Samsung confirmed that it will push the folding phone; hungry release smart headset module

Industry estimates, the past six months, the entire shared economy has about 1.5 billion deposit has gone back to the user caused the actual economic losses. The “Statistical Report on Internet Development in China” shows that as of June 2017, the number of shared bicycle users has reached 106 million. According to the average deposit of more than 100 yuan users estimated that the total amount of the deposit or bicycle industry share has exceeded 10 billion yuan. Coupled with the sharing of cars and all kinds of items leasing, the entire deposit in the area of ​​shared economy is expected to deposit about 15 billion.
Shenzhen held a shared bicycle management program hearing, the representative proposed to cancel the deposit
According to the interface report, a few days ago, Shenzhen City, “Shenzhen Internet rental bike management program,” held a legislative hearing, deposit security issues to become the focus of attention at the meeting, a number of representatives proposed to cancel the deposit. Shared cycling entered Shenzhen from October 2016 and has since been rapidly developed. According to official statistics, as of now, there are 8 Internet rental bike companies in Shenzhen with a total vehicle scale of 890,000 and a registered user volume of 22 million (including duplicate registered users), with daily average usage of about 5.43 million.
Japan 7-11 convenience store and Softbank cooperation, launched a local bicycle business sharing
Japan 7-11 convenience store will be jointly launched with Softbank to share bicycles. This service will be piloted at 9 stores 7-11 in Saitama this month. It is planned to be rolled out to 1,000 stores in the metropolitan area and local cities by the end of March 2019, and an estimated 5,000 bicycles will be delivered. The cooperation is the launch of a shared cycling service “HELLO CYCLING” operated by a subsidiary of Softbank. After you register with a transport card like Suica, you can use it without reservation. This shared bicycle costs 60 yen (about RMB 3.5) every 15 minutes, and a credit card is required for payment. Depending on the area and bike type, the cost of sharing a bike may also be adjusted.
big company
Short video company recently launched IPO and ready to IPO in Hong Kong
“Caijing” reporter was the exclusive reporter learned that in March this year, just completed the 350 million D round of short-film financing fast-drivers, recently launched an IPO and is ready to be listed in Hong Kong. “Caijing” reporter has not yet found the relevant listing of the company from the HKEx website, the company should be in the material preparation period. (Finance)
Tencent “eat chicken” hand-game today opened test, 30 million people grab the activation code, you grab it?
Tencent’s first 100-person tactical competitive mobile tour “Glory Mission” today officially opened the “Limited Glory Test” (this test is only for Android platform users), and announced during the test (tentative November 21-November 23 Day) daily 12: 00,15: 00,20: 00 three time limit issuing invitation code, invite some lucky players to land first. The whole platform dozens of big coffee anchors will also help the majority of users. As of the evening of November 19, “glorious mission” full platform reservation number exceeded 30 million people successfully.
Hungry R & D department, “Hungry why π” debut, and release smart headset module
November 21, hungry for the future of the logistics strategy set up R & D department “hungry?” Debut, and released for riders to interact through the voice of mobile phones smart headset module. It is reported that the module will be built into the hummingbird distribution app, adaptable to the vast majority of mainstream headphones on the market. After the rider activates the module through the earphone, you can use the voice to issue orders to the app, navigate, dial the user’s phone number, etc., and receive voice feedback in real time. Pi hungry? Π team leader said that by eliminating the rider’s hand-held operation, can improve distribution efficiency, while protecting the rider’s driving safety. According to its disclosure, the end of this year, the smart headset module will be on the hummingbird distribution app full on-line.
In addition, according to the plan of being hungry, the strategic core of “Future Logistics” will be to create a real-time delivery system based on user experience, innovation and technology as the driving force and intelligent system, so as to promote the real-time distribution industry to complete the third phase of transformation. Hungry what “future logistics” three stages of goals: that is, intelligent deployment, distribution and unmanned man-machine delivery. According to reports, the group’s first phase of the hungry intelligent scheduling research and development has made progress. (21st Century Business Herald)
The history of the most trench drone buyers was born! Uber in the quagmire to engage in a large unmanned taxi team
Uber shook his hand from the quagmire and took the largest unmanned car order in history. The newly appointed CEO of the company decided to buy 24,000 Volvo Autopilot XC90s to build an unmanned SUV fleet. After getting the car, Uber also plans to add his own sensor and software system. The XC90 Volvo plans to be delivered to Uber between 2019 and 2021. According to FT, the transaction amounting to 1.4 billion US dollars, equivalent to 9.2 billion yuan.
