Don’t let your happiness depreciate

A person’s vision of things greatly affects his gains and losses.

As early as 2,000 years ago, the politician Pericles of Athens was like the world who issued such a warning:

“Dear friends, we are too tangled.”

Later, the French writer Maurowa also profoundly said such a statement:

“We often lose our senses for some trivial little things. We count on counting. We have lived in this world for decades, but we have wasted too much precious time to entangle those boring trivia.”

Obviously, if we are divided into trivial things, life will lose a lot of gorgeous colors.

In life, the rapid pace of life makes us nervous. We are often led by emotions, and when we are in trouble, we will make a fuss, and it will be taken care of for a long time.

But have you ever thought about it: a person’s vision of things greatly affects his gains and losses.

Don’t let your own happiness inadvertently be discounted because of the unsatisfactory things.

A woman drove to the small town gas station and inadvertently drove to the manual service fuel pump.

At that time, she did not realize that she needed to pay the service fee for the enjoyment of the artificial service. When she paid the payment, she found that it cost 50 cents more per gallon of oil, so she was particularly unhappy.

When the husband learned of the incident, he quickly calculated that the gas station had overcharged them for seven dollars. If the wife refueled in the self-service pump, the same money would allow the car to travel 12 miles.

He was very annoyed and said: “Adding a manual service fee is like a robber!”

Because of this little thing, the couple was depressed for a whole day.

After the old man knew the truth of the matter, he smiled and said to the young couple who were resentful: “It’s really two silly children! Do you know? Just seven dollars, you bought your day’s happiness!”

It’s like a slap in the face, so that the couple can get out.

The husband sighed:

“We didn’t realize that our happiness was so cheap. If we don’t stop anger immediately, our happiness will continue to depreciate.”

Indeed, when everyone is angry, when you are worried about something, when you are angry, you may wish to leave a quarter of an hour to think about it. It is worth noting that you are angry, your place. What is it?

One day, a father was teaching his five-year-old son how to use a lawnmower.

The father taught the careful, well-behaved son to learn very seriously.

Just as the father and the son worked hard, the phone rang and the father entered the room to pick up the phone.

The younger son began to cut the grass by learning how his father looked. As a result, the child pushed the lawnmower to the father’s favorite tulip flower, and the poor seedling was broken.

The child was dumbfounded on the spot. At this moment, the father came out and saw the garden full of dazzling, his face was green, and he could not help but slap.

The wife who happened to pass through saw this scene. She gently said to her husband, “Hey, dear, our biggest happiness now is to raise children, not tulips!” Father heard the anger.

When our own anger will be difficult to contain, we may wish to ask ourselves:

Am I planting flowers for anger? Did I go to work to worry about it? Did I make friends for quarreling?

In this way, it will not be entangled in these unnecessary leisure.

The wisdom of life is here. No matter what happens to make you angry, you can still clearly understand what you want most and what you should cherish.

It is a pot of flowers, a garden, or a kind of happiness, an emotion.

In this way, your life will become fresh and cheerful, happy and happy, and full of prosperity.