Eating something sometimes

When the curry was just simmered, the scent was hot, but after a night, the taste became mellow, sweet and spicy, used to mix hot rice, as if the scent was asleep, and woke up. When the sesame is fragrant, the hottest, wait a little cooler, sprinkle with spinach, mix with tofu, smear on the fried ribs, crispy and delicious. But the duck soup, you must eat immediately after you finish it: the good duck soup oil will not be too heavy, it will be hot, and it will cool quickly. How can the ducks eat well, and the soup is cool, like a long-time relatives and friends, sitting on the hung, saying nothing, it is better not to say.

Some things are suitable for a long time. After eating a good chocolate, rush to buy, hide in the drawer, wait for the time to eat; friends sent a good wine, in the cabinet, waiting for a happy event. Some things don’t have to be hidden for a long time. When I was a child, there was a neighbor downstairs. In the summer, I took a bowl of watermelon and took a spoon. I took the spoon and took the edge of the watermelon. I ate from the side to the middle. He said that this method is a particularly well-informed uncle: people in this life, first bitter and sweet; first eat no taste, the more you eat the more flavor, to the end of the melon center, especially sweet and crisp – of course, Blame the example, I have encountered such a person.

Some things have to be fresh. In the past, people in Suzhou used to eat knives and leeks, and they did not hesitate to pay heavily. They said that they were scallops and leeks. After a winter, Tibetan yang was inflated, especially crisp and delicious, and how to scramble eggs was delicious. Du Fu said that “the night rain cuts the spring, the new day is yellow,” is very beautiful. The new cut amaranth green, simmered with rice yellow, just made the scent, eat in the spring evening when it rains, very wonderful.

Su Shi has a poem to write spring vegetables, pondering leeks with fat white fish, considering the problem of artemisia and cold cake, I want to wake up after spring sleep, wear shoes and step on the field to step on the dishes. Speaking and talking, I will recite the bitter cold in the north, or the hometown of Sichuan is good, and there are vegetables to eat in winter. Speaking and talking, thinking of bitter bamboo shoots and finless porpoises, we must cry. If you stop here, it doesn’t look like Zhang Jiying’s “How can you give up the squid and squid in Wuzhong for the sake of seeking a fortune?” Su Shi’s words are not so super-excellent, but the level is so scary:

“The next year’s investment path must be returned, and it is not necessary to shake the teeth and send them off.”

The things in my hometown are always delicious, but when the teeth are gone, the hair is gone, and the taste is not coming.

People have to hide some food, and the spirit is physical. When you are hungry, think of the meat in the refrigerator, the noodles in the cupboard, the hope of quenching thirst, and the hunger is slow; when you are anxious, you think that there are still some way to go, it is more comfortable. The squirrels know that they have to do some storage for the winter, not to mention that human beings are rulers of the planet and their wisdom is extraordinary.

But this practice is more or less problematic. Everyone has something like this: after buying, always push and push the book that they refused to read; for the anti-breaking grain, the biscuits and pasta that will not be unpacked will always be bought; At that time, the photos were sorted out and will not be opened in the future; the expired foods will be thrown away; the old books will not be read. But there are too many things, so it’s a shame.

Everyone has more or less illusory, only the dream of their own treasure. Most of the dreams were not shattered, but were postponed. They were used as overnight curries in the refrigerator and champagne in the wine cabinet. “You can’t enjoy it until the day… we have to wait until that day.” In the future, the sun is shining, you are carefree, free, and you can do whatever you want.

Cardi B

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But the perfect day, basically does not exist. Xin Qiji broke the thoughts of everyone in one sentence:

“Do not avoid the late spring on the horse, when there is no time in the spring.”

The perfect day is finally here – by the way, if there is a day, it must not be that the weather is finally cloudless, but you have a lot of things that don’t care anymore – you open the treasures of the collection and discover what you want to do, have been The collection has expired.

The appetite at that time, the state of mind at that time, passed.

Therefore, things in the world are not like revenge. It is more delicious to put on the table. It’s a pity that it’s a shame to eat it for a long time. It’s not that everything has to be eaten fresh in order to prolong life, but when you still have everything to eat, you can pass on what you can eat, what you can do, what you can read, what you can listen to, and who can love.

Because life is indeed very long, but there is a good appetite for what you can eat and eat, but it is much shorter.