Your body loves you more than you

  We are often educated to work hard and overcome difficulties in times of crisis. In fact, your body and the cells in your body work harder than you. In a moment of crisis, all cells are working hard for you to the last moment. Even if you give up yourself, your body will not give up on you.
  ICU, the scene in front of shocked everyone dying critically ill patients
   recently, Peking University Third Hospital Critical Care Medicine of the thin world Ningzhu Ren tells a story, quickly became popular on the Internet. He said that a few years ago, he admitted to a very critical patient. The patient almost has injuries all over the body, accompanied by heavy bleeding, a large consumption of coagulation factors, and quickly enters a state of multiple organ function and coagulation failure. The patient may be shocked at any time.
   Bo Shining clearly remembered that that night, he desperately gave the patient blood transfusions, blood coagulation substances, and blood pressure drugs. But in the end, the patient’s condition continued to deteriorate. When the blood transfusion reached the last drop, the patient’s heart rate kept increasing, his blood pressure was getting lower and lower, and his body was completely out of control. At that time, he was mentally prepared for the worst.
   However, what happened next shocked everyone in the ICU ward. When the patient’s blood pressure dropped to sixty to seventy, suddenly, all the bleeding on his body stopped.
   Why does the bleeding stop suddenly? Only later did Bo Shining understand that this induced the body’s protective mechanism. When a person is bleeding heavily, blood pressure will drop rapidly. The purpose of the body is to slow down the speed of bleeding, protect the body, and then supply all the limited blood flow to the more critical brain and heart to direct rescue.
   Lower blood pressure, reduce bleeding, but at the same time ensure the blood supply of the brain and heart. When the blood pressure dropped to a certain level, the coagulation function slowly followed up, so the bleeding stopped suddenly and the patient was successfully rescued.
   In the end, Bo Shining said a thoughtful sentence: “We are often educated to work hard in times of crisis and to overcome difficulties. In fact, your body and the cells in your body work harder than you. Our human body has 3,300 every day. Billion cells die, but 330 billion cells will be reborn at the same time. In the moment of crisis, all cells are desperate for you, desperately to the last moment. Even if you give up yourself, your body will not give up on you.”
  You the body stronger than you think, the more you love
   all kinds of medical indications show that your body is stronger than you think, the more you love, the following facts can be proved.
   A few days before the pregnant woman is about to give birth, the coagulation index in the blood will increase dozens of times, which is to prevent heavy bleeding that may occur during the birth process.
   People have 5 chances of getting cancer every day, and 1 to 5 cells will become cancerous, but every time other cells in the body kill the cancer cells, your body saves you.
   The human liver can grow back to its original shape even if two-thirds of it is cut off. It is the only regenerating organ in the human body.
   Human gastric juice is very acidic, strong enough to dissolve steel blades. But the magic is that the stomach also secretes a kind of mucus to protect itself, so that you will not be “digested”.
   When the most important part of the heart cannot beat, the “atrioventricular node” beats for it. When the “atrioventricular node” can’t beat, the heart’s “ventricles” will beat out spontaneously. At this time, the electrocardiogram is often completely unrecognizable and horrible, and the blood flow is also very weak. But even with such a weak blood flow, it can guarantee the blood supply to the brain and heart, and ensure that the body will not die, waiting for the arrival of “reinforcement”.
   In a second, or when you read this sentence, your body has produced 1 million red blood cells. They fly through your body, shuttle through your blood vessels, maintain your life, and continuously deliver oxygen to your cells. After completing their tasks, they will die quietly.
   It is difficult for you to kill yourself in all ordinary ways, such as stopping breathing, not closing your eyes, and strangling yourself. Because every time you act, you will induce the body’s strong protective instinct, and you cannot defeat the instinct.
   The most profound part is the human DNA. Each cell contains more than 1 meter of DNA. If all the DNA in the body is twisted into a thin thread, it can extend 10 billion miles. Every cell does not know each other, but they are all working, metabolizing, and dying according to their own instincts.
  Learn to “seek inward” and learn to truly love their
   bodies so loved us, we have to take it back. More often, we must learn to “seek inward”, to explore our body, reach the deepest part of our heart, and learn to truly love ourselves.
   Loving yourself is actually maintaining a self-disciplined and healthy life. Many times, our bodies are desperately trying to save us, but they are also incapable. When you pour a cup of high-calorie milk tea into your stomach, when you stuff a heavy-tasting meal into your stomach, when you are still playing on your mobile phone at 1am and staying up late… your body will tell you Sound the alarm, but you have been ignoring, still indulging yourself, and tragedy will happen in the end. Why maintain a self-disciplined and healthy life? Interpretation from the physical point of view is to give the body a chance to breathe and heal.
   To love yourself is to appreciate yourself from the heart. Those who love fitness and sports especially like to look in the mirror. In fact, they are not stinky or want to show off, but after living a self-disciplined life, they will slowly learn to appreciate and like themselves from the bottom of their hearts. No matter if you are tall, short, fat or thin, or poor and rich, when you start to appreciate yourself from the bottom of your heart, when you go to exercise, it is the beginning of your love for yourself. No one cares what you eat at night, how many countries you have traveled to, and what experiences you have had, but you can see whether you are bald, whether you are in good health, and what shape you are.
   To love yourself is actually to experience a different life with your body. The essence of life is actually experience, which is all the experiences that you and your body produce in this life. Some people travel by bicycle, and some travel by wheelchair; some wake up in their own bed, and some wake up in a hospital bed; some people wake up in the morning and can go for a run and enjoy the freshness. Some people start a painful day in the morning, and all they smell is the smell of disinfectant; some people can play and play with their children and grandchildren in their later years and enjoy the happiness of family, while some people can only lie in hospital beds. I was lonely, and all I saw were medical staff. What kind of life do you want to experience with your body? How far you can go in life depends on how you treat your body.