The United States will raise its return to the gold standard, and China and Russia will stop the US dollar gold right, and things may suddenly change.

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For half a century, people around the world like to call the dollar “US dollar”, which reflects the credit value of the dollar when it is strong, but we know that the currency has a “shelf life” and the dollar is not “gold.” The real gold is gold. This actually tells the relationship between gold and money. “Gold and silver are not money, but the currency is naturally gold and silver.” Marx even broke the value and essence of gold.

Behind the support of the US dollar is the international commodity transaction that is accepted by people all over the world in US dollars. In other words, the core function of money is commodity trading. The currency without trading support is like waste paper. The reason why the US dollar can become a global The most important reserve currency, in addition to the comprehensive strength of the US economy, is more important. The US dollar has led and controlled the pricing power of bulk commodities including oil and gold, and the SWIFT International Currency Clearing Center, which is indirectly controlled by the US dollar.

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