It’s nice to be a humorous wife!

I took advantage of my annual vacation to visit my best friends in Shanghai, but my sister-in-law suddenly decided to get engaged, and my husband, Mr. Zhang, made several calls to urge me to go back.

Listening to him constantly urging over there, my resentment was rising in my chest, but I still pressed my temper and tried to take a few deep breaths, trying to make the words more interesting: “Oh, you are so angry! The atmosphere frightened me all over. If I was so frightened that I couldn’t even sit on the high-speed train, how could I get back?”

Mr. Zhang’s tone suddenly eased: “Then I’ll book you a high-speed rail ticket back tomorrow.”

My girlfriend looked at me with some curiosity: “You don’t blow up your hair now? I used to see you blowing up my hair in front of Mr. Zhang.”

I was about to answer, when the WeChat sounded, Mr. Zhang sent the booking information. It was actually a business seat, which cost nearly a thousand yuan. There is another sentence below: “Lady, since you were frightened and weakened, I booked a business I asked you to lie down and come back.” Is this a big apology to my wife?

I showed my WeChat to my girlfriends and said with a smile: “Fried women are not popular anymore. I’ve changed to be a humorous wife a long time ago. Look, if you change this way, you can lie down and win!”

In the first few years of marriage, I was a typical hairy woman. In front of Mr. Zhang, regardless of whether he was right or not, as long as I was not satisfied, I would hurt him with all kinds of bad words like a hedgehog. Mr. Zhang was not convinced at first, and he quarreled with me. Later, he was probably tired. Whenever he encountered something, he either didn’t discuss it with me or simply pushed it to me. He didn’t bother to quarrel with me.

Because of the lack of normal communication, our marriage has slowly become a stagnant pool.

One day, our son fell ill. Because we did not communicate with each other, we each gave our son medicine. The result was heavy feeding, which caused our son to have diarrhea and become dehydrated. Looking at my son in distress, I realized that my marriage with Mr. Zhang must change.

I remembered the way my parents get along. My mother is quick-tempered, but my dad is humorous and can always resolve my mom’s temper in a few words.

I learned from my dad, and he smiled and told me: “When I first got married, I was more temperamental than you, and I almost divorced your mother. Later, I reflected on my way of speaking and tried to use humor to resolve the words of your mother After a long time, he will naturally become Mr. Humor.” I decided to learn from Mr. Humor.

One week, it was Mr. Zhang’s turn to wash the dishes, but he did not wash the dishes from Monday to Wednesday in the sink. I wanted to lose my temper, but when I remembered what Dad had said, I changed my statement: “Mr. Zhang, can you change the water in the sink? It seems to have a smell.” Mr. Zhang was taken aback, and the corners of his mouth rose. Obediently go and wash the dishes. I am very happy. It seems that humor is really good.

One day, Mr. Zhang and I invited a friend to eat mutton pot. Mr. Zhang accidentally knocked over the dipping sauce and spilled it on my leather jacket. All the friends in the room looked at me, and Mr. Zhang awkwardly took the tissue to help me wipe it. I took the paper towel in Mr. Zhang’s hand, wiped it at random, and said, “Leather clothes also want to eat lamb in a pot, let’s eat it quickly, don’t let it get rid of it.” Everyone laughed.

When I came home that day, I just changed my leather jacket. Mr. Zhang was about to take it to the dry cleaner. I said “thank you” to him. He suddenly hugged me and said, “Thank you wife, thank you for the change!” At that moment, mine The eye sockets were moist-he saw all my efforts.

In fact, the reason why I kept getting angry at every turn was because there was always a difficult knot between me and Mr. Zhang.

Mr. Zhang once had a girlfriend, Tang Juan. The two had already talked about marriage. Because my mother-in-law disagreed, they finally broke up, and Mr. Zhang married me in anger. I know that Mr. Zhang did not completely put Tang Juan down. He remembered her birthday every year, but he didn’t pay much attention to my birthday. I once quarreled with him about this matter, and every time it was the mother-in-law who gave him a gift to help him round the game.

On this day, it was my birthday again. Mr. Zhang was working on a project in the suburbs, and my mother-in-law asked me to eat with her. When I was helping my mother-in-law choose vegetables, Mr. Zhang transferred me 16,000 yuan and said, “The salary is paid, happy birthday!” I couldn’t help but feel sad. 16,000 yuan is his salary, which is usually transferred to me, but today It happened to be my birthday, so he added the words “Happy Birthday”. It seemed like a great gift, but it was actually perfunctory-he didn’t care about my birthday. But I knew I could not lose my temper, so I sent him a smiley face and a line of words: “My husband suffers on a construction site in the suburbs, how can I bear to receive such a huge birthday red envelope, I just ask for a little care!”

After dinner, as soon as I got home, Mr. Zhang came back and handed me a gift box: “Wife, happy birthday!”

I opened the gift box and it contained a long-awaited skin care product set at a high price. I know that he has been buying this set of skin care products for his ex-girlfriend, and he tried to buy this a few times, but he didn’t answer the conversation, and I lost interest. Either I can’t afford it, or I think his ex-girlfriend bought it from him, but I have to buy it myself as a wife. It’s too boring!

Unexpectedly, Mr. Zhang bought it for me today. My nose was sore, I stared at him and asked, “Will you buy it for me in the future?” He hugged me: “Of course!” I pushed him away, took out my phone, opened WeChat, and collected the 16,000 yuan. .

Mr. Zhang laughed, and while laughing, he wanted to hug me again: “I know you are careful, but don’t worry, the previous things are over long ago, and I only love you, a humorous wife!”

I know that with the help of this deliberate humor, Mr. Zhang and I have opened up our hearts.

Now that we have been married for 12 years, our hearts are getting closer and life is getting happier. I want to say, it’s great to be a humorous wife!