When a woman reaches middle age, why does she resist her husband’s kiss?

When a woman reaches middle age, she will resist her husband’s kiss for objective or subjective reasons, especially disputes and contradictions. Before she resolves disputes and contradictions, she will suspend kissing for a short or long time. For other reasons, personal experience. The woman has the most say in the year. Recently, four female readers sent me a private letter on this issue. They have stated their opinions. If you have more opinions, please feel free to express your opinions in the comments…

First, the poetry, 40 years old, old wife and old wife, there is no need to kiss again.
Young people talk about love or newly married Yaner kissing is loveless. Nowadays, my husband and I are old wives and have no need to kiss. I will never take the initiative to kiss, even if my husband actively kisses me. I will also resist, whether in public or in private, there is no kissing between my husband and my husband. In fact, there are countless ways to express my secrets. Kissing is one of them. My husband and I have enough eyes. The two sides know each other. I still remember to hang each other in my heart.
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Second, the heart is secluded, 35 years old, deeply unsanitary, to prevent cross-infection.
I don’t have cleansing, but I feel that kissing is unsanitary. Even if I don’t catch a cold with my husband, it will prevent it from happening. If cross infection, it will increase the risk of illness unless my husband wakes up in the morning or before going to sleep at night. Brushing my teeth, I will accept my husband’s kiss, otherwise I will resist, whether in the psychological or physiological, I will reject.

Third, Yueyi, 38 years old, has no feeling.
I don’t feel terrible. My husband and I are familiar and strange all day long. The close contact between the two parties will deeply feel that they will not do anything, and they will not hold hands or hug. Perhaps it is the retreat of passion, no matter whether the motive or the motivation will disappear. And my husband is more and more arrogant, he thinks that we are only cooking raw rice, we are almost popcorn, and he is getting more and more sloppy, not the most slovenly, only more slovenly, so even if I am against my husband Residual feelings are also resentful, contrary to the pleasing to the eye, I am not seeing the eyes, as for accepting his kiss, I think it will be nausea.

Fourth, Xinqin, 45 years old, I have a different sex in my heart than my husband, I want to keep the body of the opposite sex except my husband.
I am blunt, I have a different sex in my heart, some men are passionate, some women are passionate, I belong to a woman who is dedicated, but when I am not in love, I will keep the body of the opposite sex except my husband. I used to be the same as the husband, and my heart is in which man, my body will be loyal to whom.
Conclusion: When a woman reaches middle age, kissing can nourish the heart. In addition to paying attention to methods and techniques, be sure to pay attention to the frequency. Don’t be too frequent and not too sparse. Just the right kiss will add to the marriage, even if you have already moved. Also be on the right track as soon as possible, otherwise empathy will eventually lead to divorce.

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