Girls 25 years old should know about the 35-year-old truth

I met her 20 early time, a whole 20 + years, I am very envious of Y sister’s life.

After graduation she worked in a state-owned bank, young and smart, the workplace is very smooth, the first two years to do the middle, the annual salary of 300,000. He bought a small house in the East Fourth Ring in Beijing, with the top2 of the seniors married.

Looks looks full of ladies Fan children.

Last year is resolutely left a stable central enterprises, to join the tide of Internet finance.

I started from the beginning of his twenties, looked at her graduation, into the central enterprises, watching her income quite abundant, buy a house, watching her married married women, and looked at her as a partner business, the company in the financial round B.

However, the last time and the sister chat, she said, more and more anxious, more and more fear, every minute feel powerless, and even went to see the psychiatrist.

“35 years old, not another 25 years old. There are too many things in the unexpected, there are too many things gradually lost control.

And these changes, in fact, you should be 25 years old to understand.

01. Maintenance is never too early

Y sister is now a partner of Internet Finance, she said, the Internet for three months, is a year for ordinary people. She certainly has been expected such changes, work intensity and uncertainty, the company every day in the war, are the edge of life and death.

But one thing she did not expect.

“People are sick.”

This is not even the primary school students understand the truth, often 25 years old we do not care.

Y sister intelligence IQ first-class, whether it is to develop a company strategy or communication with partners, no problem, but also because of this, she dared to give up the stability of the central enterprises work, out of business.

The risk of entrepreneurship, capital chain, staff configuration, she has all the hearts of mind, did not make a holistic plan, not how several sets of plan B can walk in the battlefield of the Internet.

However, she did not expect that high-intensity work did not change, but the body to support the operation of the brain is not 25 years old when the body.

She boil a night to write the program, the next week is very easy to catch a cold. Not to mention often encounter a link out of the bug, the company minutes and minutes of life and death of these moments, the body took the lead sounded the alarm.

25 years old do not exercise, do not pay attention to the sequelae of all the food come to the door.

25 years old dysmenorrhea anti-resistance on the past, has not cured their own palace cold problems, at the age of 35 when the pain of overwhelming, go to the hospital to fight the pain needle.

25 years old to take a takeaway, eat hot pot Mala Tang uncontrolled, gastrointestinal disorders, at the age of 35, stomach cramps, constipation, regular rotation to torture.

Not to mention what dark circles, insomnia, lumbar cervical spine, every 25 years of your stay through the night, the consumption of the body, at the age of 35 have become a pain for you to the disease.

The most frightening thing is that sub-healthy body is older and faster, so that you can not see yourself in the mirror.

However, women are most afraid of face aging, you are not beautiful, but also what those countries do it.

Those 35 + work life and skill, the skin as 20-year-old girl’s goblins who, their face, their body, not only with a 20+ sheets of sheets piled up, but also those gym park parked sweat Up.

So, you have to remember from 20+, the flesh is always the biggest priority.

When your body is not controlled, then what career, family, the future is empty talk.

02. Marriage needs not only love, but comrades in arms

Y sister said that the core of the success of the previous business is that their own, lies in the opportunity, as long as the strength, willing to work hard, willing to be able to do it, but did not expect that they are no longer the whole family is not hungry young people.

“There is a housework to do, there are old people to take care of investors’ money late in the day, the capital chain facing the risk of fracture, in such a high pressure, but also to deal with family trivia, physical and mental fatigue, often a person crying in the car. ”

Well, rare is not a business, not the physical strength of all-round competition.

Instead, the family is only one person in your business, and family members think you are just at work.

20 + time, that marriage is love, is to find that you love him, he loves you that person, is the perfect marriage.

Unfortunately, the 20-year-old we are still too young, do not know the life itself has so many minutiae, we thought that is the work + with another person’s life, and in fact marriage, is your personal values ​​and another family value of the family game The

Y sister said she went home late at night, or overtime do not go home to eat, her husband began to collectively Tucao, they think that a woman to do three meals at home it is justified.

She did not dare to give birth to children, because she knew that the children born all the trivia and of course is the mother more bear.

Her husband said, “If you can take into account the good home, then you want to achieve what dreams.”

But if not, then we do not need you to work, you just need to take care of the home. ”

This sentence is not wrong, you can even say that for most families is the case, this love and love has nothing to do, but everyone’s different ideas, without blaming each other.

However, if you are a motivated, full of the world filled with the girl, then please remember that marriage is more important than love is to choose a warfare you can fight side by side with you.

He is willing to take family trivia, he knows how to love a person is not to her money to her excellent life, but to support her to her life, rather than he needs her life.

The two are essentially different.
If you choose a 25 + just love, but the values ​​are not exactly the same man, then your entire 35 + life will be in line with their family values ​​to compete.

03. company cut is not age, but can not all in you

You will say, Y sister this is in business, there is no comparable.

However, I want to tell you, working minutes and minutes of brutal business.

Huawei’s 35-year-old employees were laid off, set off hot.

We said the company ruthless, but carefully think about it, this is too normal, but hr is the whole company’s human resources integration.

When you are 25 years old, work, work overtime, hard, too normal. In the company plus classes, home to finish the takeaway is still not sleepy, and then come up with two hours of computer work are too sparse ordinary, and do not work overtime at home there is nothing to do.

But you are 35 years old married, became a home, you punctual get off work, considered a good time, go home to cook cooking kick, in the big cities are difficult to ensure that at 8 pm can eat three meals a soup dinner The

35 years old, you pay more than 25 years old, but you have the old under the small, able to invest in the energy and enthusiasm, but not even half of the 25-year-old, you work 8 hours a day, they can work 16 hours a day , If you do not have some skills, and irreplaceable, then which companies will be willing to keep such a high cost of production is low old people do.

So we need to understand early, 35-year-old can not be the same as the 25-year-old young all in the hands of our hands there are any cards.

You have in the past ten years, there is no scarcity of a skill, there is no accumulation of worthy of ten years of high-quality contacts, there is no since the age of 25 began to pay attention to the changes in the world.

For example, the rise of artificial intelligence, you and I may be sub-division of the loss of work, but there are always some people, a rainy day, before that day to see the general trend, a few years later, we will say that they caught the outlet.

So, the choice is more important than the effort, scarcity than the dry dry important, and the most important thing is that you have to start from the age of 25 to prepare, because everyone can not all in that day, the difference is that day, your hands What kind of card left

Your body, marriage, family, work need to be 35 years old before the arrival of the moment to prepare in advance, do not wait until that day to find everything lost control.

So, ask you a word

Young people, nothing to lie on the old.