Please be prepared: the future must be a world that only looks at money!

Many people complain that today’s society only sees money, and people’s feelings are getting weaker, so they feel lost.

I think they have not seen the world yet.

I would rather live in a place where I can see the money/speaking rules everywhere, and I don’t want to live in a place where I can talk about morality/where I hate.

People who talk about morality when opening their mouths are often the least ethical;

Everywhere, the moral society is advertised, and it is often the most lacking.

Because a truly ethical person understands one truth:

Morality is used to discipline oneself, and law is used to discipline people.

Morality, self-discipline is a virtue, and lawfulness is tantamount to lynching;

The standard of judging good and evil in Dharma is to see if your heartfelt thoughts are “profit” or “altru”? To be a moral, to be altruistic, to be good, and to be a moral person, to be self-interested and evil.

In fact, the best way to convince a person is to resort to interests. This is the real altruism and consideration for others.

Those who buckle their hats at any time are often because their self-interest is too heavy.

The so-called: Do not want to apply, do not apply to people. There are very few people who really do…


Traditional society has always been concerned about the world, has a mundane worldly etiquette, and has a strong cultural and human culture. For example, we often say a few words: “still children”, “the elderly are older”, “give a face”, ” It’s not easy to go out of the country, “it’s not easy to go out”, “how big is it”, “have something to say”, etc. These are all solved in a moral and ethical way, and moral constraints are above the rules.

This is a society that relies on the human condition to restrict each other. This is an important driving force for the operation of traditional society. This is called “moral drive.”

Please be prepared: the future must be a world that only looks at money! (depth)
But there are always a lot of people who are used to measuring others with the standards of saints, but they use their standards to demand themselves. They must use the name of “moral” and “goodness” to force others to achieve their own lusts.

Moreover, human nature is selfish. More and more people will strive for maximum benefits. However, they still label themselves with morality and then impose them on others with moral shackles. There are many “hypocrites” in the society.

Russell said: “If reason does not exist, then kindness is meaningless.”

Nietzsche said: “Forcing people to obey morality is immoral.”

In a society, if everyone does not talk about rules but talks about morality, it means that people want to use moral constraints and judge others, indicating that this group of people is precisely the most selfish person, a group of the most selfish people together, the final result They must hurt each other and use each other.

This will eventually fall into a society where hypocrites are everywhere. They wear moral cloaks to profit for themselves, undermine rules, and morality becomes a tool to whitewash evil.

As Gu Hanshan once said:

“When I was young, I had always been hungry for integrity and kindness. Later I gradually discovered that our world is not a wolf’s nest or a tiger’s den. Those who have proclaimed morality and civilization over and over again are the initiators of morality and civilization.”

“How noble people are, how despicable it is. I remember that many young people who were first involved in society were purely uncut, but in the adult world, they were gradually polished into a smirk and smirk, and eventually plunged into the world. Become their accomplice.”

Such a society must be self-defeating. No matter whether it is rich or poor, no matter whether it is an official or a civilian, there is no sense of security. Because everyone has the risk of being detained, they are all “moral kidnapping”. Risk, extreme conditions will also “people eat people.”


Today, the situation has changed very subtly.

Looking around, more and more products and services are beginning to standardize. We can buy almost all the services as long as we spend money. For example, special food delivery, door-to-door laundry, nail cutting, pick-up; fruit distribution, home delivery, etc., almost no money can not be solved.

I am more willing to trust standardized business services than any other world. Take online shopping, guarantee transactions, evaluation systems, cash on delivery, free returns, etc., use these well-designed processes and constraints to avoid human weaknesses, so that everything works in accordance with the rules.

This is called “profit-driven”.

Society is upgrading from “moral drive” to “profit driven”.

Yes, in the future, society will only recognize money. You must not complain that the society is becoming more and more realistic. In fact, a society that only looks at “money” is much simpler than a society that only talks about “morality.”

Using money to solve problems is equivalent to simplifying the problem. Since the problem is simple, put extra energy on your career and pursuit.

A society, if everyone talks about rules, not about morality, will eventually become a human society.

The beauty of this era is that he gives us the opportunity to do what we love to do, and then to be the ultimate, to be true.

Everyone has reduced their dependence and help for others to the greatest extent. They don’t need to take into account other people’s eyes. They only need to work hard to do their part, and independent personality is formed like this.

The future society must be a society that only “sees money.”

The future world must be an organism with a high degree of division and cooperation.

Only in this way can we mobilize the most effective resources of the society to the most suitable place and let the most suitable people do the most appropriate things. This is the future commercial civilization.

We only need to complete what we are best at, focus on all our energy, thoughts, and efforts to achieve this extreme, and other people naturally cooperate. Instead of desperately trying to accomplish all kinds of human feelings;

If everyone in the society is in this state, then the economic vitality and business environment must be pushed to the most prosperous state.

Therefore, the higher the civilization of a society, the simpler the relationship between people. Productivity is becoming more developed and production relations are becoming more transparent.

It is the interpersonal relationship of the future society that can be seen at a glance if people reach a contractual relationship through mutual consultation for the benefit, or form a coalition for common interests, and then achieve greater economic benefits.

This is the progress of civilization. We will never have to ask those cold and hot, pro-and sparse, aunts and evil words, attached forces and squeezing, so that everyone can live in their own dust dreams, no one owes anyone. The sound of chickens and dogs is heard, and old and dead do not come and go. You don’t have to talk badly, you don’t have to change your life.

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To a certain extent, social development will inevitably return to the truth. We don’t have to worry that humans will forever lose “morality.” Because when everyone is talking about rules, morality will naturally arise.

We don’t have to worry about having no friends in the future. If you find that the other person is not bad in the interest exchange, you may wish to be a friend. Because whenever it involves interests, it will be visible!

Those friends who have not passed the test of interest must not be true friends. They can only become friends in the face of interests. That is a true friend!

We are faced with an increasingly turbulent world; no business model is long-lasting; no competitiveness is eternal; no asset is solid.