Every fat person is not suitable for jogging

  According to the current popular lifestyle, a man, let’s talk about an adult or a middle-aged man, is the age when the mind and career are the most prosperous, and he is bound to have a big belly and a fat brain, which is the so-called fat man. Sisters – suffering from the torment and destruction of life is the pain in the heart of every fat man.
  God is always like this, let everyone ask for nothing, except for excess energy, tangled feelings and a decent industry. Most of them draw their guns and look around in a daze. Some of the daring ones will choose to drive a BMW and rush out of the company to spread their wings in the vast night field. They have sneaky successes, and they also have the pain of losing their reputations. These are all the materials that novelists need. The other part is timid and cautious, and can only hope that the girl is sighing, hope that they will be bored, and continue to work hard in a career that has no end in sight.
  To tell you the truth, I belong to a person who has both, sometimes bold, sometimes timid, but at least a man should be self-improvement, but my merits and virtues have been fully demonstrated in me. Later, I became an annoying fat man, and after thinking about it, I found a reasonable, legal and healthy way to do it, which is called looking back suddenly, but the fat man was running in the morning; after the run, I looked back, and the fat man was already writing a novel. .
  In the early years, because of lack of change, I stayed in the juvenile management center. Every morning, I had to go out to exercise. The content of the exercise was nothing more than lining up for morning jogging, one, two, three, four, and trying to reform. The length of time depends on the mood of the on-duty discipline on that day. On the day of heavy rain and blizzard, you can be spared. Back then, I was very confused. Why did the male prisoner stomp the ground with his feet and shout loudly, when there was always a gentle breeze and drizzle in the women’s teaching center across the wall? There was a little young instructor who was good to me. He tapped me on the head and said with a smile, “If you want to run, you can run. It will be useful when you go out.”
  The instructor’s words were simple and rude, but they were the truth. After I was released after my sentence was completed, I saw that the people in the world who were full of bleak faces really understood, and I deeply admired the good intentions of the cadres of the juvenile control center.
  I have a brother named Xiong Jian, he is strong and strong, he can drink 1 catty of liquor, and he can drink a thousand glasses of beer without getting drunk. But also a fat man. When Xiong Jian got married, a few skinny guys in the bridal chamber were making trouble, but they couldn’t make a fuss. At that time, I was not far from the fat man, but I still did it myself, went up to three, five and two, and stripped out a naked fat man, so that he didn’t contact me very much all these years, and I didn’t know my happy man. Sister-in-law, do you hate me with her husband? I called them that night and invited the virtuous couple to come together and talk about the vicissitudes of life. The fat man over there panted and said, “Brother is jogging with his wife and daughter. I have something to say tomorrow…” I thought to myself, if you are running, you shouldn’t go to bed at this point…
  I also have a friend named Fatty Ma. , according to his own boast, in MOD’s swimming pool, he can swim 5000 meters in one breath. There is no proof of this, but as far as I know, he is a fat man who may also foam at the mouth when he walks 500 meters. I remember one time we went to Lujiang Golden Peacock to take a bath. The road was narrow and the car could not enter. We all got off the car and walked. His son is also a little fat man. I drove his son to run in front of him and ran about 1 km. Then we sat on the hill in front of him and waited for Fatty Ma. After waiting for half an hour, he was sweating profusely. He used both hands on his upper body to follow up, but he was out of breath and said, if… walking… like… swimming… as easy as possible, I… I can breathe in one breath. Swimming 5,000 meters…
  Compared to the past, the cruel reality is that morning jogging is suddenly not popular in this world, and the new standard exercise has become night jogging. I’m confused again, what’s the use of practicing this stuff? What is the use? From “One Hundred Thousand Whys” to “On the Road”, from “Chicken Feather in One Place” to “What I Talk About When I Run”, unfortunately there is no answer.
  I have certain ideas about life. When I was young, I always thought that destiny was where I was, and I didn’t believe in the race between the tortoise and the hare, so it was not easy to get into trouble. But I am not discouraged, I belong to the kind of person who has been defeated and fought repeatedly, so jogging at night is a pain in my heart forever. I am no longer suitable for jogging, and at the same time think that jogging is a boring exercise, it has created a slow life like an old man.
  Today, I think a man, a successful man, a responsible man, must go through a morning run and even a fast run. The pace must be standard, and the slogan must be loud. Of course, it is not the one, two, three, four that I called back then, and strive to reform. But then again, every day we are free people, why don’t we try to transform ourselves.