Come to Verona Cliffs for extreme sports

  There is a joke about two drunkies bragging, one said that his home is so big that he needs to drive from the bedroom to the kitchen, and the other said that his building is very high. If you accidentally fall, you will not fall to the ground even when you fall asleep. . When I heard this joke when I was a kid, I laughed, wondering how could it be so high. Unexpectedly, there really are! The deepest cliff in the world is 20 kilometers long, and it takes 12 minutes to jump to the ground. If you accidentally fall, there may be enough time to be rescued.
  It is the Verona Escarpment, the highest cliff in the solar system. Scientists speculate that it is about 20 kilometers high. It is located on Tianwei. It is named after the city of Verona in the background of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. How did such a high cliff form? Scientists speculate that it may be due to the violent impact of the meteorite on the Celestial body, which caused the stellar body to shatter, and then the fragments recombined to form; some scientists believe that it is due to the crustal movement of Celestial planet. Regarding the reason for the formation of the Verona cliff, scientists do not have a unified opinion, but it does not prevent people from opening their brains to the size of a black hole.
  Students with good physics may have to ask: “The acceleration of gravity of a free fall is 9.8 m/s2, and it takes just over 1 minute to jump from a height of 20 kilometers. How can it take 12 minutes?” This is because The gravitational acceleration of Sky Guardian is only 0.079 m/s2, which is about one thousandth of that of the earth. If the distance is the same, the falling speed is much slower than that of the earth, so the landing time will be much longer. In addition, the volume of Tianwei is much smaller than that of the earth, with a radius of only 450 kilometers, which is about one-fourteenth of the earth. The gravity is much smaller than that of the earth. Even the most ordinary child can jump hundreds of meters here. Experience the joy of flying over the wall. When the time comes, the children are jumping to school. Adults only need to pull their children well, or tie a kite-flying rope to the children’s schoolbags to prevent the children from jumping and losing them. How about it, is this kind of scene fun to think about?
  Those who have followed extreme sports can’t help but imagine that if one day they can visit Tianwei, the Verona Cliffs are the best choice for bungee jumping. Because the speed of free fall is not uniform, but increases with time, bungee jumping can experience different speeds and surprises here. Due to the low acceleration of gravity, the initial speed is very slow. When just jumping off, people can overlook the scenery of Tianwei like a bird, and even take a selfie with their mobile phone and share the mood of jumping off the cliff. Probably the most laid-back bungee jumping style. As the time of the fall increases, the speed of the fall will continue to increase, and the speed when reaching the bottom of the cliff will even reach 200 kilometers per hour, which is almost equal to the speed of the high-speed rail, which is in sharp contrast to the leisure that has just begun. It is really the world The most daring and exciting challenge!
  In the Verona cliffs, friends who are afraid of thrills can also choose rock climbing projects. What kind of sparks will collide when rock climbing encounters low ground gravity? Is everyone able to become Spider-Man, soaring up a hundred meters with one foot, or is it safe to take one step at a time? It’s really infinite reverie!
  There are many mysteries in the world, and the development of technology has continuously expanded the boundaries of people’s activities, allowing us to climb the highest mountain and experience the dazzling snow and ice world of Mount Everest; dive into the deepest ocean and pet the lovely whales in the Pacific; Feel the longest night and admire the splendor of the aurora. I believe that one day in the future, we will also be able to ascend the highest cliff.