She lost love to marry the house, the result …

In the eyes of outsiders, blue is undoubtedly happy, in the unit of foreign households in order to take root in the city desperate fight to fight out of their own suite of a home, she would not be so hard. Her husband Shen Xiaowei is the city people, in the middle of the city center of the demolition of a set of complex building, the father and daughter have a pension, just waiting for Lanqing students next one half of the women are all perfect The

Can be the truth as the old saying goes, marriage is like shoes, Shu uncomfortable only feet know. Married these years, Shen Xiaowei touch her count the number of times, although living in the same roof, she is like a small invisible man Shen Xiaowei.

This night Lanqing overtime, came back more than seven points, the family is still cold pot cold stove, Shen Xiaowei in the study of the name of the game, as usual did not seem to feel that there is a wife. Lan Qing to see the computer next to the two takeaway box, apparently he has called the meal to eat, and a cool and anger at the same time in my heart, Lan Qing stretched out a force to tear off the power, the display about Sub-dark down, Shen Xiaowei Huo about get up his eyes staring at Lan Qing, Lan Qing without fear to meet his eyes, she even eager to him and her quarrel with a quarrel. Unfortunately, Shen Xiaowei just scolded her a “madman” turned away from home.

Lan Qing’s body softly fell on the sofa, crying whole body trembling. Shen Xiaowei, he and her quarrel are not willing to! She remembered before and Chen Bin love day, when Chen Bin is the same as her princess favorite. Chen Bin home in rural areas, parents are farmers, there is a brother at home a sister, every month should be half of the wages out to send back, but is willing to Lan Lan money. Even if only to eat a bowl of beef noodles, he will command the master to give Lan Qing plus a beef, eat their own flour. He used the old paragraph of the body but with a few months of overtime pay quietly to Lan Qing to buy the latest iPhone. Lan Qing puzzled to ask why he saved himself, he scratched her nose and said, “Fool, I want to save money to buy a house to marry you!

Lan Qing listening to sweet smile. She does not understand for the working class to buy a house is how hard, just simply believe. Do not believe is blue green mother, she took Lan Qing’s sign language long heart, “you silly girl, and now the house prices so high by Chen Bin as the province of monkey can only afford to buy room? You see our family so many years, earn money Just enough to live, even the idea of ​​buying a house do not dare! “Mama’s words that Lan Qing upset, she look around his home, although some old and new is still in the old city, if Chen Bin can not afford Do you want to go back to his old country?

With the idea, Lan Qing ghosts to the mother agreed to arrange the blind date. The location of the relative in Shen Xiaowei’s home, a set of North and South East three facade lighting complex floor, floor windows, large balcony, afternoon sun shed a bright room, blue green sitting on the balcony of the rattan chair sip Shen mother bubble coffee, all of a sudden like this feeling. Although Shen Xiaowei from beginning to end just when I saw her door, Lan Qing or promised the marriage, she was eager to become the house of the hostess of the desire than everything!

And Chen Bin showdown, he looked incredible, tears of pain to ask blue blue, do not he even a house is not as good as it? Lan Qing, but also sad, but the thought of two people even a shelter are not still decided to nodded, Chen Bin clutched his fist, clenched his lower lip, sadly looked at her for a long time, turned away. After a long time, Lan Qing heard that he resigned to leave the city.

Too late sadly sad, Shen has been arranged to marry the schedule, blue green so married to Shen Xiaowei. Marriage soon Lan Qing faintly feel that Shen Xiao Wei had a trace of his Road, no obvious contempt, then she learned that Shen Xiaowei has a love for three years before the ex-girlfriend is climbing a higher branch was dumped Shen Xiaowei’s. Lan Qing sighed, the original human nature are not satisfied, the so-called mountain there is a mountain high, in the eyes of Lan Qing has been very good conditions in Shen Xiaowei’s former girlfriend is still not enough, the same is that they have chosen to do their own springboard Think of yourself better. Shen Xiaowei in the eyes of her blue green and his ex-girlfriend is like a letter of worship, so how could she like it?

“So why, why do you have to promise to marry me?” Lan Qing cried and asked him.

“The world’s women are like this, since the total to marry a, marry who is not the same!” Shen Xiaowei’s answer concise and clear.

Desperate blue green is not never thought of divorce, but Shen said that divorce can only net body, blue green can not be reconciled, the day so tastelessly dragging.

One day fast off duty, Lan Qing received a message “convenient words tonight at seven o’clock, I am in the Han Ting Road, noodles waiting for you” her heart suddenly beating, the number is strange, Han Ting Road, And then familiar with it, that she and Chen Bin had been numerous places, Chen Bin, he came back!

These years Lanqing countless reverie if she had to marry Chen Bin, will live a kind of day? Although she was guilty of his heart, but she still want to see Chen Bin. At get off work, Lan Qing specifically make up some makeup. To the noodle shop, blue green one to see sitting in the corner of Chen Bin, a few years not see him become more inflatable, a black suit decent generous, more mature than before.

As usual, he called the two bowls, a bowl of double beef, a bowl of flour. Lan Qing’s eyes instantly from the clouds. Two people eat a little faint, and occasionally asked a few words are not salty not short of the current situation, are deliberately avoid the emotional topic. When leaving, Chen Bin suddenly asked her weekend there is no empty, would like to ask her to help go with the house, he wanted to buy a set to keep married room.

Lan Qing’s heart rushing passing a small array of joy, just she endured did not ask him to marry no, and now know that he was single. Then some lost, can not think of only a few years, Chen Bin has been able to buy the strength of the house. She asked with a faint request, which land you want? Chen Bin said, “In recent years the city changes big, you are familiar with, I listen to your intention.

Weekend, Lan Qing Chen Bin came to the Riverside Garden District, where the mountains with Jiang, Naozhongjing is the city in recent years, the new darling of real estate, of course, the price is also a lot of money, she somewhat spying Chen Bin mean. Did not expect, Chen Bin on the price and not too much care, Miss sales holding a book pointed to one of the set to please them said, “This set of Riverside executives can see the entire river, used to “Lan Qing some embarrassment, she would like to explain Chen Bin is a serious look at her,” Do you think? “She blushed and said,” I think it is not bad! ” “Only one, Chen Bin immediately signed a letter of intent, under the deposit.

Out of the sales office, Lan Qing heart ups and downs, it is clear that Chen Bin is still very concerned about her. There is a moment, she must have the courage and he said her unhappy, her guilt and her regret, she wanted to know, if again, he will not give her a chance?

She did not like how to speak, Chen Bin’s phone rang, he picked up, walked a few steps forward, although the pressure down some of the tone, Lan Qing or hear very clearly, “ah, already optimistic. The acquaintance together to see, you will love! “Wen soft language, as the year of her affectionate!

Lan Qing as if poured a cold water, his face suddenly become pale, her efforts to stabilize the body, Chen Bin said he had some things, we must go first. Chen Bin did not wait after talking, turned and hurriedly stopped a car.

Lan Qing sitting in the car, burst into tears, she shook the body cry can not own, her only lucky that he has not asked the export, okay, okay, but also the last trace of the face.

Lan Qing asked the master to stop at the corner, she got off the car and did not immediately go home, she walked along the street for a whole afternoon, the weather will be late, she finally wiped the tears made a decision, she would go back And Shen Xiaowei divorce, she will rely on their own efforts in the days of the future in the face of love can not do the house of the puppet, just listen to their own heart, perhaps it takes a long time, but regardless of the outcome, at least Now so good!

Think of this, she stretched out the tight windbreaker, brave into the bright night … …