Professional speculators off “keep the advantages of” the secret

Regardless of the variety of trades, there is only one external manifestation of the price movements, that is, the alternation of the trend and the consolidation (or “form”).
Profits from financial exchanges are mainly derived from trends, especially large-level trends, so trend tracking technology is the most essential way to profit from financial transactions.
Regardless of stock, futures, options, foreign exchange and even bonds, regardless of any trading market, are extremely intelligent people invented the big casino, is highly efficient wealth redistribution of the machine. Here, the veteran is always the money to earn newcomers, experts earn money, experts make the public money, institutions to earn retail money.

“Gambling” word surgery, “gambling” also have way, as long as you press the gorgeous technology gambling, according to the correct strategy gambling, according to the established principles of gambling, according to strict discipline gambling, become a big winner is not impossible.
The mystery of winning is six words: “continue to grasp the advantages.” To say that the specific point is to carefully analyze the odds, firmly grasp the advantages, strict control of risk. Is when the odds are very big when the next note, when the odds are relatively small when the small note, when there is no chance of winning no bet.
What is financial derivatives? They are financial transactions genius invented the weapons of mass destruction, is the economic and financial areas of nuclear weapons. Financial transactions are the most similar human behavior in war, an alternative war, whose external manifestation is the madness of money. That being the case, the speed of plunder is, of course, the sooner the better, the higher the efficiency the better, financial derivatives is designed in such a guiding ideology. Since the day it was born, it competes with the infinite greed and gambling nature of mankind, and its market capacity is inflated like a inflated balloon. At present, the financial derivatives market scale, as most of the world’s virtual capital of the precipitation, with its several times the strength of the real economy, on the one hand poses a threat to the real economy, on the one hand in the trading market, “Behind the integrity” allows you to experience the most dangerous and most important game on Wall Street today. Derivatives trading is a bloody game, prey is unprepared investors.
Trend tracking technology is never out of date because it is directed at the nature of the trading market. “Trends” is the true face of the trading market, the market can not and can not appear in any other form.
Trend tracking trading technology is powerful: it will all the trends – whether rising or declining trend, especially the larger level of the trend – a clean sweep! I think that a successful trader does not have to understand anything, no matter what the market wants to plug in an attempt to become “all-around traders” is neither possible nor necessary. Where there is a big trend, put the funds allocated to where; which market in the sideways for a long time to leave the market.
Nothing is more stupid than taking risks in an uncertain market. “Not sure not to do”, “do not understand do not do” should be the highest principle of financial transactions.

I basically have a negative attitude towards the basic analytical method and the value of the investment route, but only erected a banner, that is, hold high the “professional speculation technical analysis” banner.
The trend analysis technology as the core of the technical analysis theory is the only correct way. Only one technical analysis is credible, that is, trend tracking.
Financial transactions are not investment, the financial market is not the investment site is such a basic fact! Technical analysis is a common technology, which is in the market are useful. Technical analysis only analysis of three elements: K line, moving average, volume. The purpose of the analysis is to find out the merits and demerits of the merits and demerits, and thus to judge and verify the trend. Criticism only need K-line chart: the monthly chart, weekly chart and daily chart. If it is a margin-based margin transaction, you need to analyze the more microscopic K-line graph, that is, 1 minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes K line map, the other does not need!
To know the K line, moving average and trading volume is the market itself, K line description is the capital footprints.
Trends – only the trend, is the core of the transaction profit secrets, all the winners are relying on the trend of eating, this is the truth or nature of the transaction. A major bull market or a major bear market is nothing more than a big trend. If the bull market compared to the mountain, then the bear market is equivalent to down the mountain. Up the mountain and down the mountain can make a lot of money, through the downhill to make money faster than the mountain more than 2 times.
Trends – especially the power of the big-level trend is invincible, early detection of the direction of this trend and the transaction can be carried out accordingly, and there is no need to care about the reasons for driving this trend!
The real winners are the same: they are all speculators!
For the direction of the most macro trend and long-term trend, the monthly chart is sufficient. Monthly chart for a large level of bull market or bear market has a good indicator. Read the chart is the basic skills of each trader, the daily chart is to do with the transaction one of the three core charts, each day K line is actually the so-called “day clutter.” However, it is often found that they often have a specific meaning – that is, a trend that indicates the day-level level, even if they are studied in conjunction with the positional relationships of the moving average (ie, the moving average system on the daily chart) (That is, the trend on the daily chart, the same below) or continue, or turning, or no trend of the facts, which has a guiding role in guiding the transaction. The daily chart is usually considered the best chart to indicate short-term trends. The weekly chart is between the line graph and the daily chart, which serves to link the two. A variety of transactions in a period of time the trend can be reflected in the monthly chart, weekly chart and daily chart, these charts must be strictly corresponding. The difference is that the monthly chart is only a month K line, weekly chart every week only a week K line, daily chart every trading day have a day K line. The number of K lines makes the daily chart suitable for indicating and tracking short-term trends, weekly charts are suitable for indicating and tracking medium-term trends, and the monthly chart is suitable for indicating and tracking long-term trends. Monthly chart, weekly chart and daily chart joint judgment, like the joint operation of land, sea and air forces, will make professional traders with ordinary people do not have the big picture.

