Eating something sometimes

Cardi B

When the curry was just simmered, the scent was hot, but after a night, the taste became mellow, sweet and spicy, used to mix hot rice, as if the scent was asleep, and woke up. When the sesame is fragrant, the hottest, wait a little cooler, sprinkle with spinach, mix with tofu, smear on the fried ribs, crispy and delicious. But the duck soup, you must eat immediately after you finish it: the good duck soup oil will not be too heavy, it will be hot, and it will cool quickly. How can the ducks eat well, and the soup is cool, like a long-time relatives and friends, sitting on the hung, saying nothing, it is better not to say.

Some things are suitable for a long time. After eating a good chocolate, rush to buy, hide in the drawer, wait for the time to eat; friends sent a good wine, in the cabinet, waiting for a happy event. Some things don’t have to be hidden for a long time. When I was a child, there was a neighbor downstairs. In the summer, I took a bowl of watermelon and took a spoon. I took the spoon and took the edge of the watermelon. I ate from the side to the middle. He said that this method is a particularly well-informed uncle: people in this life, first bitter and sweet; first eat no taste, the more you eat the more flavor, to the end of the melon center, especially sweet and crisp – of course, Blame the example, I have encountered such a person.

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