A man with a great deal of mankind to measure the world of all things in the city

Old Koehler who pay attention to the pronunciation is elegant Oxford or the next three rotten American sailor cavity,
And this distinction between the high and low,
They are elegant gestures, pay attention to, can not eat Western food, drink black tea, write the habit of writing letters,
They still listen to the thirties and thirties of jazz, wearing them from the young when they love Rolex,
Omega table, jump that year the national standard.
They live in the depths of time, totally ignorant of the world has been singing which out of the play.


This spring wet and cold, “late spring” fell over and over again. This kind of climate makes people feel Jiangnan is suffocating, where there is any “apricot spring rain”? Obviously is the endless wind and cold rain. The walls are cold, the trees are cold, the river is cold, the city is cold. Shanghai is a group of cold city in this one.

I rarely mention Shanghai in the text, although in China’s cities, in addition to their hometown, I am most familiar with is Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Do not write the reason is that Shanghai is unable to grasp, it is not Zhang Ailing that Shanghai, nor Wang Anyi that Shanghai. Zhang Ailing that Shanghai is sophisticated, the world so that you feel life is a very thin paper; Wang Anyi that Shanghai is calm, calm to let you understand that things are an exceptionally humble dream. Zhang Ailing’s Shanghai is the city’s flourishing past, outside the world all kinds of charming, heart of the world is desolate; Wang Anyi’s Shanghai is the city in the red flag under the smooth transformation of a city like a person, life is very Often, people are very dangerous. In this way, Zhang Ailing and Wang Anyi together the two women together to explain this delicate and transparent fashion city, and those who are always young and always old and old on the world of Shanghai.

Sometimes in the weekend, I take the D-head train, after more than an hour drive from Jiangsu to Shanghai, in the Huaihai Road Briccocafe (times can be Italian) tea, smoke a cigarette, immersed in the afternoon sunshine, or In the Portman Hotel to the town of Meilong town square on the road slowly walk, Jing’an Temple resplendent, oblique sunny road, Chunhui come, the earth warmer. Whenever this time, I have an illusion and meditation. Hegel’s “absolute spirit” doctrine attempts to clarify that human nature in general has a good instinct, so history has an automatic trend towards perfection. So I often comfort myself that the reality of our empathy will eventually be changed, and that my country and people will eventually be illuminated by the universal value of the sun.

Many years ago, my friend Kong teacher still worked in the German company in Shanghai. One time I live in her Xinzhuang home, she had so categorically said: “70% of foreigners in Shanghai is rubbish.” Kong teacher temperament has always been extreme, speak is inevitable, but you can say she was completely The truth? On the beach commercial street countless street lights, there will always be a young and beautiful Chinese woman, tenderness to arm with a temples with cream, skin white white old man. That tight arm to maintain the green card, dollars, luxury life and most of the health care. This is a living law, and dignity is not much of a relationship, I deeply understand all the painful struggle of life, as I understand the “Old Testament” said: “already, There will be no new things under the sun.

In such a place, human well-being curing into a rule and technology, moral stand is paralyzed. Shanshan from Jiangsu to Shanghai for five years, and deliberately want to marry a decent European and American men, transforming many countries, many boyfriend, still alone. The chilly night, Shanshan about me in the new Jinjiang Hotel top floor lounge to meet. She was two cups of South Australian wine, tired we crooked down to sit in the window, the table candle swaying, we overlooking the lights on both sides of the river, she suddenly gnawly laughed: “These gweilo, friends, This is Shanghai, men conquer the world, women conquered men. “Then, Shanshan in English scolded a harsh swearing, than the United States, the United States and the United States, Suzhou River water dirty.


Lujiazui is the new landmark of Shanghai in the 21st century, with heavy buildings, skyscrapers and oriental pearls woven into a magnificent modern image of Chinese version of Manhattan. Spring and rain in the rainy days ushered in the long absence of the sun, I and Xiaofeng and others in the Pudong called the nightclub restaurant dining table seats dining. Through this luxurious landscape restaurant floor window, you can see the famous banks on the banks of the Bund. Xiaofeng is the system officials, roots are Miao Hong, from time to time really recalled the Republic of the past years. A few years ago he worked with the British to publish a fashion magazine, magazine once became popular in the circle of foreigners. At this moment, Xiaofeng drink a few cups of Chilean dry red. People drink more difficult to feel the past, he hand chopsticks folder pig meat, one hand pointing to the Bund customs bell tower, said: “When the liberation of Shanghai, my father climbed to the top of the bell tower, the red flag into the bell tower. My father they out of the imperialism out of Shanghai. “I know that they are not kind, while Xiaofeng pouring, while teasing him, said:” Yes ah, when your father to imperialism out of Shanghai, now you The imperialist go back to Shanghai joint magazine. “Xiaofeng laughed, his face more red.

