True love, not in circle of friends

Jia Jia is a beautiful single mother, my neighbor.

The reason why the barracks in the chaos of friends on the Jia Jia impressed, not because of Jia Jia’s value, but because of her circle of friends, is a perfect mother of all-round presentation.

Looks thin and thin even the cap can not be twisted Jia Jia, but it seems like a hanging of the contemporary hot mom model:

Got the kitchen, got the classroom;
Make a cake and teach a job;
Took a picture
The most important thing is to carry the emotional collapse, boil over the vicissitudes of life!
Jia Jia side hard with a baby, while beautiful flowers:

Daughter blossoming every appearance, clothing and mothers like the same burst;
Weekend with blossoming to do baking, swimming together with fitness playing piano ballet;
For the blossoming pot of a variety of nutrition soup sold out, a simple breakfast but also with the colorful;
Blossoming birthday lay home warm and picturesque, blossoming like a princess smiling and smiling

Friends of the circle of good luck, glamorous dignified, gentle and virtuous, is an impeccable model mother.

Later, once the owners dinner, Jia Jia with blossoming to attend, it was the first time I saw the best of Jiajia, she was even more beautiful than friends circle.

Blossoming is not like friends circle so vibrant, looks a little afraid of life, thin and small, particularly quiet.

During the banquet for everyone to push the cup, greet each other, self-serving play the blossoming suddenly accidentally broke a goblet, Jia Jia immediately Hu mother possessed, snapped loudly blossoming.

The presence of neighbors who quickly discouraged Jia Jia, but Jia Jia is still Buyiburao, regardless of burst into tears, constantly denounced blossoming is not sensible.

Blossoming cry even more powerful, and Jia Jia even a slap in the blossoming body, pointed voice: “Do not cry, hold back.”

This really really work, blossoming “well-trained” by the cry into a choke!

Finally in our whole table people perseverance to persuade, and finally for the blossoming solution around!

I am not because this time a small event to deny the good love, but often think of blossoming little thin figure, and grievous helpless, full, are distressed.

Young people make mistakes, God will forgive. In children most likely to make mistakes in childhood, parents love and tolerance, far more than friends circle impeccable photos and smiling faces, leaving the children warm.

Bear, my husband’s ball, the family’s family in the group, the bear is a good friend of good friends.

As a rare positive teaching materials, bears are often family members of the mother who used to teach her husband: “look at other people’s father”!

Bears in the circle of friends in addition to basketball is his son, son teeth, and his son was sick, his son on the kindergarten, the son of the first painting … … son of the growth point stuffed his circle of friends, also became my Friends of the circle of the little sun baby father.

Her husband every time pick up the phone with my Tucao: “a big master who day sun Wu any body system,” I always argued that the envy of envy jealous hate, a man, so sincere and delicate expression of the child’s love, how Valuable, how rare!

Suddenly one day, the wife of the bear made a circle of friends, paved a full of basketball clothes.

We know how many weekends, festivals, children’s birthday, bears are with the ball as partners;

Every time he promised his wife’s companions, because basketball has become again and again, “the next time.”

Bear’s wife to take care of his son’s diet, while silently to maintain the bear “good father” image, and finally in the bear once again lost his son, she could not help the truth!

Overwhelming friends circle, sun baby has become a standard.

And even friends ridicule said: “What place parents love children? Friends circle”

And true love is a real experience of experience and experience, is the usual companionship and love.

For children, love is done through continuous contact with the skin.

Compared to the lyric, can work early to accompany children, put down the phone and take him high, weekend to give up the lazy with her grass has long been the aquarium, gentle to speak to him, praise her every point of progress, like friends Circle in the same, warm, accompanied, laugh, the shadow go hand in hand … … This is the child most want to love!

I deeply believe that each parent’s love for the child’s love is like a fake, but the expression of love is different, friends circle into a microcosm, everyone put the best love show, we It is difficult to see the way behind the circle of friends.

Avenue to Jane, big love to fine.

For children, what is love?

Love is to accompany, is tolerance, is to let him find himself, is to let him learn to love and be loved … …

Every child has different needs and definitions of love, but one thing is the same – any kind of love, friends circle can not give!

Love your child, never how many photos, how many video, how many friends made a circle!

Because, true love, not in the circle of friends, and in your heart.