Blimps to bolster Washington’s air shield in test

Man walks past the U.S. Capitol Building in WashingtonWASHINGTON (Reuters) – A pair of big, blimp-like craft, moored to the ground and flying as high as 10,000 feet, are to be added to a high-tech shield designed to protect the Washington D.C. area from air attack, at least for a while. The bulbous, helium-filled “aerostats” – each more than three quarters the length of a football field at 243 feet – are to be stitched into existing defenses as part of an exercise of new technology ordered by the Defense Department. …

Sea Launch Rocket Fails During Liftoff, Satellite Lost

Sea Launch Rocket Fails During Liftoff, Satellite LostPARIS — A commercial Sea Launch rocket failed 40 seconds after liftoff from its floating launch platform in the Pacific Ocean on Friday (Feb. 1) destroying the Intelsat IS-27 telecommunications satellite and compromising Sea Launch’s long road to recovery from its previous failure in January 2007.