Is it a joke? History is a joke, vicious joke. Yesterday, Xiafei Road changed Huaihai Road, Magway Road changed to Urumqi Road, the revolutionary names cover the traces of colonialism; today, the river once again into the elements of New York, Paris temperament and London style, English again Become the so-called upper class official language, Shanghai dialect once again quietly squeezed out of the city’s core. History is such a page ruthlessly turned over to turn over, people are coerced by which, the only thing you can do is low-key.

Shanghai has not changed, everything is so. Hengshan Road, plane trees whirling, there are coffee hot incense, there are smoking woman, everyone is passing, do not expect everlasting, are just a glimpse of laughter to see the vicissitudes of life. Hengshan Road, the most beautiful time is not midnight, but the evening. At this time, the street lanterns, pedestrians scarce, along the wide Indus Avenue light walk, I saw the Western-style houses, classical churches, street parks, private small courtyard, there are scattered bars and cafes, all Put on a layer of charming Huacai, so you seem to be in a quiet dream.

Taojiang Road, the red house is warm and happy, is the turn for the sake of jade. Shaanxi South Road is live and fragrant, and every shop has a well-trained snobbery. Xujiahui Shanghai old station always stand there, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the patrons, but also soothe the wanderer’s lonely. Those elegant sea bungalows, important to become a historical relics, not important to change to restaurants. Huashan Road, Dongping Road, celebrities and garden houses have opened a special restaurant, the room has an old record machine, bar, dressing box, cigar room and yellowing old photos, these mansions and old house is talking about talking about Is wealth, stock market, political marriage, foreign and affection. Shanghai’s affair is to use money to support, poor and honest husband and wife grief. Money is the source of the city of 10,000 kinds of style, how much money there is how much emotion, money ran out, and sentiment to the end. Century Avenue, white-collar workers Ye Hao, Royal Amy’s dancers worth mentioning, and the relationship between Shanghai can only be lovers, not the relationship between husband and wife. Valentine is friendship, husband and wife are loving; friendship is used to bless and share, loving is used to have the same; lover is a drunk for the background, the couple is based on rice and salt; lover’s end is “Everlasting Regret” couples outcome is not life and death. Suzhou River is a witness, Xiditou pier is also a witness to witness the old times of honor and the joys and sorrow of the new century, Lujiazui ferry is year after day, this shore to the other side, but also from Puxi to Pudong, from the Peace Hotel to Jinmao Building, from the desire of the old times to the desire of new society, Huangpu River water to wash the lead China, but also wash the wash, this is Shanghai’s “crossing.”

Kunqu Opera and the city’s temperament is cohesive, coincides with its fragrant, darkness of its soft. Shanghai is Europe and the United States fine and Jiangnan exquisite superposition of mixed, Lanxin Theater and Yifei stage put this fine little by little processing, overnight staged. Kunqu Opera is Mensao, it is like Shanghai, Kunqu is also decadent, it is like Shanghai. I came to the heart of the big cinema to see “on the Kun” play, get rid of the chill at the end of the winter, just feel full of spring, see Du Li mother in the dark whining pharynx, and another shining light shines under the drunken Yang Fei. For the come to the theater to watch the Kunqu Opera Europe and the United States friends explain the story is a cool challenge, accompanied by my favorite epic friend “flying youth” first is the “Peony Pavilion” translated as “a Chinese girl in Mensao spring” And then the “Royal drunk” translated as “alcohol of the Chinese Princess.” How is this translation of Shanghai, how “ridiculous” ah, is in the context of post-colonialism in the interpretation of the ancient oriental culture. Kunqu Opera is to show the beauty of life, “flying youth” is not that good is the need “sterile environment” of it? Now, if the reality can not find a good survival of the “sterile environment”, this virtual stage is the most suitable sterile room, on stage, artists can be the life of pure beauty.


Pudong is the 21st century upgrade version of Puxi, but this upgrade is not essential. Today’s Shanghai is actually no soul command, more like a flesh and body of the city. In the 1930s, Shanghai had not only financial gambling and commercial adventures, but also the world’s forefront of literature and art and journalism. Today’s Oriental Art Center, the Shanghai Grand Theater and the Shanghai Museum are all unlike the natural growth of the city’s soil, but the costly money to buy expensive jewelry and luxury diamonds, bluntly embedded in the city’s central square , To flaunt the city’s humanistic thickness.

Today, Lujiazui white collar collar is the old on the beach foreign trade to do the modern replica. They have worked hard and comfortable, decent and international, flashy and confused, in China to accept the completion of higher education, the European wind and rain once again returnees, working in Lujiazui investment bank, in the foreign community to buy sets of duplex apartment, open The domineering Japanese car, to the Tomson Center to play golf at night and often go to the Biyun community near the red cock bar drink two cups, a door to see the old acquaintances, greeting is: “Jackson (Jackson), long time I have three days ago just back from New York, the Biyun community is really very very New York ah, came here as if back to my dreaming New York, brother I am in the United States … … “Shanghai white collar gold collar who said These words are how lyrical, how “drama” ah, as if New York is really their hometown.

