We will support the development of the seed industry for strengthening the core competitiveness of agriculture

Since ancient times, our country has been based on agriculture, and agriculture has been the first.
The seeds not only have the highest scientific and technological content in the agricultural field, but also the indispensable agricultural production data and the core competitiveness of agricultural development.
As a result, governments around the world are to promote the development of seed industry as the important measure to promote the development of agriculture, our country also without exception, has introduced a number of supporting policies, such as open seed prices, start, the national seed industry property right trading platform of scientific and technological achievements, etc.
With the policy support, the seed industry will usher in historic development opportunities.

The present situation of seed market scale

Maize, rice, gm cotton, and cantaloupe seeds are the main components of China’s seed market, accounting for nearly 80 percent of the total market.
At present, China’s perennial crop seed dosage in more than 10 billion kilograms, the hybrid corn, hybrid rice, vegetables, gm cotton seeds goods is being supported kind rate reached 100%, the conventional commodity crop seeds is being supported kind rate is gradually increased.

In terms of specific data, the implementation of national hybrid maize in 2015 was 3.42 million mu, an increase of 470,000 mu compared with last year, a 16% increase.
In 2016, the total amount of corn seed supply will exceed the total amount of 8.5 to 900 million kg, and the corn seed market will continue to oversupply, but the variety structure will increase.

In 2015, the implementation area of hybrid rice production in China was over 1.45 million mu, an increase of about 50,000 mu over last year.
Hybrid rice seeds in supply will be more than 2016 kinds of quantity of 125 million kg, such as the worst large natural disasters, late hybrid rice seeds will continue to maintain a state of serious supply exceeds demand in recent years, expected market is still in the bottom.

In 2015, the harvest of winter wheat in China was 12.1 million mu, and the new seeds were about 5 billion kg.
Expect the autumn winter wheat planting area will remain at about 350 million mu, 33-3.5 billion kg goods seeds, pledge this year has plenty of wheat seed, the quality guaranteed, commodity seeds is being supported kind rate can reach 80%.

In 2015, the harvest area of the national hybrid winter rape was 125,000 mu, with a yield of 9.6 million kg, and the seed of the national hybrid rapeseed in the year was about 1.8 million kg, and the supply was 11.4 million kg.
In the autumn of 2015, the seeds of national hybrid rape are expected to be 9.5 million kg.

In the future, we should accelerate the industrialization process and improve the efficiency of industrialization.
In this regard, a sound seed working system should be improved to promote good seed breeding.
For example, the research on the organization of variety resources, basic theory, breeding technology and methods, perfect the original and parental protection system, and establish a good breeding and promotion system, etc.

Second, we should strengthen the horizontal integration of scientific research, production and management departments to promote the integration of the production and marketing.
Research unit at the same time of strengthening basic research and new technology research, according to the market need varieties breeding and production and operation, from breeding to the field of production and operation, obtain benefits return again after research, promoting the transformation of achievements.
Seed enterprises need to play its strong economic strength and familiar with the advantages of seed market demand, national investment made use of advanced seeds drying, selection, storage equipment, increase input, strengthen management, screening of fine varieties, add power and vigor for own seed production and management, gradually formed its own system, self-development, self-improvement large seed companies.

Third, we should establish a good breeding base to achieve good production scale.
May take representative region, establish different crop seed breeding base, unified supply with varieties of species, unified layout, unified technical scheme selection, miscellaneous go bad and threshing, unified purchase, unified “six” measures such as standard.