Accelerate metabolism

Metabolism maintains your heartbeat, blood flow, brain thinking, and muscle movement. Everyone hopes that metabolism can be as slow as possible. However, you do not know something: speeding up metabolism is also a good way to lose weight.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism converts the food you eat into various types of calories that maintain life functions and continuously metabolizes in your cells. Metabolic reactions control everything in your body: heartbeat, blood circulation, food consumption.

Metabolism and Fat

The heat generated by metabolism will be converted into fat in abdomen, thigh or any part. When food is scarce, in order to adapt to hunger, our body’s metabolism learns to economize and store excess heat, which is converted into fat.

Is it true that a slow metabolism will ruin your whole life?

When two people eat the same amount of calories, the so-called fast metabolizers will use the calories reasonably, while the other people’s metabolism will burn the calories slowly and store more fat. The so-called slow metabolism is not slow, but you and others use different amounts of heat.

What determines the metabolic rate?

We can blame genetic unfairness. Mutations in genes cause overweight people to feel hungry more easily and burn calories more slowly than their slimmer compatriots. Early eating habits are also very important. But whether it is too fast or too slow, your metabolism may already be the most suitable for yourself.

The metabolism of women must be slower than that of men?

Yes, many women have slower metabolism than men, but not all. Women have 8% ~ 10% more fat than men, and the metabolic rate of fat is lower than that of muscle, which leads to slow metabolism of women. However, a muscular woman and a muscular man have the same metabolic rate.

Is metabolism something we can change?

Yes Although people often think that metabolism is an overall process, in fact metabolism has three different processes, namely ” resting metabolism”, ” active metabolism” and ” dietary thermogenesis”. Among them, resting metabolism cannot be changed, and active metabolism and dietary thermogenesis can be changed. The rate of active metabolism is usually determined by the amount of exercise. Dietary heat production is generally the calories burned when you absorb and digest food.

7 Steps to Improve Metabolism

1, don’t do morning exercises, get up late.

Early in the morning, resting metabolism will be at its lowest level. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, morning exercise is not a good way. Lack of sleep will affect hormone balance, stress index, appetite and so on, bringing negative effects to the body. The metabolism during sleep at night is equivalent to the sum of most of your metabolism during the day.

2. divide the exercise into several small segments

Long and intense exercise will lead to more or less exercise unconsciously in the following time to make up for the energy lost by burning a large number of calories. Want to lose weight? Then divide the exercise into several small parts and increase the number of exercises. This can improve active metabolism without suddenly increasing appetite. Or the burned calories can be maximized.

3. Fried food and sweet food can play together.

If you eat too much high carbohydrate or high calorie food for a long time, your metabolic system will automatically convert the excess energy into fat. Once this storage mode is in a high level state, the body begins to enter the enzyme inhibition treatment state. Usually the body converts fat and carbohydrates into energy, but enzymes inhibit the process. In contrast, enzymes convert more energy into fat for storage.

4. Don’t overeat

Did you eat too much at the buffet? Then you have to change your daily routine. A 2013 study in university of bath showed that when you eat 75% more food than usual one day, you need to run for 45 minutes more to keep your blood sugar stable.

5. No more meat, no less

Compared with other types of calories, digested protein requires more energy to better promote metabolism. But Robert thinks that this will bring problems. The compromise is that almost every meal consumes fat, carbohydrates and lean protein. Every nutrient metabolized by human body will be slightly different. When you ingest three nutrients at the same time, your metabolism will choose the optimal way to deal with it.

6. Good news! Don’t forget to eat snacks

Snacks are not the culprit that makes you fat. Eating snacks incorrectly is. Instead, you should say ” no” to the long wait between meals. All of this will stimulate metabolic instincts to protect you from obvious hunger. Eating less and eating more can also play such a role.

7. Break up with soda water

If you drink soda water every meal, you will be 65% more likely to be overweight than others in the next ten years. One of the possible reasons is that the latest research on artificial sweeteners shows that drinking soda water every day will reduce the human body’s ability to process sugar, thus reducing the metabolic rate.

Metabolic formula

Female metabolic rate = 655+(4.35x body weight ) +(4.7x height ) -(4.7x age )

The above formula can calculate a woman’s metabolic rate or basal metabolic rate – when you do nothing but lazily pass the day, you need the least calories to ensure your body works properly. The average metabolic rate for women is 1500 calories per day. If your value is below 1500, then you are in a state of slow metabolism. Remember: if you have a large proportion of muscle, your metabolic rate may be higher than the calculated result.