Want a poem and a distance, no money how to do? I have a few wondrous little advice

Perhaps many people now have this feeling:

A child to go home fifty kilometers outside the provincial capital, all feel a trip to the great trip, count the number of days and how long to start;

Grew up, but that the world is getting smaller and smaller, the trip to the country do not feel any strange.

But we can see the wealth of our hands more and more able to use these wealth is less and less time.

Working days need to work overtime; holidays need to go home to see parents; whatever the outcome of an annual leave, and want to rest and reorganize, where the energy out every day waves.

Or perhaps, looking at the north of the bass bass bass bounce rose unexpectedly the price, that the hands of the wealth is not much more, the day had to bumbling.

So always someone said, poetry and distant who do not want ah, but how to do in front of life ah.

Where the money to come, where the time ah, where the courage to throw away everything in front of ah.

But the poem and the distance is doomed and down to earth life contradiction?

Those who put the day into a poem and distant people really just fairy tales exist?

After reading this article, you will know that those who have the distance as a hometown of people, in the end is how to live.

I remember once in Poland, live in a called “cinnamon roll” of the international CYTS.

Outside looks like an ordinary residential building, did not expect to open the door, the ear came the lively hippie music, twos and threes of the young people in the rest area of ​​the sofa to drink beer talking about bragging.

In a chat, a young man named Edowell from England took me and excitedly told me that the next stop was going to travel to Southeast Asia for a month.

“Do you have to work? How do you have such a long vacation?” I intend to figure out the realities of these earthly worlds and go to admire his great plans for his poems and distant places.

“How long do you want to play?”

“What are you doing before?”

“I am a chef, do dinner .In the past few years I have been dry for half a year, playing half a year.Working time to save money, go out when the rampant waves, there is no time limit, free to arrange.

Speaking of the chef, I suddenly understand the second.

And the “New Oriental” “Blue Xiang” these “technical school” noun closely connected to the “chef” is different from the chef in this career abroad is extremely respected high-paying industry.

In Europe, by the influence of French meal, we pay attention to the quality of life, can make a fine hand cooking chefs are naturally respected.

Those who work in the Michelin star restaurant chef, get the remuneration naturally no better than doctors, lawyers.

Finished, he looked at my face envy jealousy hate expression, specifically to earnestly added the sentence: the little girl, want to go out waves, have a life is very important skills ah.

It is true that, both at home and abroad, to settle down the skills, are everyone to achieve poetry and distant truth.

Edowell by virtue of their own ability to do the fine meal, make the streets of London large and small restaurant for thirsty not he can not, but also let him have the resignation of the courage to resign.

After all, with his skills, come back to where to work where to work.

As for those girls who have been on the road all day long, there is such a living example around me.

Before I went to Turkey, I contacted Elena, a schoolman who was a year earlier than me.

For the love of Turkey, as well as the common curiosity of the larger world, let us have some feeling of mutual hate each other late.

Although the real life has not met, but the two of us in the WeChat every time to talk for several hours to stop down.

Fluent English, overseas study background, after graduation, I think she is not at work.

I have seen her in the circle of friends in Lhasa, meditation in India, diving in Vietnam, feeding pigeons in Nepal.

Her behavior did not make me too surprised, after all, Southeast Asia travel costs are relatively low, with her free ride to sleep on the sofa high-end poor travel skills, play no problem a year.

But she wants to play to Shashi Hou, the money is enough?

Until recently I saw her boarded the flight to Africa, the heart of millions of mud horse horse and Pentium, to her WeChat to throw a big question mark:

Girl, what are you doing The

One to two to go, I learned that, all along, she did not travel outside the poor, but as a freelancer to the outside of the Chinese foreign trade companies to do the translation.

Sometimes very hard work, encountered a tight schedule, even for several weeks without a break.

Fortunately, when not working, personal time is quite abundant, can be free to dominate. In this way, business travel plus personal travel, she will leave their footprints in every country of Southeast Asia land.

And now boarded the flight to Africa, because she and a company signed a new translation work. About to use their own three years of blood youth, in that piece of fascinating land on the busy rush, explore the unknown. It sounds so cheerful for her.

Remember that graduation that would ask me what your dream is.

She told me, want to see the world in the young time.

No rich generation of father and mother, no rich second generation boyfriend, not even a stable job, but she by their own real ability to do.

Knowledge and skills, sounds so old-fashioned words, but she is by their realization of the year set a good vision, and the days of life is not enough acid.

Many people complain that if I am rich, then I can have poetry and distance.

If I had money, I could travel around the world.

In fact, people who say such a thing, often money would rather buy a package to buy a house, still do not go to the real distance.

Because the poem and the distance are not really money.

The four words may seem very romantic, the little girls are yearning. And the four words are actually practicing fought, is the dark skin of the sun, is with salty sea water, is fluent talking about several foreign languages, is driving alone late at night but know that dawn Arrive at a village.

There are real and real, so that you rely on the survival of the child.

Very often, we see other people’s poems and distant cozy life, but forget others in the back to make efforts.

Edowell is young at work in the restaurant, stealing art skills; school girl Elena study hard to learn English, the stars go to the library back to the word, these are they now want to live, not with people to mention the story.

Do you want to wander the horizon? No money?

There are also many ways.

You can practice hard skills, become a photographer;

You can also read the book to practice writing, open the public to the outside world to write to everyone;

Perhaps like the school sister, like practicing English, to the world when the translation.

These are the ways in which we incorporate those poems and distant places into our daily lives.

But you have to ask yourself: have not had their own efforts to study what, what happened, there is no one can let themselves go where the hungry skills?

In the final analysis, or old-fashioned chicken soup:

“One day, those who escaped the class, did not lose the fat, did not learn English, will be in the future to shoot in his face on the loud slap.

And if,

You really have diligently cultivated a land, one day your sweat will become a lot of fruit, you become the world’s most sharp weapons.

Then the poem and the distance is no longer a distant mirage, because you already have the freedom to go and go.

In fact, we find all the way to find, want to have, nothing more than freedom.

Financial freedom, spiritual freedom, physical freedom, freedom of the soul.

Is not it?