White collar gold collar who although studying in Europe and America, but after all born in the contemporary. Compared to the old Klein generation, they are rough. Old Koehler all day sigh, Shanghai is really rivers and rivers ah, the 20th century, 30 years have Zhou Xuan, Ruan Lingyu, 40 years of poplar and Qin Yi, 50 years of Sun Dao and Shangguan Yunzhu, 80 years Chen Chong and Zhang Yu, now, Beach even entertainment stars as well. Old Koehler is the marginalization of the Shanghai legacy, in the Paramount dance hall to jump the national standard dance, they always love pointing to a corner of the ballroom, said: “or the same year, how many years ago, how many years ago, “The unintended spread of the nostalgic atmosphere, gave birth to the old Koehler memories of another scene – dim light, thick shadows, dark eyes flashing, old bells, elegant cheongsam, will also be old Koehler’s inherent image features zoom in and out: the striped suits and pants are very thin pants, the collar white shirt, the spotless shiny pointed shoes, a never-ending umbrella (its handle has a Elbow can also replace the function of Western-style cane); say that Pidgin English, old Koehler also pay attention to the pronunciation of the elegant Oxford or the next three rotten American sailor cavity, and this distinction between the high and low circle; gesture elegant, manners Stress, they can not eat Western food, drink black tea, write the habit of writing letters, they still listen to the twenties and thirties of jazz music, wear them from the young favorite Rolex, Europe Eggplant table, jumping national standard that era. These habits are deep-rooted, so that they will be equal to the noble, high. They can not stand the popular music, dance and other things, and even the same national standard, they also strictly distinguish between different types. They live in the depths of the time, completely ignorant of the world has been singing which out of the play.

Old Keller is more like a bounty of the middle class in Shanghai. This is the most peculiar image of the colonial city. In the early 1950s to the early 1980s, from the outside world, the power of their childhood memories became more stubborn and powerful. Their meticulous spirit of dressing, and the persistent pursuit of life, is a very weird belief that it is neither a national nor a religious sentiment, nor a desire for money. It is only a way of dealing with the West Is the British modern gentleman) taste, style, fun and decent way of life only worship. They are believers of their own doctrine of life, are imprisoned in the cage of everyday aesthetics, and devote themselves to the dedication of life.

The old Koehler group is more like an outdated island, pestle in the big Shanghai, they are in the Huashan Road, Ruby cake shop, Cathay Pacific cinema, big bright cinema, German restaurant, overseas Chinese buildings linger, these are the new generation today ignored corner. The new generation is like Hengshan Road, Xintiandi, Maoming South Road, camphor garden, Tianzi Square, Jinmao Building 87 layer of nine days, Zhaojiabang Road, really Han coffee theater, Shaanxi South Road subway station in the monsoon park. The new generation to Starbucks and Haagen Dazs dating, to the cash box to sing, the old Koehler and feeling the new generation of white-collar workers in Shanghai, compared to their time, really rivers and rivers ah, these have read Master’s degree, study Harvard Yale white-collar taste big not as good as the former.

Old Koehler is always comment to comment to go, that this is not good, so just applauded, so much good life, that kind of good times; or Chenghuang Temple alley more wealthy life wisdom, although every day read only a little ” Xinmin Evening News “, after all, is knowledgeable, sensible, and they laugh to the old Koehler who said:” Do not always feel that the past is good, do not always think that the future will be good. Well, it is good.When the Longhua funeral parlor, a hundred, and all things are good ah. “Alley in the alley side of the use of Soymilk with fresh soy milk, while listening to the radio in the one-man show, or hum The opera Xiaoqu, big chewing fast expired apple, day by day eloquent, and day by day hands and feet deft.

Alley in the alley is out of the truth, do not always praise the past is good, do not always look forward to the future will be good, where the world where there is so good? Therefore, to be accustomed to a way of thinking: bad is normal, good is the accident, is the award. You are always good, can only show that you encounter more accidents, that you are lucky This is the philosophy of the city of Shanghai. Kant and Heidegger are the poorest propositions of the poems, and the interpretation of the words in the city of Shanghai is complete. Winter to spring, the passage of time, the sun and the moon replacement, old age. This is Shanghai, a shrewd, sophisticated and desolate Shanghai, with the eternal human nature of the world to measure everything in Shanghai, with a long time the tragedy of the tragedy of the infatuation of the sea, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, The world of all living in Shanghai, one without Mahayana Buddhism or Hinayana Buddhism,