3 signs that a person started to abolish

In the past six months, my cousin has been hooked on the video. Whenever he sees him, he always looks at it with a mobile phone. I advised him: “Everyone who is looking for a job, don’t know the brushing video every day, it’s important to do something.” He always said: “I will watch it for 1 minute, then for another minute!”

The problem is that 1 minute often evolves into 10 minutes, 1 hour, or even a whole day.


I know that there are many content that the cousin is interested in on the Internet, especially the system will also push according to the information he has visited in the past. For example, if the cousin loves to watch humorous paragraphs, the system will push more similar videos to him.

However, if there is not enough self-control to resist the temptation of the outside world, and excessively addicted to instant pleasure, it will not be far from being abolished.

There is a “flower pot effect” in psychology, which means that if people stay in a comfortable “flower pot” for a long time, it is easy to avoid progress and peace of mind.

If you are banned in your own small circle every day, you can’t extricate yourself in your own comfort zone, instead of spending your time to improve yourself, how can you go to a wider world?

Life is like sailing against the water, and if you don’t advance, you will retreat. If you choose to be too comfortable, you will lose your fighting spirit; if you lose your fighting spirit, life will become more and more idle; if you are more and more idle, you will eventually open a big gap with others.

Nowadays, I don’t think much about it. I will regret it when I am abandoned by the times.


A few days ago, my uncle was unemployed. This heavy blow made him smoke all day and relieved his anger. He felt that he could not lift his head in front of the aunt.

In fact, we have heard about the situation of uncles. He thinks that his skills are excellent, he has once gained the advanced of the company, and he is lazy and distracted, and he is lying on the credit book of the past.

Half a year ago, the company recruited a young man who graduated from a famous school. The young man is hard-working, willing to learn, and the technical level is already above his uncle.

Uncle is not without a sense of crisis, but he feels that he is older and his memory is worse. It is difficult to learn new things now. It is often full of anxiety and no practical action.

Now that the work has been replaced, the uncle has regretted it: Imagine if the company is still the technical backbone of the year, will the company let itself go and leave?

After all, this is the price of his own long-term satisfaction with the status quo and the suspension of study.

The workplace is a place to speak by value. How much value you have determines how high you can stand. Those who have achieved something are destined to live and study and study inseparably.

As long as you are still learning, life has unlimited possibilities.


Two months ago, the girlfriends made another vow: 20 pounds.

The girlfriends are a foodie. When you see something good, you can’t control your mouth. Plus you don’t open your legs, so the weight rises straight.

I motivated her: “Don’t lose it, don’t come see me.” After that, she insisted on running for a while. But not long after, she was still business.

“You don’t know, running more legs.”

“This is snowing! It will freeze to death!”

“Ah, such a delicious pudding, don’t stop me!”

She always has such a reason for seven seven eight eight. So, seeing her now is still the same.

In life, there are always some people who are trying to achieve what kind of goals, but they are always unable to do so. In the final analysis, what is lacking is self-discipline. Give up self-discipline, one day sooner or later to pay for the lazy of the past.

There is a saying that is good: self-discipline, outstanding; not self-discipline, out.


No one is born to be the king.

After all, what kind of life a person can have, what kind of path he is on, whether it is pain or happiness, failure or success, ultimately depends on himself.

If you are in your life, there are three signs that you are no longer willing to get out of the comfort zone, stop learning, and give up self-discipline, then you should remind yourself.

Because, success, belongs to people who know how to get out of the comfort zone and be aggressive;

Belong to those who insist on reading and studying;

Belong to people who can maintain a high degree of self-discipline.

Instead of blaming others, “looking at the ocean and sighing”, it is better to start from the present, to be down-to-earth, to live up to the best of China, and strive to be a better self.