These health misunderstandings hurt the body more and more

  Myth # 1: Eat more vegetable oil does not matter
  in recent years, low-cholesterol vegetable oil is very popular. In daily life, some people do not control the use of oil because of the low cholesterol in vegetable oils. However, it is worth noting that although vegetable oils are low in cholesterol, they are high in calories. Data shows that the calories of the same weight of vegetable oil are more than twice that of pork.
  Recommendation: Daily use of oil should not exceed 25 grams, which is half a tael.
  Myth # 2: excessive sweating can be thin
  is generally believed that sweating is good for weight loss, so many people will lose weight sauna, tied plastic wrap on the body, or buy violent sweat of thin clothing and so on. In fact, this approach is wrong. Sweat discharges the body’s metabolic waste or regulates body temperature, and has no effect on weight loss.
  Suggestion: The body’s water is mainly contained in body fluids and muscle cells, not in fat cells. What we need to lose weight is precisely fat cells. Therefore, we don’t want to exercise, and it is impossible to achieve weight loss by simply sweating.
  Myth # 3: neither fat nor thin without exercising
  some people think that normal stature, neither fat nor thin people do not need to exercise, in fact, this idea is not correct. Because the appearance of the body is healthy does not mean that the inside of the body is also healthy. For example, cholesterol, blood sugar, bone density, etc. are difficult to express through the appearance of the body.
  Suggestion: Even people of standard size should do as much physical exercise as possible. Pay attention to the following aspects when exercising:
  moderate exercise. When you first start exercising, you should consider your body’s endurance. The exercise intensity can be slowly transitioned from low to high; secondly, it is best to exercise more than 3 times a week to maintain the continuity of exercise and avoid sudden strenuous exercise because of habit. People who sit still and engage in strenuous sports activities rashly can easily cause acute myocardial infarction.
  The right time. Many people think that the morning exercise air is good and suitable for exercise. In fact, there is little oxygen in the air in the morning, and the blood viscosity of the human body is high in the early morning, and blood pressure is easy to rise. Therefore, morning exercise can easily cause diseases such as stroke and myocardial infarction. Four or five in the afternoon is a good time for the elderly to exercise. Office workers can go for a walk half an hour after dinner.