Hint – the super power you can’t get rid of

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In the complicated world, there are various events happening all the time, but I believe that there are only two things happening in the world – I want to do things and things that are contrary to my wishes. I am afraid I will not say too much. More objections. That’s right, whether you are performing a nightmare or a dream, or you are suffering from a misfortune, in fact, this is just two aspects of the same thing, you need to let everyone know that this is the weapon we carry – A masterpiece of suggestive power.

Let’s take a brief look at what is a suggestive force. You can use the following examples to understand: Two patients who were diagnosed with cancer by a doctor at the same time. They have undergone various treatments in the early stages and tried all kinds of drugs, but not much. Efficacy, one of them will pray for himself three times a day. “I will definitely recover. By then I will be able to continue my unfinished travel plan. My next travel destination is…”; another The patient is depressed and seems to have sentenced himself to death from the moment he was diagnosed with cancer. In the end, as the two of them expected, the former patient did not actually take more than a year. The medicine is cured, and the latter patient died in less than half a year. This is the role of suggestive power.

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