Meet 100% happiness

  It’s so shallow on paper, and I absolutely know
  what to buy for 500 yuan? I was at station B and got a very interesting documentary “500 Yuan Happiness”. There is no commentary in the whole process of the play, and no restrictions on any tricks, but it uses the lens to truly record the process of nine people from different industries seeking happiness with 500 yuan-
  he is the 50-year-old Ting brother, 500 yuan. , A drop in the bucket, but let him realize a dream that has been hidden in his heart for a long time-to hold a small concert; he is Xi Zhiwei, a graduated student of Beijing Film Academy, and his reaction to the 500 yuan that the program team handed in front of him Yes: “You really give it?” In the end, he divided the 500 yuan into three sums: one sum for his parents for birthdays; one sum for his wife to buy a large bouquet of roses; one sum for himself to buy a movie Ticket; she is a female Muay Thai fighter biting Pan, 500 yuan, let her 82-year-old grandma come to Tiananmen for the first time, grandma stood in front of Tiananmen, straightened her waist, smiled and took a picture of Zhang Xiang, before that, she I never thought I would come to Beijing.
  After watching this documentary, I found that 500 yuan was just the beginning, a wish, that could carry a warmth and a dream. Its core is to remind people to reflect on the meaning of happiness.
  Although I understand the story in the “Happiness Script”, I can’t help but ask: Is everyone happy in life? Which ones can make us happy, and which ones are illusory? Which ones are spent on the people we love? Which ones should have been spent long ago but not? With such doubts, I set my sights on the topic of my circle of friends: “Give you 100 yuan, how would you spend it?” The replies were varied: “Eat a vegetarian meal for a day”, “Watching nature documentaries, there are miraculous effects” and “Just Transfer 100 yuan to charity. If no one loves you, then donate some money to love others.” “Drink a cup of coffee every day, and then drink a cup of milk tea, caffeine and sugar make me efficient and happy” “Take a bite of hot and sour powder “Come a Pepsi”, “Bring a paintbrush wherever you go, and draw one at any time” “Insist on buying a 2 yuan lottery ticket, and then plan how to live for 5 million yuan, and how to live for 10 million yuan.” “Make one by yourself.” “Cake” “open a commissary to realize the wish of college and sell good things”…
  Once the topic is thrown away, it is like a flood of unloading gates. Everyone began to solemnly examine and fill in the appearance of life. There are lonely complaints, happy singing, tearful gratitude, and laughter comfort… Among them, seeing this sentence makes me very heartbroken: “The masses The cost of a performance for actors rushing to change their costumes is only 100 yuan. But because of their dreams, they have 100 yuan of happiness.”
  This is an era when it is difficult to express “happiness” in words. But I know that the cost of happiness is not high at all. Eating a meal with my family and buying flowers for my wife, many people choose this way, happiness is as simple as that. However, in life, sometimes we always imagine our own happiness, but never act. And happiness has no fixed appearance, it will only come when we start to act. As the psychologist Taylor said: “Happiness is an ability, not a state.” Chasing is happier than getting. I think that because I know this truth, I can also have reading, watching movies, sweeping the streets, and collecting the happiness of the sunset and the rising moon every day.
  As far as I am concerned, I feel that I am very happy right now. When I play on my mobile phone at home, there are about 50 apps in my mobile phone that can’t be uninstalled. So I diverted my attention and added a new way to improve happiness that I have just practiced successfully, that is, go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, and then go home to cook a meal for my family, slowly wash and cut vegetables, and enjoy the joy of cooking. Sometimes, it is also very happy to play with the fish and flowers on the balcony after work. These are all seemingly meaningless but interesting things. I think they are all good helpers for reversing emotions. I often record these little things and experiences that I have done, take the initiative to detect and accept my own changes, and question the inertia that “must be so”. I think that only with this kind of surprise in life that can only be discovered by willingly “detouring” can make ordinary days shine. As ordinary people, we need to make progress while being hammered, and we need to continue to celebrate the beauty in front of us before we can move forward fearlessly. After all, love and beauty are our biggest change and uncompromising on ordinary life.