12 habits help you improve your immunity

1. Cut off food: Try to cut off food once in a while for a day or two, only drinking but not eating, which can protect the immune system to a certain extent. Researchers have found that although the loss of food will starve some healthy white blood cells in your body, when you start eating again, the number of white blood cells will immediately rise and increase compared with before. A Japanese construction company provides employees with the opportunity to cut off food twice a year to promote their health.

2. Walking in the forest: The study found that people living in the suburbs and watching the surrounding green scenery for 20 minutes can reduce cortisol levels by 13.4% and relieve stress. Because high cortisol levels can damage the immune system function, this ” forest therapy” is helpful to improve the overall immunity.

5. Listening to music: Music can not only relieve pain and pressure, but also improve the immunity of the body, and its effect is even better than the drugs used before operation. People who like listening to music have more natural killer cells in their bodies, so they are more capable of fighting bacteria, infections and even cancer cells.

6. Drink Coconut Oil Coffee: Coconut Oil is composed of medium-chain fatty acids, which can reduce people’s dependence on sugar, prevent fat accumulation in the body, and thus achieve the effects of accelerating metabolism and improving immunity.

7. Supplementing Astragalus Membranaceus: The use history of traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years proves that Astragalus Membranaceus is beneficial to strengthening immune system. Studies have proved that Astragalus membranaceus, as a common supplement in daily diet, has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

8. sauna: a study found that sauna twice a week can reduce the chance of catching a cold by half, but once you get a cold, sauna can do nothing to relieve symptoms and shorten recovery time.

9. tasting green tea: antioxidants in green tea are not only very good ” body cleansers”, but also an important factor in improving the body’s immunity. They can resist free radicals that cause weakness, stabilize blood pressure and protect the heart.

10. Drinking red wine and eating blueberries: Studies have found that resveratrol and pterostilbene ( an antibacterial ingredient ) contained in red wine, blueberries and red grapes, if combined with vitamin D, will build an immune defense line for you, keeping you away from antibiotics and drug resistance that may be caused by abuse of antibiotics.

11. Drink Yogurt: Studies have found that yogurt can reduce the level of ” bad” cholesterol ( low density lipoprotein LDL ) and reduce the risk of urinary tract infection by 47%. Probiotics contained in some yoghourt can greatly improve the body’s immunity and disease resistance. Iodine contained in probiotics can also help regulate and balance the immune function of thyroid gland.

12. Socialization: Research has found that staying away from loneliness and being in a crowd can speed up physical recovery. In addition, the researchers found that there is an intrinsic link between chronic diseases and loneliness. Being isolated in the living environment will double the pressure and slow down the response speed of the immune system. When people with strong social skills encounter health problems, their chances of recovery and survival are 50% higher.