3 signs that a person started to abolish

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In the past six months, my cousin has been hooked on the video. Whenever he sees him, he always looks at it with a mobile phone. I advised him: “Everyone who is looking for a job, don’t know the brushing video every day, it’s important to do something.” He always said: “I will watch it for 1 minute, then for another minute!”

The problem is that 1 minute often evolves into 10 minutes, 1 hour, or even a whole day.

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One of Hawking’s predictions will come true, and the whole world is shocked!

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Hawking of the year, for artificial intelligence, had such a prophecy:

If someone designs a computer virus, then someone will design artificial intelligence that constantly refines itself until it eventually surpasses humans. The result will be a new form of life.

You may not be a person who hates ants, but you will inadvertently step on the ants. If you are responsible for a hydropower green energy project, there may be many ant nests flooded in the area where the project is located. It is very unfortunate to say. We must avoid human beings in the position of these ants.

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German good habits and good quality, worth learning

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First of all, I would like to talk about the “Germany prohibits preschool education” that is often seen on the Internet. German children are not stupid before going to school, they are playing, and the Germans have their own understanding of the pre-school education, and the children will learn something. Their bags are not smaller than ours.

For example, in kindergarten: the teacher will teach the children how to take home by public transportation. If you follow the traffic rules, you should not speak loudly in public, or even how to carry out the education of observing social order such as garbage sorting.

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Compound interest is one of the greatest inventions of mankind

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No one is born strong, but everyone can have a strong mind. Compound interest is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It may be said that compound interest, some people do not understand very well, it does not matter, what about snowballing? Compound thinking is like snowballing. The bigger you roll, the more you get.

Many people don’t understand the meaning of people’s lives for the rest of their lives. Everyday they live like a walking dead. From opening their eyes to closing their eyes, they don’t realize what they got yesterday and today. What will they get tomorrow?

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What is the core competitiveness of a young person?

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Young is so good!

When you are young, your life is like a blank piece of paper. There are infinite possibilities in your life. If you make good use of your youth, cultivate your core competitiveness, maybe the next one will greet the white rich and embark on the peak of life. You, think about it, you are very excited!

When you are young, what is the core competitiveness of a person?

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