Hint – the super power you can’t get rid of

In the complicated world, there are various events happening all the time, but I believe that there are only two things happening in the world – I want to do things and things that are contrary to my wishes. I am afraid I will not say too much. More objections. That’s right, whether you are performing a nightmare or a dream, or you are suffering from a misfortune, in fact, this is just two aspects of the same thing, you need to let everyone know that this is the weapon we carry – A masterpiece of suggestive power.

Let’s take a brief look at what is a suggestive force. You can use the following examples to understand: Two patients who were diagnosed with cancer by a doctor at the same time. They have undergone various treatments in the early stages and tried all kinds of drugs, but not much. Efficacy, one of them will pray for himself three times a day. “I will definitely recover. By then I will be able to continue my unfinished travel plan. My next travel destination is…”; another The patient is depressed and seems to have sentenced himself to death from the moment he was diagnosed with cancer. In the end, as the two of them expected, the former patient did not actually take more than a year. The medicine is cured, and the latter patient died in less than half a year. This is the role of suggestive power.

In psychology, psychological suggestion is not an inscrutable thing. It merely refers to the psychological reaction that people are influenced by the wishes, beliefs, emotions, judgments and attitudes of the outside world or others. It can be said that people are the most common. Psychological phenomenon. Everyone is psychologically hinted, an innate ability.

As described in the Law of Attraction: “People with money awareness often attract money, and people with a sense of poverty always attract poverty. Through your thoughts, language and behavior, they will open up what you realize. Roads, rich or poor, are just as satisfying as you think.”

The examples of the influence of suggestive influences in life are also common: women who are often positively evaluated and confident in their appearance, she will become more and more beautiful; early in the morning, I rushed out to drive to work, and all the way was stopped by the red light, then Your day’s work status feels very uncomfortable; in raising children, the family that thinks the child is very intelligent and hard working since childhood, the child grows up really good; of course, when the child makes mistakes, he often blames the child “stupid guy” next to him. The family, the child will really become a “stupid guy” as you wish.

It can be seen that positive hints will prompt people to pursue success and stay away from suffering, provide motivation for people, improve their ability to withstand frustration, maintain a positive mental state, and produce a magical power. This is the “thinking of things”. The mechanism.

This is the magic weapon that the friend who was the last self-healing cancer has overcome the disease. He used positive cues to make his subconscious mind receive a positive suggestive signal and eliminate the disease through repeated hints.

As a positive suggestion of the opposite – negative cues, it conveys a negative signal to the subconscious. This kind of information is repeated more often, which forms a negative state of mind, which makes a person suspicious, depressed, fearful, anxious, sad…. It seems to open the devil’s box of Pandora’s devil, which makes people lose hope, and then destroys your self-confidence and hopes to fall through. This is the mechanism of “frustration.”

It can be seen that psychologically suggesting this double-edged sword, it has extraordinary and extraordinary power, can achieve one person, can also destroy a person, so we need to understand how to use this powerful weapon correctly, which will Very good for us.

Now I have summarized a few key points for positive psychological hints to work:

1. Repetition is the basic melody of all self-suggestion: the same truth, a sentence can be turned into a truth by repeating a hundred times, and a truth can be deeply rooted in human thoughts by repeating a hundred times. Another fact is continuous. Repeated language can cause mental fatigue. At this time, consciousness will retreat from protection. When the subconscious has the upper hand, it is easy to accept and obey something. Napoleon has a famous saying that “there is only one important rhetoric, that is, repetition.”

Second, self-suggestion must give clear instructions: you are thinking about what you are eager to get, and in fact you are thinking about its opposite, such as you say “I want to be healthy, not sick; I want to live rich, Don’t be ashamed; I want to find a lover to marry, don’t become a bachelor. But the reality is that you are “ill, no money, no bachelor.” This is because what you think in your heart is not in your heart. Inductive matching, you must pay close attention to what you “want” without having to focus on the opposite side.

Third, choose positive thinking, because the subconscious can not make jokes: the subconscious will not distinguish between your right and wrong, but the most understandable language with strong emotions, so you want to give positive positive hints for success. The implied instructions must not contain negative words. For example, you say “I won’t worry…” At this time, your subconscious mind will still feel a little anxious.

Fourth, there must be clear goals: To suggest that the effect is enhanced, it is necessary to figure out what you want, to choose the goals to be achieved, to focus on these goals rather than on the goals that you hope to achieve, the clearer and more certain the goals, The more subconscious energy is bursting out, helping you achieve your goals.

The last question, why isn’t everyone living a life of dreams? The answer is that your positive suggestive power to yourself is less than the negative suggestive power. Most people are actually thinking about things they don’t want or don’t want to happen. People are more likely to do things than they want to do. The only explanation is that they Think more about what you don’t want than you want.

Therefore, from now on to adjust your beliefs, let your positive suggestive power really work, you can have the ability to control your own life track.