Those who are twenty years old do not believe, thirty years old but convinced of the truth


Those years lazy, desolate time, corrupt body, all! Get it! also! When the young heart than the high days, that they can do some big business, and later slowly realize that they are just an ordinary person.


Get up every day to take a big mirror, smile, boast a boast yourself, the mood will be very good. Now letter!


The more eager to prove that the more their own lack of; more want to tell others the truth, the more they can not do.


Perhaps again can not become the eyes of others in the eyes of life winners, but as long as the right direction, we will be able to change their own destiny.

Do not always put the treasure in someone else, and then rely on people who have unreliable time.


You can solve the things do not trouble others.

And then a small thing is a human, to also. No matter how good friends will not be willing to have been unconditional output.


A friend of life is rare.

Those working life circle did not meet the friends, no matter how you cherish, after all, will be drifting away. Not because there is no feelings, but because of the lack of fate.


The more you do not want to offend, the more everyone can not close.

Colleagues and students are different, they not only value your people, more attention to your position. Very often, there is no position there is no camp. Of course, no camp is not necessarily a bad thing, the key to see you need not need.


The body will really go downhill, when the movement should be moderation, not self-willed.

Before listening to more than 30-year-old ball said he was old, not fixed, and always thought that people in the equipment. In fact, it is not. Now often have their own powerless feeling, sometimes the brain fever a rivalry, the outcome is often injured end.


Crying children have milk to drink.

Some things you do not fight for, the leadership is not too mind in the heart. For them, much less than anything less. Muffled dry big living people, of course, like the leadership, but sometimes like nothing is used.


Work to adhere to the principle.

At first always believe in today to stay line, the future good meet. And later realized that he can do the good people have done, and the remaining issues to the leadership to sing the black face, so really quite kind of … …


And the more close the target, the more careful.

When the wind and water, always feel that life must be happy to enjoy. The key time out of a bifurcation, let you Huan enough! Bloody lessons, ah, get carried away will be back to the prototype.


There are serious differences in the level of knowledge of two people married will not be happy. Talent this thing is really there.

A lot of people feel that success is 1% talent + 99% effort, but actually is a lot of things, when you do not exist this 1% of the talent, you do 999% of the efforts are no good Such as design, such as sports, such as programming, such as writing, such as planning …


In addition to the parents, all and you say “I treat you as your own child”, are lying to you.

If you know what degree your parents can do for their children, you will know that someone and you say that may be just to make you better for him.


Husband and wife shop no future.

You think of a family, the administrative financial personnel market is a fully grasp the husband and wife of the company, this thing more terrible.


The world can be wrong people always more than you expected, what things have to plan B.

Even if you plan no matter how good the program, to the implementation of the people may be silly You have to give yourself a way back, a program that can meet the needs of the minimum, and the plan must be at the beginning.


Employees are not happy, the company will never do it. Talent is the company’s largest asset.

Employees to work for what the company, nothing more than money, experience, a sense of accomplishment three things. You at least want to meet one of them. Otherwise, I really do not know why employees come to you here.


Lead and middle can not quarrel with grassroots employees.

Will lead to grassroots employees have: “Our management did not agree on their own things, but also how to arrange our work,” this idea.


The boss does not have the right to lead to the reasons for the low execution of the staff, the boss dictatorship is the cause of the company’s lack of creativity.

The boss should control everything, it seems that the company’s executive power is improved, but the staff will only do so to the boss satisfaction rather than the company useful things. Over time, will lose the least thinking ability and sense of responsibility, out of things will use “This is the boss let me do” to prevaricate, the company dead friends.


Professional things must be done to the professional people to do.

Surgery industry specializing in, if you think the professionals are loading look like money, they can, you go to try to know. If you make things worse, you might have to spend twice as much as twice the cost.


Haste is not up

A child, my grandfather taught me the original words is “fast is slow, slow is fast”, I was 30 years old after figuring out.

-twenty one-

Believe in the importance of insistence. Do not worry about anything, slowly, time will prove everything.

20 years old, a lot of time in the confused, especially do not believe what people say no time. Now believe, take time to run, reading, fitness, cooking … … use all the time to learn. Also want to learn to swim, research documents … … really no time ah

-twenty two-

Get up early to get up early.

Everything is built on the basis of good health! The most important health! The most important health! The most important health!

-twenty three-

Two people together not only have love, but also money.

-twenty four-

Do not take your time to verify the success of others. When you are not in the snow, the icing on the cake when no shortage of people.

The following are the same as the ”
You are not as hard as you can imagine, you just look hard.

So, try to tell others, their praise will make you blinded eyes. In the end did not work hard, no effect effect, his heart clear.


Every second, your parents are constantly going.


Dumping all to love a person, and can not guarantee that TA will love you.


We are more and others close, in the parting even more painful.


Want to meet your dream of “Prince Charming”, is almost impossible.

Poor life, you are very difficult to meet the world’s total population of 0.01%. Statistically, you will spend a lifetime with a “local best” person, and your “Prince Charming” is also the same as a “local best” person.


In life, there are a lot of things you do last time, there are a lot of people you see the last time, but you do not know that this will be the last time.

It is like, you dormitory four people out of a trip travel; just as you met your favorite high school teacher, and talk to him for a long time; for example, you and your crush on the coffee shop In the sun in the warm spring.


Marriage must be considered good, you crazy, too late to divorce, pay for your mistakes may only be your child.


Do not live in the evaluation of others, do not live up to the pride.

In the past when reading, especially concerned about the poor evaluation of others, so it is “knowledge of the general”. In fact, the perennial contact with the students no more than thirty, you recall, your high school students, still keep in touch with how much. So, whether it is school, or work, to seize the most important of the thirty.


Regardless of the object, or married, the girl to see my parents, boys to see friends.

Her parents if it is reasonable, open-minded, then she is basically not wrong. On the contrary, if her parents arrogant domineering, spoiled for her spoiled, then you suffer it in the back of it

For the boy, if his friends are eating and drinking in all likelihood, three classes, his own if the rules step, then they are through what way to become friends?


The face of very harsh friends, and gradually understand why they like this. Many people who have not been loved and supported in their childhood are the best way to face the world by showing their thorns.

Everyone’s choice is his best choice within his ability to make the best choice. Most of the best solution is to stay in their own comfort zone, most people are safe slave.