In a rarity, a meteor hit and an asteroid near-miss on same day

NASA handout image of the passage of asteroid 2012 DA14 through the Earth-moon systemBOSTON (Reuters) – An asteroid half the size of a football field passed closer to Earth than any other known object of its size on Friday, the same day an unrelated and much smaller space rock blazed over central Russia, creating shock waves that shattered windows and injured 1,200 people. Asteroid 2012 DA14, discovered just last year, passed about 17,200 miles from Earth at 2:25 p.m. EST (1925 GMT), closer than the networks of television and weather satellites that ring the planet. “It’s like a shooting gallery here. …

Russia Meteor Explosion: 7 Questions Answered

Russia Meteor Explosion: 7 Questions AnsweredOn Friday morning (Feb.15), residents of Russia’s Chelyabinsk region were shocked by a giant fireball streaking across the sky. The explosion, caused by a small meteoroid entering the atmosphere, reportedly injured hundreds as it blew out windows and sent glass flying.