Softbank invests in Uber: Repurchase Southeast Asian market strategy
According to Reuters quoted industry sources, Japan’s Softbank Group, with its multi-billion-dollar investment in Uber, is likely to merge Uber with other taxi companies to consolidate its booming taxi business in Asia. Softbank has also invested in Uber’s competitors in Asia, including Grab in Southeast Asia, Drip Drift in China and Ola in India, and is committed to realizing the vision of Artificial Intelligence and Connected Device Drives the Future for Sonny, the founder of SoftBank. An internal source at Singapore’s Grab said: “SoftBand will play a role in business integration and SoftBank will fundamentally change the competitive landscape as a director of both companies (Uber and Grab).” (Sina Technology)
Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked LeTV net shows if the financial loan can not be repaid if it will lead to listed companies “shell”
Shenzhen Stock Exchange attention letter asked LeTV net, if the relevant loans can not be repaid, the pledgee exercise of the security right or pledge will lead to the listing company “shell” and asked to verify the relevant Sunac China Sun Hongbin intends to start the new music, The plan of capital increase and stock plan reports the authenticity.
Samsung released Bixby Chinese version, next February will push artificial intelligence operating system
Samsung announced the official release of the Chinese version of Bixby, an artificial intelligence assistant who was late six months late. Samsung Bixby is divided into male and female versions, in the interactive mode, Bixby has three ways, not only can use voice to dialogue with it, you can also use text and click to order, more convenient way to communicate with them . Samsung demonstrated the use of Bixby voice mail, open music and read text messages and other operations.
Samsung revealed that the Chinese version of Bixby will be the first to support the Samsung S8 and Note8 series products on November 30, and the forthcoming high-end flagship Samsung W2018 will also be equipped. Next year, Samsung will apply Bixby 2.0 to the Internet of Things, which means Bixby will not only be limited to smartphones. Based on Bixby, Samsung also announced that it will launch the artificial intelligence operating system Galaxy AIUX in February next year.
Tencent reached 522.9 billion US dollars, Super Facebook into the world’s fifth
On November 21, Tencent has been up for four days. Today’s stock close at HK $ 430.0, up 2.38% and has a market capitalization of HK $ 4,845.5 billion (522.2 billion U.S. dollars), surpassing Facebook as the fifth-largest market capitalization company in the world.
The new U.S. Congress bill may affect the sale of ads by Google and Facebook
CNBC reports that the U.S. Senate is considering two bills that could undermine the growth of ads for Facebook, Google’s parent company Alphabet and other Internet companies. Relatively low-key bills are more likely to become law, a situation common in Washington. Democrat-backed bills will change the way Google and Facebook sell political advertising, and a measure Republicans have taken to eliminate key legal loopholes in Internet companies has been approved by the Senate Commerce Committee. Any one bill may inhibit the growth of advertising, but the second bill is more likely to work first.
Unmanned shelves add another giant, with a new brand of SF “Feng e foot food” admission
SF Group official microblogging released a series of pictures, said it created a platform for employee snack welfare “abundance e foot food,” the pilot has now opened in Shenzhen, the future will be to promote the country. At this point, following the Jingdong, what hungry, box horse freshmen, another giants into the unmanned shelves battlefield. SF to do unmanned shelves, from a logical very appropriate, and a matter of course. First of all, SF has the infrastructure needed for unmanned shelves – a high-density distribution network. Secondly, the advantage of SF is office resources and express small brother, can save BD cost. Conversely, SF also very much needs a good commercial cash intake, unmanned shelves naturally have traffic barriers, and SF existing business fit, is a good attempt.
Word of mouth announced unopened restaurant technology
Alibaba’s local life service platform reputation announced the opening of unmanned restaurant technology for the majority of catering businesses, including intelligent ordering, intelligent recommendation, service notification, buffet meals, automatic withholding, dining evaluation, including the whole process solution. According to word of mouth estimates, the use of word of mouth unattended restaurant technology catering businesses can effectively save labor costs at the same time, so that the restaurant’s reception capacity increased by more than 30%.
According to word of mouth, unobtrusive restaurant technical solutions involved a total of more than a dozen technology applications, including front-end self-booking, self-ordering, buffet meals, self-payment, self-service members and the back end of the automatic sub-single print, automated purchase orders Generate, etc., each of which technology can be freely combined into other technology applications to meet different business needs of different businesses. (World Network Business)
Dada joint Jingdong logistics launched the same city express mail service, within 4 hours can be served
DADA, an information platform for fast delivery in the same city, recently announced that it will jointly launch the “4-hour up-to-date” express delivery service in the same city on the basis of the same-city distribution network jointly set up by both parties. In this city distribution network, the user as long as the mobile phone orders, there will be 15 minutes Dada Knight sent the file sent to the nearest Jingdong logistics outlets, and then Jingdong logistics through the city fast transit to the recipient Another recent Jingdong logistics network outlets, and then picked up by the Dada Knight sent to the recipient hands, the entire process no more than 4 hours to complete, to ensure the fastest timeliness.