For futures trading, the details determine success or failure.
Long-term trends, medium-term trends, short-term trends and micro-trends are: the direction may be the same or vice versa. When the micro trend, short-term trends and long-term trends in the opposite direction, as long as not the end of the long-term trend of the stage, under normal circumstances micro-trends, short-term trend will end, turned to subject to long-term trend. This is called “arm twist but thigh.” Critical moment, or thigh decision arm.
When the traders have mastered the trading technology, have a mature trading system and trading ideas, can be difficult to implement the transaction decision-making, the implementation of the rules of the transaction, the transaction becomes a skilled living, traders become a consummate Of skilled workers. Mature traders no longer try to “innovate” or seek exceptions, no longer attempt to “go beyond” trading systems or “overturn” trading rules, but only routinely deal with each transaction in accordance with the trading signals issued by the trading system. This is the experience of many failures accumulated, and perhaps every lesson is one or more of the pain of the skin.
A set of excellent trading technology, forming the trading system and a few can not violate the rules of the transaction!
I will not hesitate to order, buy or sell, open or close the order issued by the trading system. Regardless of profit and loss, I can always remain calm, because I know that I am back and forth, I am convinced that the power of their trading system, but also did not doubt that I summed up a set of transaction law value and correctness, I only need to worry about Just can do it. I am less and less on the Pioneer forces. If the “Pioneer” frustrated, I will not overweight flat, I stop the bar directly, so that the transaction did not have the opportunity to give me even a trace of trouble. If the expected loss, regardless of profit and loss, I immediately withdraw from the transaction. If you are accidentally caught in the difficult trade, as long as I realized this, I will immediately surrender, recognize the output, rather than hard to stick to it. I no longer try to maintain a disadvantage on my position, I do not want to spend even a little bit of energy, do not even want to see it a little, In this way, when someone comes to me to discuss the experience of trading, I hope I can like the oil wang that can be chic and elegant to say: “I do not have it,
The first principle is that “unfamiliar markets do not do”, that is, the technological trends of the participating markets must be able to be incorporated into the framework of his technical analysis.
In the same K-line chart, he noted three points: 1, K line and K line shape and position relationship; 2, K line and moving average shape and position relationship; 3, moving average and moving average shape and position relationship. He will always follow the direction of long-term trend of trading, but if it is a margin transaction, he will not be short-term adverse fluctuations to relax. He can not only judge the direction of long-term, medium-term and short-term trends, more clearly aware of the hidden behind the trend of the more essential things: the strength of the strength of the contrast and the growth and decline of each other. He only in the “all conditions are beneficial to them” the time to play, other time is only observed and waiting. He does not think he is more sophisticated than the trading system, so he trusts the trading system more than trusting his own feelings. He is the biggest difference with ordinary people is no fear, no arrogance, when the progress is into, when the retreat, there is no timid, suffering from the kind of emotional fetters. He not only has excellent self-management ability, but also a reasonable set of funds management program.
The pursuit of large probability of events, continue to grasp the advantages.
Prices are evolving in a trend, pointing to the key to our profitability from the stock market. There are only two ways to run the stock market: trend (rising trend or downward trend) and horizontal consolidation (ie “no trend”). Because the stock price fluctuations depends on the strength of the buyers and sellers, this power compared to the ups and downs, repeated cycles; as long as the market exists, no one can completely destroy the other party; when a party will be out of the trend when the market, That is, the dominant trend of multi-dominant, empty side dominant to go downward trend; when the two sides are evenly matched, it will appear sideways shock consolidation form. But this long and short balance of time regardless of the length of time will eventually be broken, the market will re-out of the trend of the market, the trend of the market after the end of no return to the trend of the market, the market will always switch between these two states. If the trend of the market after the end of the trend of the continuation of the original direction, it is called “finishing form” or “relay form”; if the trend reversal direction, it is called “reverse form”, the corresponding area Known as the “top area” or “bottom area”.