of rational thinking is superficial to life and touches the surface of life. Perhaps some people have already felt that life will soon become boring just by relying on rational logic.

When we completely rely on rational logic, everything is ” object”, people, things and things have no meaning, and their importance also decreases. Compared with those who open their hearts, those who use logical thinking to manage relationships like to reduce the importance of the outside world and protect themselves from harm.

The feeling is wrong, but it is not wrong in essence.

In case of poor visibility, the pilot will fly through the instrument. Instead of looking at the cockpit windshield, they turned their eyes to the dashboard. If their instruments can be well calibrated to external reality, the risk of accidents will be minimized.

To some extent, we all fly through instruments. We can see the world when we open our eyes, but we are not only interested in the world before us. We use the past to locate the future and try to explain the current events by using events far away from us. The past and the future did not appear immediately, so we must fly through instruments. Our dashboard is what we get when we close our eyes. There are our thoughts, but most importantly, there are also our feelings.

Facing the unknown future, we are like pilots driving in fog. Our feelings are a real guide. We hope that we can make the right choice according to the instrument, even if the main way to measure whether our choice of life is correct is feeling. But is it wrong to make decisions based on feelings?

From the pilot’s point of view, direct flight is more complicated and dangerous than pilot driving through instruments. The pilot’s instrument is reliable and can be quickly discovered by technicians when it has deviation. In contrast, our feeling is not very reliable. If someone tells you that your feeling makes you make the wrong decision, but perhaps only you know what the problem is.

However, we can point out the error of the instrument, but it is difficult to see the error. This is restricted by bias blind spot. People can see other people’s cognitive biases, but ignore their own biases.

The point is, an error does not mean it is wrong. Our feelings are actually very credible. Rotten food is repugnant, and this feeling enables us to survive better. It feels more real than anything. The truth is there, but in fact we believe more in feeling.

” How can I accept my own characteristics as much as possible, then better understand the richness of life, and become the master of life by improving my cognition?”

In some cases, rationality is an indispensable part, but it is still not the only basis for decision – making, because feelings can also find the answer. Irrational wisdom takes many forms. People call it intuition, feeling, inspiration, inner cognition, impulse, superego, what they really want, deep inside, call, inner voice, desire, passion and spirit. Human beings are always complex beings.

Many people are distressed: ” why am I so unhappy? How can I get rid of this pain? What is wrong with me? Why can’t I ( be thinner, smarter, more expressive and more popular )? ” On the one hand, we are social people who wish to be accepted. On the other hand, we are eager to express ourselves and become adults free from shame and fear. This kind of thinking is not all bad – it just reflects sensitivity, curiosity, flexibility and willingness to control life.

Listening, accepting and integrating information from feelings when considering life’s key decisions. We are trying to live a good life. Happiness can only be brought about through hard work, and the answers given by the body often give us unswerving peace of mind.

In the face of important decisions, the relationship between rational thinking and intuitive thinking is not black or white – these mechanisms can be used flexibly. The information we receive in reality is not so complete, so we can slow down our thinking, have a deeper insight into what is happening, collect more extensive information, or let ” intuition” properly participate in decision – making. We need to realize that feeling is also very important, accept these feelings, patiently develop and explore them, and keep an open attitude to this possibility.

Aristotle’s ” practical wisdom” tells us that we cannot ignore the information brought by ” feeling” or evade the advice brought by ” intuition”. When we are faced with very challenging decisions, we need to keep an open attitude to feelings and intuition, because this can also become a skill to help us move forward in our life.