Not afraid of more information: WeChat chat online “reminder” function
A few days ago, some users found that the WeChat app has quietly launched the new “Reminder” function on the latest WeChat app (iOS version). Currently, iOS users can use this feature when upgrading to the latest version of WeChat (6.5.22) Users also need to wait a second. In the chat dialogue, select chat content long press will be able to exhale “reminder”, with the copy, forward, collection tied together. After selecting the content, you can choose to set the reminder time, the WeChat will choose to be reminded in the form of “service notification”. (IT House)
In addition to Apple’s Samsung, Huawei is the only smart phone maker to make money
According to “Forbes” reported that the iPhone’s high-priced line and best-selling Apple has an extremely high gold-absorbing capacity, a company’s profits up to 90% of the entire industry, the lowest close to 70%. Huawei is the only profitable smartphone maker besides Apple and Samsung, and its share of the smartphone industry is on the rise. Michael Walkley, an Apple analyst at financial services firm Canaccord Genuity, estimates the share of major smartphone makers in industry profits. Walkley’s analysis did not include some Chinese smartphone makers such as vivo and OPPO because they did not provide financial information, but in general they are basically breakeven, so even considering them, Apple, Samsung and Huawei The share of profits in the smart phone industry has little effect. (Phoenix Technology)
Tencent WeChat ecological chain intends to enter the overseas market, Malaysia as the first stop
According to Fortune, Liu Shengyi, senior vice president of Tencent, said Malaysia will be the first overseas market for the company to launch the Wechat ecosystem. Tencent made a “breakthrough” in obtaining an electronic payment license in Malaysia and plans to launch an electronic payment service in Malaysia early next year. This move will make Tencent Alibaba competitors, they are competing in overseas markets for new growth opportunities. Liu Shengyi said, “Malaysia has 20 million WeChat users. In this sense, it is a big market with great potential for growth. Malaysian users like Chinese companies’ Internet products.” (Phoenix Technology)
Divine car rental 2017 third quarter net profit of 662 million yuan, down 52%
According to Sina Technology News, Divine car rental release for the nine months ended September 30, 2017 results. Earnings report, the Group achieved a total revenue of 5.758 billion yuan during the reporting period, compared with 4.661 billion yuan a year earlier to increase 18%; of which core business car leasing revenue 2.838 billion yuan, an increase of 31%; net profit of 662 million yuan, 1.388 billion yuan over the same period decreased by 52%.
“Fanghua” return: December 15 in the country and North America simultaneously released
Recently, Feng Xiaogang’s official microblogging movie announced “Fanghua” official file, the film will be December 15 in the country and North America simultaneously released. 2 months ago, “Fanghua” experienced from early release to indefinitely delayed extracurricular reversal. September 22, originally scheduled for the day before the National Day movie released, announced ahead of schedule to September 29. However, only a day later, on the night of September 23, a sudden withdrawal was suddenly exposed. Huayi Brothers boss Wang Zhonglei as the main investor in the early morning of the next morning via microblogging confirmed: “” Fanghua “will not be released this year National Day file.” Feng Xiaogang announced through the official micro, after consultation with the film and parties, “Fang China “intends to agree to accept the parties to change the file recommendations, the new release date selected release.
Investment and Financing
Scalyr, a cloud service provider, was raised $ 20 million in round A funding
Scalyr, a cloud services provider, announced that it raised $ 20 million in funding from Shasta Ventures, with existing investors Bloomberg Beta, Susa Ventures and Heroic Ventures. The company built a tool that filters a large amount of log data and is much faster than traditional tools – all without the need for machine learning. Now with 23 employees in San Mateo, Scalyr is likely to use the money to recruit new employees. The company currently has 140 paid customers, including Giphy, TiVo and Business Insider. (Hunting cloud network)
Wisdom retail CRM system services business fan technology won 10 million yuan A round of financing
Recently, Shangfan Technology officially announced the completion of A round of tens of millions of RMB financing. Lead by Ventech China, potential security capital, Genesis partner capital and investment. Genesis Partner Capital continues to participate in this round of investment after leading the Pre-A round earlier this year. After the current round of financing, the Company will further accelerate the pace of customer development based on the existing retail smart CRM provided by the Bank and intensify its efforts to tap the wisdom of data. In addition, it will explore various new business cooperation modes with its partners. Shangfan Technology is positioned as a SaaS service that provides retail data intelligence to chain retailers. The current system uses a big data architecture, real-time data operations