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Compound interest is one of the greatest inventions of mankind

No one is born strong, but everyone can have a strong mind. Compound interest is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It may be said that compound interest, some people do not understand very well, it does not matter, what about snowballing? Compound thinking is like snowballing. The bigger you roll, the more you get.

Many people don’t understand the meaning of people’s lives for the rest of their lives. Everyday they live like a walking dead. From opening their eyes to closing their eyes, they don’t realize what they got yesterday and today. What will they get tomorrow?

Every strongman has a strong sense of gain; for example, a sprinter, this time is 0.5 seconds faster than ten minutes ago; for example, the wealthy people are adding value every minute. The period in which most people gain a sense of sensation is relatively long, such as once a month, when they receive a salary, or when they are inspired by something. Once people lack the sense of gain, they will live very tired. They will feel that the problems are not smooth. They will complain about the injustice of this society and will be full of doubts about the future. Learning compound interest thinking can make you realize that you are progressing every day, getting it every day, even getting it every second.

Mastering compound interest thinking is like opening a life:

1, a lot of life can not go to the hurdle will suddenly open

There are many hurdles in life that we can’t imagine, such as entrepreneurial failure, nothing at all; such as amplifying leveraged stocks, debts; such as accidents, physical and mental disabilities; for example, a decade of marriage, suddenly betrayed; each hurdle needs Great courage to face, use compound thinking, find out your sense of gain, and constantly strengthen this sense of acquisition, everything will suddenly open up.

2, even if this is an unfair world, still full of hope

Everyone has no way to decide their own starting point. This result is not caused by someone. A higher starting point requires several generations to fight together. Yugong Yishan is a good example. After a person is born, regardless of the material around him. Or the environment, the most important impact on people is still thinking. After a person grows up, the turning point of life is different. Some people have a lot of snowballs on their hands. Some people pick up snowballs very small. But the way each snowball rolls is the same. This is an unfair world, but full of hope.

3, compound interest is a shortcut to financial freedom

Compound interest is widely used in the accumulation of wealth. It has earned interest through the principal and has benefited many people.

4, found a way to be strong

The gentleman is self-improving, no matter whether it is a person or a thing, it is a development process from small to large. The strong is the player who survives to the end, accumulates the most, and persists for the longest. Through daily sensation, self-motivation, compound interest thinking is a ticket to the road to the strong.

Compound interest can be used in many places, such as bank deposit interest, and profits. For example, a person’s self-learning, self-motivation, and daily gains in gaining progress are the benefits of mastering compound thinking. For example, when doing promotion, use compound thinking to optimize promotion, and the cost of 1 million can make 10 million promotion effect. For example, if you want to be a master of engraving, but you are not yet, use compound thinking, supervise your daily progress, complete self-motivation from the sense of daily gain, let us persist, and eventually become the master of engraving.

Compound interest thinking is to sum up yesterday’s self, grasp today’s self, let people enter the profitable state, master compound interest thinking, no longer need others to help themselves fight chicken blood, bring their own chicken blood, and bring their own chicken blood life is like opening Hanging life.

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